Hot! The “Yes, it’s Orange” Dress

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The Facts

Fabric: Orange striped jersey, thrifted — $1
Pattern:  Vogue 8728, $3.99
Year: c. 1946 (reissue)
Notions: none
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: October 2011
Wear again? Yes! Yes!

Total Cost: ~$4.99

Considering how many versions of Vogue 8728 I've seen in the sewing blog world (Casey's, Erin's (versions 1, 2, 3, 4), Adey's – to name just a few), I knew it was time for me to actually use this pattern that I picked up months ago when Jo Ann's was having a pattern sale. I'm so happy that I finally did.

This week I decided I needed a break from tight waists, skinny skirts and any sort of dress that isn't conducive to lying around. Basically, I wanted a dress that I felt comfortable putting on in the morning and wearing throughout the entire day. I assumed I would have to go modern this week. I also assumed that I would go jersey/knit.

I had forgotten about this jersey knit fabric until I pulled it from the bottom of a pile in my sewing room (yes, my room is messy). The minute I saw it, I thought of Vogue 8728. So this wasn't going to be a modern dress, but it certainly was going to be a comfortable dress. And, as the title states, the fabric is indeed orange. It may look red in the photos, but next to red it's totally orange. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now, considering I usually try to omit zippers from the most form fitting of dresses made with non-stretch fabric, you can bet money that I wasn't going to put one in a jersey dress. The omission of the zipper (and the fact that I should have made the dress one size smaller) made the dress a bit looser than intended. Once I realized I liked the looser fit, I cut about five inches off the hem and skipped the belt. With these changes, I felt I had a more contemporary garment that was a bit easier to wear on errands and around the house. Oh, and of course I left out the shoulder pads. Not for this version at least. With these changes, the dress was super easy to make up.

Even though this dress is not the most body flattering dress I could make, I absolutely love it! It's so comfortable and wearable. I can't wait to make another 8728!

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I'm quite proud to say that Penelope took the following two photos on our pumpkin patch outing. Since I use a SLR, she has to look through the viewfinder. Considering how heavy the camera is, that's quite a feat! Good job, Pen!

And, by the way, I didn't even *try* to match the stripes to form a chevron at the shoulder. I hadn't even realized how well it matched up until I saw this photo. Yay for accidents!

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Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Oh I so love this dress! The contrast in the direction of stripes is fab as well, well done!

  2. love it and want it! I wouldn’t have even thought of using that pattern to make a comfy modern jersey dress. It’s so perfect. I’m writing it on my list!

  3. I love this so much! The color, the stripes, and it looks so comfy! I was utterly uninterested in this pattern before, but I never would have imagined making it in jersey, so suddenly it’s totally appealing. I want a dress just like this!

  4. Looks great and comfey! I am training my 8 year old to be my photographer, Pen did a great job!

  5. Super cute! Happy Halloween!

  6. The stripes are really kicky and fun :) I used to have a shirt made out of a very similar fabric and I loved it! I wish I could find such great fabric so cheaply. All we have at Savers are tiny remnants of ugly old lady quilting cottons, boo.

  7. Mena, that dress looks great — and very comfy!

  8. Awesome! You look great! I am a fabric artist turning towards fashion. I am a bit intimidated. How much time do you spend sewing each week? I am amazed by your wardrobe!

  9. Love the orange- I cut this pattern out ages ago, but have yet to use it. I am pleasantly surprised on how well it works with a knit, I’ll have to give it a try now!

  10. Mena, Love the orange stripe..So pretty and it looks super comfortable.. Enjoy and Happy seiwng.
    Penelope, You did a great job taking Mom’s picture.. I bet you had fun at the pumpkin patch too. I love it..

  11. You totally rock my signature color (haha), and I love the stripes with this dress style! It looks uber comfy :) And well done to Pen for taking such fabulous pictures!

  12. You were at Arata Farms – I huddled under the corn stalks in the pouring rain two weeks ago…that place and your dress are awesome!

  13. Mena I love it. How did you get your hem to lay so flat and look so professional on a stretch fabric?

  14. So well done! You did such a great job with stretch fabric!

  15. I like the warm autumnal colours of your dress and photos. (It’s a bit grey here in London). I just finished making this dress in a broderie anglaise – it’s such a lovely pattern to work with.

  16. mena, you are such an enabler. Because of your usual lovely inspiration, I hunted down and bought this (yet another!) pattern from ebay. I have a yen for dresses that won’t need ironing… or zips – even though I don’t mind zips, I even hand pick them!
    I wonder – do you think it would be hard to adapt this to have longer sleeves, say kimono style?

  17. I love this dress!! Looks so comfy, I really need to get over my fear of sewing with knits and try this out!!

  18. Oh wow, I love love love the jersey version! I think I see a #6 in my future. :-)

  19. Great, and it’s totally orange! There are SO many shades, it’s fantastic!
    The jersey looks SOOOOO comfortable, but this pattern is AMAZING at giving great shape and tailoring to the material. Love it and will have to keep my eyes peeled for it!

  20. Mena- the dress looks great and comfortable!

  21. Thanks, Juliet! I forgot to mention my decision to do the stripes that way. :)

  22. Thanks, Casey! The pattern actually calls for jersey, I believe, so it’s quite a natural combination

  23. Thanks, Aleah! For someone like me who loves doing anything vintage-styled, I like that I actually made a vintage pattern look somewhat modern.

  24. Thanks, Trish! An 8 year old will be a pro!

  25. Thanks, Lisette! I lucked out with this fabric. It’s the sort of thing I wouldn’t have bought if it wasn’t a $1, but then once I have it, I love it!

  26. Thanks, R8chel! I’m actually wearing it today and it really is sooo comfortable.

  27. Thanks, Susan. I usually spend between 3-5 hours sewing during the week. I start my weekly creations on Friday. Thanks again!

  28. You have got to love comfy, great dress Mena.