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The Facts 

Fabric: 3 yards of poly poplin in black and 2 yards of bright green cotton lawn
Pattern: Simplicity 2180
Year: c. 2011
Notions: None – I omitted the zipper
Time to complete: about 5 hours
First worn: October 2011
Wear again? Yes – a thousand times yes!!

Total Cost: ~$30

Let me just preface this post with saying I am not always the easiest person to get out to the theater. I can't sit still, I have to pee every 5 minutes and I don't always pay the best attention to the action ("Who is that? Why did he do that?!" My poor husband). Simply said: I am not a regular theater goer and it takes a lot for me to say "WOW! That was so much fun!" (Sidebar – Major props to the actors, set designers, costumers (!!!) and all the rest of the folks in the production – they are all amazing at what they do and better people that me enjoy the heck out of theater, Mr. Gabbart included!)

All that said, I would see Wicked 10 times. Maybe 20. I LOVED it – it was so funny, the cast was so talented and I had so much fun! When we were roped into seeing the production as part of a group a few years back, I even stayed after to get the autograph of the actress that played Elphaba. I giggled all the way through "Popular." I was literally brought to tears during the song "Defying Gravity." Dang it y'all – I love a play!


For this week's theme, I wanted to emulate the cover image of the Wicked Playbill – black with a swoop of bright green. Simplicity 2180 was perfect for this – it had a back tie that was easily made in a green and added just enough of the color to make it a neat detail and not eye burning bright! The pattern was very easy and, thanks to the Mena test, no zipper was required. Disclaimer: it's a bit of a yoga move to get in the dress, but once you're in there it's all good. Until you have to get out, but again – yoga. Super easy.


If my camera wouldn't be such a hater (please excuse the blur!), you would be able to see how awesome this dress is and how it is so cute and flattering! I love this dress almost as much as I love Wicked!



Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Cool Cool Cool – this works beautifully. The green tie is a fabulous dash of colour.

  2. wow, how good do you look in that dress!? go the pears!

  3. YAY! I used this pattern for my 99 luftballoons dress! It’s great to work with! I love it in black with the hint of green…fabulous outfit! Never seen Wicked but I’m sure I’d like it!

  4. How pretty!
    I love that you incorporate bright colors in every garment you make!

  5. WoW – this looks wonderful :) I love it!

  6. Great dress and it looks fab on you!!! Love, love, love the bright green tie on the black background!!!

  7. Love the Dress! You’ve totally sold me on the pattern!!
    And Wicked, there are no words to say just how amazing it is!

  8. I love that you don’t see the pop of green until you turn around. Fabulous dress!

  9. So cute! I love the back it’s so feminine and just a little bit sexy! Way to go. I’d say you now have an excuse to go see wicked again because you need to wear this dress to it for sure!

  10. I can totally see how cute and flattering it is.

  11. What a gorgeous and flattering dress!

  12. Oh my goodness, I love the back of this dress. It was completely unexpected and utterly gorgeous!

  13. Beautiful! Wicked Is my inspiration too! I love it so much I have Defying Gravity tattooed on my wrist! x

  14. So beautiful! I love the surprise punch of green in the back. I need to find this pattern for myself!

  15. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, and so are you!
    Can I give you a tiny piece of photography advice, though? I’ve noticed you are under-lit in a lot of your photos. It’s easy to correct. Whenever you pose for a photo, take a second to note where the brightest light is coming from, and turn your body toward the source. THEN position your photographer. I know it seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who unconsciously do the exact opposite (because standing with your back to the brightest light means that whatever you’re looking at is easier to see).
    This will make your photos clearer and sharper, and highlight the beauty of your creations!

  16. Thanks Trish! Pears represent!!

  17. YES! I kept trying to figure out where I got that pattern – I knew I had seen it somewhere! I LOVE the luftballoons dress!

  18. Thank you so much Doortje!

  19. Thank you so much Christina!

  20. Thank you Stacey! So glad I’m not the only one who LOVES Wicked – it’s so good!

  21. Thank you Jessie! I loved that this had an open back and oh my gosh I will so see Wicked again next time it comes to town!

  22. Thanks Kate!I am so wearing this all the time!

  23. Thank you robinsnc!! I can’t wait to wear it out!

  24. Thank you so much Michelle!

  25. EEEP! That is the most awesomesauce thing I have heard all week! Such a great idea for a tattoo!! Any chance we can see a picture?

  26. Thanks Emily! I bought mine through – they should have it!

  27. Thank you so much Hannah – I need all the help I can get – we Gabbarts are not talented photographers! I can hold my own, but Ryan is much more musically talented than visually talented! I will give this a shot for next week (heh – shot, photo pun.)

  28. This dress is AWESOME! That green tie in the back is just brilliant.

  29. WOW WOW WOW! Lovely!

  30. Wow – the bright green is so fun and unexpected. I think this is my favorite thing that you’ve made for The Sew Weekly!

  31. Clarissa Henderson

    This dress turned out great! I love the pop of color with the green, it’s so unexpected. The back is also very nice and with the green it’s just that much more special
    I’ve also seen Wicked (2 times). I enjoy catching a show, but Wicked is by far my favorite. Everything about it was great. There were a few spots where I was brought to tears too. I have the soundtrack and sometimes still get ferklempt listening to it. It’s just that good.
    By the way, love your new do.

  32. margueritedesigns

    Beautiful dress – love the green surprise.

  33. Wowsers Sarah you look wicked with your sexy back and all. You should make more, one in every colour, the cut really suits you.

  34. It’s a genius piece of work! Love it!