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The Facts

Fabric: 1.5 metres tartan flannel £2 from a garage sale in WA
Pattern: My old pyjama (PJ) bottoms
Year: c.  current
Notions: elastic stolen from old PJs

Time to complete: 3 hours 

Wear again? Oh yes! I don't think I'll ever buy PJs again!

Total Cost: ~£2

When I was back in the States visiting my family, I got to meet up with the fabulous Solanah from Vintage Vixen.  It was such a great day–we went to loads of estate sales and garage sales!  I found tons of fabric and one of my absolute favourite finds was 5 yards of this lovely tartan flannel! 

I absolutely LOVE flannel.  So perfect for thos cold Scottish nights!  Surprisingly, I haven't come across tartan flannel in my local fabric shops.  In fact, I don't think my local fabric shops have much flannel at all!

Of course this flannel is perfect for PJs!  I decided that I would try to copy a pair of PJ bottoms I already have.  So I laid out my PJs and carefully pinned them on the fabric and cut around them, leaving generous seam allowances.

But do you see there are two sets of PJs being copied?  Oh yes! I am making a matching pair for David! hehehehe…we'll have matching PJs…too funny.  The only difference will be that I wanted the flannel bit on the inside and he wanted it on the outside!  I'll be sure to post photos of us together when I finish sewing his!

In retrospect, I should have left a bit more crotch depth when I cut around the PJs (because you can't really get the actual shape of the PJ in that area–it's a bit distorted when you lay it out).  Luckily, I gave myself some extra space to work with and it worked out and they fit really comfortably!

I ended up using the elastic that was in my old PJs and the drawstring for my new PJs! Score!  Unfortunately, when I cut out the plaid was a bit uneven.  Luckily this pattern repeats frequently and I had cut them a bit longer than I needed so I was able to match it up pretty well! Phew!

Now, I just need a wee dram as a nightcap :)  nighty night!


*p.s. my t-shirt says 'Powell's Books', my absolute favourite bookstore in the Pacific Northwest.


Debi from My Happy Sewing Place

Debi Fry LOVES vintage patterns. She started sewing in 2009 and has been going since. In 2011, she participated in the Sew Weekly challenge and looks forward to the new challenges that lie in store!


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  1. ooooh nice seam matching – they are cool – well done!

  2. margueritedesigns

    Looks like I was on the same wavelength as you this week – you’ll see what I mean in a couple of days!

  3. So funny, this seems to be tartan PJ-week. Just cut mine out, hehe. Hubby doesn’t want some but the boys do. Wha hae, we’ll be taking over the house!

  4. You did an excellent job Debi !! Love them !!! Now, could you make some for me, they look well comfy !! ;-) What a great idea using an old pair for a pattern ! Clever lady xx

  5. What a great idea! Same for both PJs, you and David … That is so funny!

  6. I was so curious to see what you would make, since you’ve already made vintage-style pajamas! And of course I had to wait all week because you’re on Friday. They look so comfortable and I love the matching bows. And how cute that David gets a pair too?
    Now, when you say the “flannel” on the inside versus the outside, do you mean the side that is fuzzier? Because I always wondered which was the right side to sew with.

  7. SO cute.. and how warm and cozy the flannel is.. Love them.

  8. OoOooh they look really cosy Debi perfect for lounging and reading. I love tartan too such a great fabric.

  9. I love that you used another pair of flannel pajamas to make this pair of flannel pajamas! Can’t have too many!

  10. Patricia Austin

    Awesome! These look soooo comfy. Good job!

  11. Thanks Trish!!! xoxoxoxo

  12. hahahah! I think Stevey is making a pair too!! Looks like a UK trend :)

  13. I know! We’ll be all matchy-matchy! :-) I’ll have to post photos when I finish his!

  14. I know! I was debating what to make! At some point when I have more time (i.e.not in a week) I really want to do a proper 40’s housecoat with some sort of embroidery!
    The flannel size is the fuzzier side. David thinks it looks best on the outside…I, of course, wanted the soft part on the inside! So our PJs will be slightly different!!

  15. It is warm and cosy! I love them!

  16. Thanks Kazz! I absolutely LOVED your creation this week too!

  17. Thank you! I enjoyed making them!

  18. These look comfy and lovely! And I love your “nightcap” ;) Well done, friend!