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The Facts

Fabric: About 2 yards of Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile (from stash; $13 a yard on Amazon)
Pattern: Colette Nutmeg
Year: c. 2010
Notions: Elastic lace (picot)

Time to complete: 3 hours 

Wear again? Yes! In the privacy of my own home…

Total Cost: ~$26

Ah sleepwear! This was such a challenge for me, as I figured that my typical sleepwear – yoga pants and a 5-year-old fun run T-shirt – would not bode well for a sewing challenge. 

Hmm – how about a pajama set? No – I don't wear that and something that Mena impress upon all of us at the start of this Sew Weekly year was to make things you will actually wear! So that was out. Maybe some yoga pants – ugh. No suitable materials were to be found in Houston on short notice (viva procrastination!)

I know – an adorable bralette and knickers set I can wear in the summertime (my bedroom likes to be super hot when it's hot out – like right now!) I had in my stash a great pattern, the Colette Nutmeg, and decided that this was the day to try it out!

Let me tell you folks – as nervous as I was to make unmentionables, they were pretty straightforward to make. The instructions were clear and there was only one part that I had to rip and remake – the back of the bralette. It's pieced together in a weird way and I tried to wing it (fail), then followed the directions correctly (win) and it was sorted!


The verdict? Perfect for hot summer night! They fit perfectly and the voile is so soft, abiet a bit see through (hence the "Oh no I am so not going to wear this for the whole internet to see!) 



Sarah Gabbart


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  1. I am with you sarah, plan to make full length pjs and I don’t want to have my photograph taken in them! They are lovely!

  2. I’ll definitely be trying out this pattern, it looks adorable!

  3. So adorable! I love the fabric and your choice of trim!

  4. I love it! I have been ogling the nutmeg pattern for so long (oh maybe I shouldn’t say ogling when it comes to underwear) maybe I’ll take the plunge. Yours are so cute!

  5. Sarah,
    I so agree with you… I wouldnt model them either.. They are adorable. You did a great job.. Happy sewing.

  6. Random question about the top – would that even work for a fuller busted gal? It’s pretty but so very unstructured.

  7. Those are truly the cutest things i’ve ever seen! So adorable. I would make them in a heartbeat, but alas, I think I’m too chesty for them. Ah well!

  8. I am also curious to know if this would work for a busty girl! They’re soooo adorable.

  9. Adorable!

  10. Oh so darling thanks for posting. I love Anna Marie Horner fabric!!

  11. Thank you so much! Hope your project turns out awesome!

  12. It is so fun to make and so simple! Can’t wait to see what you make!

  13. Thanks lady! I LOVE this pattern – it’s honestly so simple and versatile, my husband suggested making it in swimsuit material and wearing as a vintage-style swimsuit! LOL – oogling

  14. Hey Hearthrose! That’s a great question – I’m not sure how these would hold up for busty gals in terms of support, but with a full bust adjustment they would definitely fit better! Colette does a tutorial on this on her blog just in case you need one –
    Hope this helps! I’ll see if anyone I know has made this for a larger bust before and if they have any tips!

  15. Thank you Dottie! Just in case you want to go for it, here’s a full bust adjustment that might help make the top work for you:
    As far as support, this bralette won’t give much, but if that’s not a concern then the FBA might do wonders!

  16. Hello Lisette! I am searching for someone that might be able to let me know how the bralette does with a full bust adjustment ( I’ll update this when I find out!