Hot! oona does it!: easy on the turkey


there's about 2 millimeters of ease in this.  and with a 30 pound turkey brining, i'm not optimistic about those seams.  luckily, this is not the proper season for pin up playsuits.

during our big new york meetup, i lamented to mistress mena my missing of the sew weekly missives.  so she helpfully suggested i do the pin up challenge as a muppet.  

i'd really like to see what the inside of mena's head looks like.


immediately, i knew i would have to be animal.  animal is the best muppet IN THE WORLD. i will fight you if you say different.  the rest of that jam packed day, orange muppet fabric appeared wherever we looked.  shaggy.  furry.  ruffled.  iridescent. but this textured woven was the winner. believe me, it's subtle compared to the contenders.   i can't be sure, as i was giddy (drunk) from the day (margaritas), but i think nettie found this gem.

sewing it almost made me change my inspiration to oscar the grouch.  it unraveled like the thread never wanted to be fabric in the first place.  i was sewing with remnants of animal's hair.



with no drumsticks laying around, i had to go with chopsticks. (though how FABULOUS would it have been to do theses pictures with turkey drumsticks?!  opportunity LOST.)



speaking of drumsticks.   HAPPY TURKEY WEEK!!!   STUFF YOURSELF SILLY!!!



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. Animal is my favorite too! I love this, its sassy. -ladykatza

  2. I am continually amazed at the paths that your creativity takes you upon. Killer shoes too!

  3. Oona, you have done it again! Seeing your creations is the best way to brighten up my day!
    I may have a challenge for you now – in a few months I’ll be in South Africa on holiday and I’ll be there for my birthday. I’ll be dropping heavy hints for a party in a game reserve, you could be my perfect inspiration. Think you could come up with a totally awesome birthday dress, fit for a game reserve, with online sourced fabric (so little old me in NZ can copy)??

  4. WOW! You are rocking it girl, now I want to see an MTV of that!

  5. There she goes again, taunting us all with her amazing ass. It’s not fair!!!!!

  6. Oh mah flip!! Animal has never looked so good!!! (He’s my fave, too) Again, Oona, you have triumphed!!
    Now I want to see you rock a Miss Piggy look! ;)

  7. love the animal playsuit! great way to interpret the muppet challenge. you are ROCKING that playsuit, girl!

  8. That fabric is amazingly awesome! Love it!

  9. I was wondering if this was going to happen or not! And I’m soooo glad it did. You should be in a chorus line in that outfit.

  10. margueritedesigns

    Animal is definitely the tops – though Grover comes in a close second with me!

  11. I think I should send you the rest of this fabric to see what you can do a second time around ;) LOVE the romperness of this – totally pin up, and you look Ah-mazing.

  12. These pictures are priceless–as is the concept. My favorite Animal cameo is in this ridiculous video Now I am going to think of you every time I watch it.

  13. Oh Oona this is the best post eva, nice buns, perfect write up and brilliant photos, eat your heart out Animal this is romper awesomeness at it’s finest.

  14. i only wish i could’ve done the orange and magenta hair.

  15. thanks jen! those shoes were FOUR DOLLARS.

  16. well thankya juliet!
    oooooh tres interesting, hopefully i can get it in before the soiree!

  17. i must say, i was surprised at my buns.

  18. oh karen. but my ass loves you so.

  19. EEEEEEEP! i shall try my best.

  20. it truly felt like i was wearing rubber muppet fur on my hands by the end of it…who knows what it’s made of…

  21. the weirdest chorus line EVER.

  22. oh, lovely happy calm grover. i can totally see him being your fave!

  23. I TOTALLY FORGOT YOU HAD THE OTHER HALF!!!!! girl, get ready, that shite is BANANAS to work with!

  24. oh, yes, i do enjoy the bohemian rhapsody animal!!! and i love it even more that his freakout will make you think of me. perfect.