Hot! oona does it!: all work and no play


oh hello pumpkins!  weren't you all just bathed in orange in these past weeks!  delicious! look for my wee orange accessory in your honor.  and look for my booty in honor of your precocious pinups.

and in sants honor, i bring you this week's oona does it!  le challenge:

i'd so dig seeing your interpretation of office wear.  my biggest daily chore is getting dressed in the morning for my tragically suit-and tie-office.

oh sants, in between blogging, sewing, and ghostbusting, you work… in suit and tie?! qu'est ce que?  


if i worked in an office, i would so bat my eyes for help in all manner of things.  i just would. mostly because:

1)  i know i could do it myself.  

2)  which makes getting someone else to do it for me even sweeter… 

3)  then i get to tell them how to do it BETTER  (i.e.: the way i would do it myself.)


not that i'm everyone's type.  i would vary between batting my eyes and stomping my feet.  a little salt, a little sugar.  sort of like joan.  making men mad.  (i'm finally caught up on mad men.  oh how i love the joan.)


beware my stiletto'd booty.  and could you reach that box of copy paper for me?  NOW


i thought about making a vest/blouse/skirt combo, with the loud chartreuse pattern as lining, your office sneak peek secret to cheer you up.  but good lord.  why put this baby on the inside?  NO ONE PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER. 

firm in my resolve to wear it loud, i decided my office wear needed structure. and bust darts. because ya gotta wear a bra to the office.  and i would use a tried and true patterns with clean lines, as i would want to make acceptable outfits up in loud prints, and i'd need to be able to make them quick.  like, on a coffee break.  that way i'd avoid going off the beaten path and adding snakeskin ruffles or lace insets or what have you.  here, i used the same vintage pattern as last week's little black dress


i feel quite professional in it.  what my profession might be is up for discussion.  i am  in the boudoir.  is it too body con for the workplace?  but the top is silk, darling sants.  and the knit tube skirt is a demure navy.  crisp and clean, says i.  ignore the wrinkled hem.  IGNORE IT, I SAID.  or no homemade rum cake for you.  (oh yes, i would be that gal as well, plying my co workers with baked goodies and dropping my to-do pile off on other people's desks at five of the clock.)

got a challenge for my ODI to do list?  leave it on my desk.  i'll get to it.  maybe.  



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. Ooooooona! I’m glad you don’t work in my office because no one would get any work done (as it is, the fashion sense and sex appeal of the average research scientist is such that *I* am considered the sex bomb in the department because my clothes aren’t unisex and I shave my legs. usually.)
    Since you are all about the shoes, how about an outfit designed to attract your dream shoes à la Secret? i.e. if you make the outfit, the dream shoes will come to you?

  2. Fantastique, chere Oona! I love the chartreuse print and there is definitely something to be said about a well placed dart, non? Joan Holloway, eat your heart out! You ain’t got nuthin on our Oona!

  3. that blouse is too, too fab and it fits you scandalously well. great combo with the “demure” navy skirt!

  4. Joannie, Joannie, Joannie! She’s got nuthin’ on you, my dear! I would so love to work in an office with you as long as you didn’t leave your to do list on my desk at 5pm! hahahha. Love this outfit–I think you’ve perfected the fit. Yup. PERFECT!

  5. I love that you kept the loud print on the outside! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  6. Speaking of boudoir…what would Oona make for pajamas/lounge wear/lingerie?

  7. I love the print and colour. And what great fit.

  8. Holy cow, that fits like a glove! Love the chartreuse! Wish I didn’t work surrounded by gobs of gruesome boys so I could dare to wear a dress to work!

  9. Very nice! I love that print. There’s nothing that compares to a well placed dart.

  10. OMG – Can I have that? I’ll wear it to my office tomorrow. I’m lucky – my department is mostly men, but the person at the top is a woman – and she has a fashion sense. I could so wear that outfit! Hmmm, where did you get the material for that top?

  11. Teeheehee! Those are some impeccable (and body-con) darts. I am totally bookmarking this page for reference when I someday find myself working in an office.
    It could happen.
    I kinda suck in the manipulating male co-workers department. I never really figured out the feminine wile. My husband now, he has wiles. All kinds.

  12. I love this, you can wear that top in so many different ways!

  13. I have that very patterns but am so unimaginative, I always thought of it as some sort of 50’s back yard barbeque party outfit

  14. I love the Joan! Love chartreuse too – the top is an amazing fit. Spent years trying to get my fashion under control to go in to the office, now I am a travelling saleswoman, I can get away with being a little more quirky! Hooray!

  15. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Whilst I do the ‘Oona took on my challenge’-dance, I am also rifling through le pattern stash to find suitable imitations of the gorgeousness of that top. In chartreuse, no less, Oona? Be still my heart.
    Also in total agreement with previous comments: the suits in my office would have a collective stroke at the sight of that drink of water strolling into their office. Mwahahahahaha, my evil plan has come together …

  16. Oona, darling, I ADORE your outfit! Please come dress me for work each day because Corporate America might be killing my style. I adore the top – fabulous fabric choice, and an orange zipper?! Completely fabulous. Well done, my dear!

  17. OMG – oona that is one stellar outfit! I am drooling over the absolutely divine construction – way to go!

  18. Damn girl do you know how hot those darts look? That fabric is killer, instant pay rise for you Oona, meet me in my office at 5, drop your unfinished work on Joan’s desk on the way through and slap some sense into Don while you’re at it. Superb job Oona.

  19. That is one awesome blouse! Love the print, the fit, the awesome bust darts!
    Hehe, I would pay to see you mix up the Mad Men crowd for a few episodes!

  20. I LIKE IT.
    and you are a sex bomb. even more dangerous, a scientific sex bomb.

  21. egads! careful, joanie is the jealous type!
    actually i think we would be best friends.

  22. girl, i would combine our to do lists and leave them on someone ELSE’s desk so that you and i could go DRINKIN!

  23. you haz hit the sweet spot. coming soon.

  24. screw those boys. wear a dress and still do all the heavy lifting!

  25. especially when one actually places it right. makes me want to redo the black dress…

  26. i’m pretty sure it was at paron fabrics in NY’s garment district, the loveliest fabric store in all of NY!
    your boss sounds AMAZING.

  27. i know. he makes you sew for him CONSTANTLY.

  28. Well, now all the trouble with the pattern pays back! It’s fantastic, so crisp.

  29. that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be! it’s making me look at all my vintage patterns differently.

  30. please tell me you have a vintage samsonite suitcase you travel with….

  31. you just holler if the gents at work aren’t toeing the line, i’ll show up with outfit and rum cake. hopefully you’ll have yours by then, and we can knock them out quickly and quietly. and then, happy hour.

  32. meg, SAY IT AIN’T SO. you need to start wearing those me mades to work, girl!!!

  33. thank you sarah! i’ve been wanting a pair of clovers to go with it ever since i saw your awesomeness!

  34. I LIKE THE WAY YOU RUN THINGS. i would work at your office any day.

  35. girl, i would pay YOU to see me mix up the MM crowd. that would be insane amounts of fun.

  36. seriously, this pattern is a staple now! i just finished another dress with it :)

  37. That is one saucy little number for the office. Good thing for harassment laws or you might be finding yourself in a little trouble with some of the fellas cause that outfit is looking good! You can’t get great fit like that from store bought office wear..,. Love it!

  38. I LOVE (LOVE) it. There’s no alcohol involved currently as I am at work (lunch break) and am recovering from a week long interstate trip to visit my parents (half my suitcase was cellar-door only alcohol. Enough said). Those darts and that top are the greatest thing ever. I am coveting that outfit, style and not to mention shoes something serious. A cloud of envy as descended over my fluro lit desk. I’m currently doing a six-month OT position that involves a dress code – closed shoes, practical clothing (pants only, no light colours) and yes, a high-vis vest. Just putting it out there – cute cannot be achieved while wearing a high-vis vest. Sigh. For the next six months I live vicariously through your amazing style. I’ll drink to that tonight.

  39. very cool, Oona!!!! Love the dart placement – very sexy!!!