Hot! The “Rusty Bed Jacket & Slacks” | Adey Lim


The Facts


Fabric: Rusty knit with burnout details 2 yards and rusty brown washable suede fabric 1.5 yards from chinatown
Pattern: Hollywood 694
Year: c. 1941
Notions: 4 buttons, invisible zipper, hook & eye from stash
Time to complete: 4 hours for bed jacket and 3 hours for slacks
First worn: October 2011
Wear again? Yes, most likely not as sleepwear and not together.

Total Cost: ~$23


 It might sound ironic but I bought this 1941 pajamas pattern with absolutely no intention of making sleepwear. I was first attracted to the overalls pattern but soon fell in love with the slacks and jacket as well.  For this challenge, I decided to sew the bed jacket out of a rusty mustard/brown/grey burnt out knit fabric which has been lying in my stash for a long time. This will be ideal for layering and I can foresee myself wearing it in church on Sundays where the air-condition is super cold. And I love how comfortable the knit fabric made this garment feels. 


The pants fabric looked amazing, it has the texture of suede but is washable and light weight. I almost didn't have enough fabric for the jacket  and since the pants fabric was in abundance, I cut the collar facings out of the suede fabric which was a dream to work with.


The wide leg slacks which were very roomy and comfortable to wear, comes with a invisible zipper/ hook & eye side closure. The fit from waist to hip was good but I found the legs a little too wide. It has to be my widest pair of pants so far and I am seriously considering taking the legs in and also adding pockets in the seams. 


While I think the two pieces are great for lounging around, I doubt I will be wearing the jacket and slacks out together. The rusty effect on both pieces is a little bit over the top but I am happy to pair them with other friendlier garments. 



Adey Sew Convert

A former kids' television channel manager turned stay home mum from Singapore, I hated sewing since I attended my first home economic class at the age of 14. In 2007, something miraculous happened when God blessed me with a second pregnancy. I discovered that I was expecting a baby girl. That changed everything. First I went crazy shopping for handmade clothes for her on etsy. Then I decided I needed to make something for her on my own. I was a month from my due date when I took an intensive 8-hour sewing class. In Dec 2008, I made a dress for my princess before she was born and have not stopped sewing since.


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  1. Wow this looks so gorgeous! Super comfy and cute. I totally love these fabrics, but I agree on probably not wearing these garments together, it gets just a little bit over the top. I think those pants would look amazing paired with something hot pink or bright orange btw, but maybe that’s just me? :)

  2. Adey,
    excellent.. and you look fantastic as always.. Great job.
    Happy sewing.

  3. Looks luxurious and comfy. The fabrics are so unique.

  4. Thank you so much Ewa! I'm so happy you like the outfit! It is very comfy. Yes, I definitely won't be wearing them together, I was more on a quest to make separates that will work with other pieces out of this pj pattern. I will go with hot pink or mustard top with the pants too, orange is just not kind to my skin tone.

  5. Thank you Judy, you are so sweet :)

  6. Thank you so much Ezekielle!

  7. very interesting fabric! you have a knack for picking out unique fabric and making them work.
    i especially love the top on you. :)

  8. You do find some interesting fabrics Adey… I would never have known what to do with these! You have great vision. Love the styling on the stairs… you look like a glamorous movie star in an old jungle/safari movie. Great pattern.

  9. Thanks Fiona! I like the top more than the slacks too :)

  10. Thanks so much Casey. Guess I am drawn to fabrics that look unusual. They are both from my fave fabric store:)

  11. Great job Adey, I love how you’ve found the perfect buttons for the top, super great fit too.

  12. Thanks so much Kazz!  Have a great sewing week ahead!