Hot! Ask: 11/14/11

Which pattern from The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook would you like to conquer first?

Want to win a copy of The BurdaStyle Handbook?  Leave your comment before 9pm Pacific on Friday, November 18th and we'll randomly pick one winner to receive a copy of the book.


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. It would have to be the dress – love the collar detail, and would love playing around with changing its shape for different variations!

  2. I’ve started on the dress, my test fit well onto the real fabric.

  3. It’s the coat for me. Such lovely lines and I am looking forward to seeing the suggestions for variations.

  4. I think it would have to the dress too! I’d make it a challenge to myself to get as many variations out of it as possible :)
    Ashley x

  5. Probably the skirt!

  6. Skirts, tops and the dress. I love the idea – one basic pattern for each, numerous variations. I just love it.

  7. I think the blouse variations are looking beautiful – so that’s my pick!

  8. Dresses n more dresses!

  9. I’d go with the dress – it looks like a really good base to work from, and the keyhole at the neckline is so cute!

  10. I want to try them all! But I think I will go with the blouse first, I think it might be really flattering!

  11. The top, I think–although the dress is also very interesting. I love all the variations available for the shirt, especially.

  12. I love Burda patterns! I would probably start with the tiered skirt.

  13. I love the blouse. That would be my first step.

  14. I’d love a copy! I’d probably do the blouse first.

  15. The dress! I love the version they did (on their preview) in red and white. Too cute!

  16. I’d love a copy of this. I need to make some blouses for work.

  17. This book looks great! I would love to improve my blouse skills.

  18. I’m going to be married next summer and I’d like to sew different skirts from color coordinated fabrics for my bridesmaids, so I really need skirt pattern variation inspiration :)

  19. The dress, for sure. SO versatile!

  20. I’m most excited about the blouse. Here in Australia, we’re moving into summer and every morning I daydream of sewing some lovely floaty, cool blouses to wear to work.

  21. I’d love to see a variation on the blouse or dress! So excited about this book! It’s on my Amazon wish list.

  22. I love that blouse! I especially love the purple one — how great this entire book looks!

  23. The blouse first but all the others models after !

  24. I would make the blouse! I need several new blouses, and this gives me lots of ideas.

  25. I would normally say I am dying to make the dress first because dresses are my favorite, but I’m actually really looking forward to making a new bag.

  26. My pick would be the blouse!

  27. I would make the dress first

  28. my first peak at the Burda style book.
    I am putting on my Christmas wish list!

  29. The skirt pattern is first on my list! But I’m looking forward most to the beginner’s tips on how to make your own variations.

  30. The dress for sure! (Though not an easy choice.)

  31. Fingers cross.. image how many challenges that will cater!

  32. Hard to choose among so many, but I would love to make the corset from the website. Hope that’s in the book.

  33. Bag first!!! This book is on my Christmas list.

  34. The bag. As a card carrying Gertie Groupie it would be sacriligious if I were to make anything else first. ;).

  35. I’d definitely give the coat a bash – only because I’m _reasonably_ comfortable with making the other items. But yay, please, could I have a copy? *flutters eyelashes*

  36. The coat! If I can sew the coat, I can do anything

  37. The dress! I need more dresses in my wardrobe.

  38. Oh, the dress for sure! It’s very cute, and I think lots of variations are possible.

  39. I love the retro-ish blouse. Very cute.

  40. I’d say the skirt: start from the beginning!

  41. I like them all but my favorite is the blouse.

  42. I’d make the blouse first, but I want to make them all!

  43. Hmmmm, I love the how feminine the patterns are, especially the dress! I could always use another skirt… Oh, wait, I really need a new coat! Totally can’t make up my mind! So many possibilities!!

  44. The dress, I canonly make dresses :) Although I really like the handbag too…


    I hope to try them all, but first I will tackle the blouse. Or, maybe the jacket.
    PS – I love your blog!

  46. Would definitely love to win! I’m really interested in getting into garment making.

  47. Ooh, the blouse! I have been on the hunt for a perfect blouse pattern, and this one just might fit the bill. Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. I am torn between the dress and the blouse!

  49. Anything that I could wear to work! The blouse would be great!

  50. I’d love a copy! I think the blouse is great.

  51. I would love to win this book! I’m keen on making the dress.

  52. I’m a sucker for a dress pattern! that’s the one I would probably first tackle

  53. I would make the dress! Love that collar.

  54. I would love to try making that dress. I am looking forward to learning some techniques to alter patterns.

  55. Definitely the dress!

  56. Definitely the dress! I need more dresses in my life!

  57. Shoot! I can’t decide which I would want to try first. I’d probably start with the skirt to ease myself into things, but I sure could use more shirts in my life.

  58. I want to master the dress – it looks like it will be adaptable for work and play!

  59. I would LOVE to make the skirt. I’m new to sewing, esp. garments, but I’d love to be able to know enough to make my clothes and alter the clothes I have to make them mine. This book looks like it’s just what I’ve been looking for!

  60. Ann Marie Mullins

    It would have to be the dress! I’m very much a dress person so it would be my number 1 project from the book, although the coat is great, too!

  61. Dress. I have a serious dress problem.

  62. The blouse. I generally gravitate to dresses and skirts, but I’d like to try a blouse and I love the peplum styling on this one!

  63. i can’t make enough dresses (ever! ever!), so the dress would definitely be my first pick :)

  64. Love the blouse! I want to try that one first!

  65. I am in love with the coat… it is so cute and I need a coat! So that’ll be the one I will do first.
    This book seems really great!

  66. I would LOVE to have this book! Imagine the possibilities!!!!

  67. Those are so cute, as usual for Burdastyle… I like the bag, the coat, and the dress!

  68. I’d love to try the blouse first–definitely could use more tops in my wardrobe!

  69. I would like to try out the dress. It’s beautiful!

  70. Would love to win and start using my machine!

  71. I really want to try tackling the coat!

  72. I want the book because it has so many patterns together. I really am in need of pants & warmer winter clothes at the moment. Blouses & dresses are so much more fun to make, but I think I’ll start with pants. Thank you!

  73. I think I would have to go with the dress!

  74. The coat. Coat purchases have been disallowed by my husband (I have perhaps too many for a warm climate). But he didn’t say I couldn’t make them. I like the short version and the long green version shown in the preview.

  75. I meant tops. ;)

  76. I’m always altering patterns(when i even bother to use them)by adding pockets here or trimming the hem there, so i’m pretty good at that sort of thing.Never the less, i would love to have the book for inspiration!

  77. i really want to make the dress!

  78. I was at the book launch party and loved the dress, especially the one in (I think) Alexander Henry peacock fabric with pleated sleeves. A beaut!

  79. What a fantastic book! I’d pick the shirt — that is a project I have yet to tackle and this book looks like a perfect guide.

  80. i hope I win the book!

  81. It’s got to be the coat! I’ve never completed a coat. I’ve started two, but they both sit unfinished. Help me!

  82. i should definitely give the coat a try!!

  83. Like the bag!

  84. the coat! I’m in the market for a coat, and that pattern is darling.

  85. definitely the dress!

  86. Interesting looking book – I think I would have to try the bag first, as I’ve been making far more dresses lately than is necessary given how often I actually wear them!

  87. This book looks fantastic and just what I need right now. I would love to try the dress out in many different ways.

  88. Having just seen Mena’s lovely version – the skirt.

  89. the shirt! and then the coat:)

  90. It’s always got to be a dress! Looks like a cool book! :D

  91. It’s hard to choose between them all but I am going for the dress (love the cream one with the ruffled front). Love it all. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  92. Um …the dress or the skirt? dress or skirt?! Gah! I can’t decide >.< I suppose I'd *start* with the dress... that way, I wouldn't feel conflicted about moving to the top next before the dress if I were to pick the skirt first ^_^

  93. The shirt. The fabric changes were fabulous and the extra details – amazing. It made me want to make some immediately!

  94. That Miho skirt is pretty cute- I think I need this book because I actually find the burda patterns MURDER to follow. I just don’t get them! I need help! lol :)

  95. I loved the full circle improv. The dress is awesome as well! I’m starting on this, with some little projects such as the shrug and the fingerless gloves, I guess the book would come very useful! :)

  96. Probably the blouse, because I love blouses and all the variations look enticing.

  97. I’d go the coat – Burda always has great coat patterns.

  98. I would probably start on the dress first. From a brief preview of the book, I like the way it shows you different ways to use the same pattern to give it new life.

  99. I think I’d start with the skirt – it’s been ages since I’ve made anything for myself :)

  100. I have no idea! Where do you even start?

  101. Great outfit!! Love your website! Need the book!! Thanks!

  102. Ooh, the dress, definitely! The blouse is also gorgeous but I think I would start with the dress and work my way up to floatier fabrics.

  103. I am really excited to see what everyone does with the book.

  104. The coat is the pattern that really stands out for me. I can’t wait to make it!

  105. I think I’d tackle that coat first (though I like the Miho skirt too!)

  106. I’d start with the top. I really need to work on fitting them properly (I’m short, so the neckline always needs to be modified if I don’t want to show off the boobs).

  107. I want to try the dress

  108. Can you get a pattern without purchasing the book?

  109. I’d have to say the blouse. Although the coat also looks tempting…

  110. I like the dress. Too cute!

  111. I LOVE the variations on the coat! I think that would be the first thing I would try! Thanks for offering this giveaway! :)

  112. Janice Zolnierowicz

    It’s cold. The coat would be great in several colors and prints. I have never made a Burda pattern before but I sure would like to.

  113. I think I’d do the blouse first but would definitely follow that with the coat.

  114. I like the gowns

  115. I’m still waiting for my copy of the book to arrive, but I’m in desperate need of some clothing for the Australian summer, so it would be something light and fun for all the hot days we’ve been having lately.

  116. I definitely want a copy of this book. I love patterns that have multiple personalities.

  117. I would probably try my hand at all of the patterns but I would start with the dress.

  118. I like the Malissa dress (#6010). It’s a bit conservative but with the right accessories I think it would be super cute…and stylish for years!

  119. Ooh, the blouses for sure. I need some to go with some skirts I made earlier this year. Having seen how you made little changes to the Sorbetto pattern I would like to do the same to the blouses so they are unique to me.
    Thanks, as always, for a great web site and a fun giveaway!

  120. I think I would start on the dress. I’m in general smitten with Burda patterns!

  121. It’s a tie for me. I love both the blouse and the dress so much that I don’t know how I could pick between them.

  122. The dress would be my first project …. closely followed by the shirt.

  123. I think the tiered skirt. I’m all about separates at the moment.

  124. The skirt — seems beginner-friendly!

  125. I’d love to win a copy. So many cute variations of the patterns!

  126. I would love the skirt and the dress. It would be neat to see how many variations of the basic patterns I could come up with and have fun embellishing.

  127. I desperately need some tops, but that dress is awfully cute too.

  128. I would love to conquer the jacket. I love the look of a well tailored jacket!

  129. a perfect handbook, indeed, for a poor graduate student hoping to improve her crafting skills!

  130. I would love to win a copy of the book. Nadine.

  131. In between the dress and the skirt. Would love to get a copy of this book!

  132. I love the coat!
    I’ve wanted to make one
    for a long time! :)

  133. The shirt, mos def! Looks exciting…

  134. It might be the weather talking, but I think the coat sounds pretty good!

  135. I would love to make the blouse/shirt, I need to start sewing more tops!

  136. I am a dress girl all the way, so that would be first!

  137. The bag! I knit, and can never have enough bags … One for every project underway, don’t you know – looks like a great small project (socks?gloves?) bag to me!

  138. You want us to pick just one? Have some mercy! It’s winter right now, so I think the coat would definitely get to the top of the list over the impossibly cute skirt and dress. But I dunno…I rather like the bag too. *panic*

  139. the skirt for sure. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for — in the longer version

  140. I love the dress. You can really play around with the shape and styling/details to create a whole wardrobe of fabulous pieces.

  141. Skirt, most definitely the skirt!

  142. Kathi Giumentaro

    What wouldn’t I want to make? I love it all. Maybe the dress is my favorite.

  143. Blouse, definitely. I have a dearth of blouses in my arsenal.

  144. I do like the tiered skirt and think it would be fun to make with a sheer underlayer!

  145. I would love to win this book!!! It is on my Christmas list though, so it will be mine eventually either way;0) thanks for letting me know that it is as great as it looks!!!!!!

  146. Blouse, most likely. Maybe skirt.


    The skirt definitely. This book looks like a modern take on my precious Enid Gilchrist book that was my mothers from the 50’s. I am always too afraid to use it because it pages feel sacred. Maybe this book could become that book for my daughter. A link to the craft and joy of making your own clothes and lives lived in them.

  148. Hmm, maybe the skirt. Or the dress. Or the coat. Gaah! How do you expect me to make up my mind!?!?! They all look good! LOL

  149. strangely.. I think I’d try the bag first… and make sure it had about a dozen pockets each lined with different print scraps to cheer me up while looking for the – biccies, drink, bib, spare clothes etc. etc. etc.

  150. I’d like to start a shirt!

  151. Love the concept of one pattern many styles, can’t wait to read more about it! I’d love to spend more time creating many looks than fitting pattern after pattern.

  152. I’ve never even seen the book. :( But I would LOVE to have it. It would def get use with me!

  153. Gotta be the dress! Can’t have enough cute dress patterns.

  154. Love the skirt pattern, especially the scalloped tier.

  155. I love the blouse! I want a whole bunch, one for everyday of the week!

  156. Oh this shirt, definitely. I’m going to need some new shirts after I have this baby…

  157. I think I’d get the most wear out of the skirt in its multiple incarnations. :)

  158. After looking at all the dresses that the bloggers have created, I would love to get a copy of this book.

  159. The coat looks great!

  160. The skirt! I love the tiers and that it could be altered in so many ways. And I have two perfect stash pieces of fabric I could use!

  161. The dress, of course!

  162. I would love to conquer anything in the book!

  163. Definitely would be the dress one, ´cause is my favorite type of outfit.

  164. I would love to win the Burda Patterns book. Its so difficult to get patterns and books on Maui it would be a great to win! I think I would tackle the jacket first, its just calling out to me. The book looks amazing, I love how they show renditions of the same pattern with different fabrics. it helps to imagine the possibilities. Thanks for such an amazing sewing circle too. I love to visit.

  165. Oh man! I think I’d have to try the blouse first, but only because I’m too much of a coward to launch straight into that gorgeous jacket. And jacket dress! Who could say no to jacket dress!?

  166. What an awesome chance to win this sweet book! thanks. i know it will be helpful!

  167. I’d try to tackle the dress

  168. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! I love everything you all created this week! I would probably start with the shirt and then the coat!!

  169. I have to admit, I have never sewn a burda pattern before…and would love the opportunity! Thanks :)

  170. I love dresses so a dress it would be!

  171. Oh, the skirt!

  172. I’m eyeing up the dress pattern – looks like fun to play around with!

  173. I really love the dress, it is so cute!

  174. I’d love to try my hand at the dress. :)