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The Facts

Fabric: Lightweight denim from stash
Pattern: McCall's M6325
Year: c. 2011
Notions: zipper
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: November 2011
Wear again? Yes – with some high waisted pants or over a camisole!

Total Cost: ~$17 + whatever the fabric cost whenever I purchased it!

For this week's challenge, I knew I had to make something that was a little more "Woo hoo!" that what I normally would wear – I mean, come on, pin up style is all about added some va va voom to the room! 
I had purchased this pattern to make a top to wear for my Mia Wallace costume this year, but because of a family emergency I wasn't able to sew the thing. When I came across it in my stash I knew it had pin up potential! Especially when paired with some lightweight denim I found at Jo Ann's a while back and some orange buttons for contrast.
The top was decently easy to construct – even with the boning (which I have never done before!) – but it does have one issues: bosoms are not optional. Unlike Mena's lovely playsuit of that bears the opposite name, this top is made for ladies who have a little more up top. I was not blessed with that.
As a result, I had to take the sides in a lot to make this fit snugly. Surprise! Once it fits, this top gives the illusion of a decent pair – huzzah!!
Once finished, Ryan and I headed outside to snap a few shots and Tex just couldn't resist joining in – I think the top photo in this post is my favorite we have taken so far!!


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. woohooo! gorgeous ….. and the puppy looks cute too!

  2. Yowza! Well, hello there pretty lady with the cute dog!

  3. Wow Sarah you look amazing GID-DY-UP! I agree, the top photo is gorgeous and so is this weeks creation.

  4. Wow, looks great. What fun This theme is turning out to be..

  5. so much fun to see you really get into the challenge and try something new–with stunning results! great work!

  6. WOO HOO, Sarah!!
    Love it!

  7. OMG, PRETTY! Seriously, you look especially great in that first shot. What a cute outfit!

  8. This would look so flash with a pair of black capris and a cute little shrug in red. Great top.

  9. lovely! The red details are fabulous :)

  10. OOO, I can’t believe you did boning… and it wasn’t even tricky? WHOA, you’re a massive Pin Up Babe: a whizz at the sewing and the poses! xoxo

  11. SO CUTE! I love this top and seems like it would be perfect for the Texas weather!!! Love your little pug too!

  12. Wow! You look amazing! I love the contrast stitching and boning – seriously?! Well done you cracking out the new skills! Hope life is settling down okay, at least I know Tex is nearby for cuddles as required (if he’s not around it seems you just need to take out a camera or even better, a packet of cheese and he’ll appear). Take care of yourself xx

  13. Totally adorable! Love the first photo too!

  14. Thanks Emma! You just made my week!

  15. Thanks Krista – I am loving this theme and all the things the ladies have made!

  16. LOVE that idea! Totally looking for shrugs in red – thanks lady!

  17. Thank you Veronica! The boning wasn’t hard at all! You just sew it in with a zipper foot and it’s good to go!

  18. Thanks Debi! You are so right – you need sleeveless in Texas, especially when it’s denim!

  19. Thank you Amanda!! I really appreciate that! How’s your new job!?? Hope you are loving it!