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Fabric: Single bedsheet, $1 (and left over curtains for the lining) and left over stretch knit, ~$.20c 
Pattern: Style 2257 for the skirt, gift from my Mum's friend and an existing tshirt for the top
Year: 1992 (!)
Notions: Thrifted zipper, $.50c and elastic for the neckline
Time to complete: 4.5 hours
First worn: November 2011
Wear again? Yep!

Total Cost: ~$1.70

Yay for another stashbusting week here at Sew Weekly! And you can totally imagine my joy when I realised it was a refashioning type theme as well! This year I've created most of my garments from the ol' stash (and my cupboard shelves are thankful!) and always have several bedsheets and curtains lying around! AND it was a Sew Weekly Circle Member that totally inspired my fabric choice! 


Looks like a simple gathered skirt, could be thrifted fabric? Certainly not a tablecloth (I've actually run out of them! OMG) and not a curtain … it's a single bedsheet! (Excuse my sleepy 'Before Coffee' face…!)


A rather kitsch one that I didn't really know what to do with when I bought it (Hee hee, don't we all thrift like that!?) but I saw Cation Designs recently post a BATMAN dress to the Sewing Circle that is just too gorgeous! More photos in her blog post!

AND, as this bedsheet is a total tribute to Video Games, I thought my outfit could be a 'Nerdy Nod' to all us geeky nerdy types! Personally, I can get lost in video games, so I tend to only play the 'timed' games on Facebook or Google+ these days. Back in the (university) day, I lost lots of study hours to The Sims and Zelda. Oh *sigh*. 


 My first thought was to just make a simple gathered rectangle skirt, but went through my pattern stash just in case, and found this wedding jacket & skirt Style pattern that my mum's friend gave me. The skirt also came with a cropped version, and I really liked the fullness !

I pulled all the pattern pieces out, and a slight *hiccup* … there was no skirt piece. All the other jacket pieces and the waistband were all uncut, but the previous owner must have saved little old skirt piece for more projects! BUT, luckily still in the original tissue was the outline of the skirt, just cut out! The most important shape was the waistline and the angles of the skirt sides, so I traced the top part of that and improvised the length… which as a petite young woman, I tend to improvise the length of most skirts and dresses! There are 5 skirt sections to get that fullness, and as it was just a single bedsheet, I didn't really pay that much attention to how the patterns of little pixelated characters, text and gridlines all matched up.

 However, for the waistband I saved the text 'video games' to be right side out, and as it's kinda pixelated and different coloured, I think it's just the geeks who'll spot it! Not too obvious!


There's a little zipper at the back, and a couple of buttons to fasten! EASY wedding/bridesmaid skirt pattern that SO doesn't look like a wedding/bridesmaid skirt!

For the tshirt, a little over a metre of red stretch knit from the stash did the trick. I folded a well loved V-Neck tshirt in half (vertically) and cut around it for the back and front. I binded the neck with this tricky elastic, it's red and sits quite flat and thin, and by overlocking one edge to the neckline, I then folded it to the inside and topstitched it! The top took less than 30 minutes!

You may not see in these photos (as I selected the more relaxed ones) but I was SO nervous! We'd snuck into an abandoned car yard or market place (we're not sure which), riddled with graffiti and obviously a local hangout. There was broken glass and stacks of loose beams and puddles of water everywhere (scary!) but Husbie was over the MOON with the location. 

I was a total Nervous Nelly, and too nerdy to be in such a cool rebellious place! Luckily, I also selected the photos *without* the swearwords! Too rude! 










Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. I knew you’d ace this challenge. A shirt in 30 minutes? I’m not talking to you!

  2. Awesomeness!!! A fitting tribute to those of us who still love Space Invaders :)

  3. So cool! I loved the Batman dress too – I bought a Superman sheet and fretfully tried to sew it up in the limited time I had this week. Complete disaster. Stress + timecrunch + UFO, oh well.
    It looks great – and what an amazing locale. You are such a rebel.

  4. Oh my goodness! I LOVE THIS. I’m thrilled that my Batman dress was able to inspire this awesomeness! I love the way you placed the words on the waistband, and it goes perfectly with your top. I totally laughed out loud, too, at your comment about being too nerdy to be in a cool rebellious place.

  5. OH! It is positively geektastic! I LOVE it!

  6. This skirt is awesome, love the print and especially those text on the waist band! And the knit top is definitely a wardrobe staple-as always you look gorgeous in red! I was playing or rather wasting lots of time in SImsville too:)

  7. That’s such an interesting print! I never would have thought it could be made up into such a cute skirt. You have inspired me to use a sheet and pillow cases to make a dress. I hope it turns out as nice as yours.

  8. Oh wow I love this skirt, great pattern and inspiration. Love the pattern placement on the waist band too. Clever. xx

  9. That is a skirt Epona would be proud of. I LOVE your ability to see potential in things (90s sewing patterns, sheets with interesting print) and turn something everyday into super awesome. And that hair is stunning! (and the shoes…. oh those shoes…). Yay for leading the geeky rebellion – the photos look amazing xx

  10. I love it! You do look a little scared in one of the photos.. ;)
    How do you do your hair like that? Very cute.

  11. I absolutely LOVE these photos! Glad you took them. The skirt is fabulous and I especially love the waistband! You are so creative!!