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The Facts

Fabric: Huge circle tablecloth, thrifted, $4
Pattern: Simplicity 4327, etsy, ~$7 (and this 3/4 skirt tutorial)
Year: 1953
Notions: Bias binding, from the stash 
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: October 2011
Wear again? Hmmm, if I can refit the bodice

Total Cost: ~$11

I’ve been totally HANGING out to share you this dress because there’s a total HALLOWEEN SURPRISE! We don’t celebrate Halloween at my house, although I’ve heard there are growing ‘Trick or Treating’ events for those Australians who have children. Because I had planned my Cambodian Bike Riding Adventure and didn’t want to skip a week of sewing, a few weeks back I got a bit stuck for ideas. What Halloween style costume would match my bike riding holiday? Not a lot of choices there, LOL!

And that’s when I booked my Cambodian holiday a little earlier… made a stopover in Singapore… and… do you recognise the photo location below perhaps? 



HALLOWEEN SURPRISE! Fellow Sew Weekly gal Adey and I caught up in Singapore at the children’s park in Vivocity, Singapore! YAY!

Adey had SO many great ideas from the Spanish Harlem themed week, after discovering Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz De La Prada. You’ll see Adey’s post this week has some more fun designs, and well done for her sewing up two Halloween inspired dresses! I’d never heard of Agatha’s designs, but I loved her boldness after seeing these dresses:


And how cute is she? And like Adey mentioned, a little Alice in Wonderland in style!

Knowing how many thrifted tablecloths I have to choose from, we thought a tablecloth dress with accessories would be great! I wanted to make a giant fabric coffee cup but with working, packing and travelling, I totally ran out of time, but Adey saved the day and brought along some costumey accessories for our photo shoot! My fabric is a very large heavy cotton tablecloth, as after a weathercheck from Adey, I though cotton cotton cotton for the warmer climate of Singapore.

Simplicity 4327 view 2 didn’t take too long to make, but I wanted to make the red squares the focus, so was strategically placing the bodice pieces to make them kind of diamonds. I used the natural hem of the giant circle tablecloth, but only 3/4 of the circle following this awesome tutorial on making differnt kind of fullness skirts! Stitching it together, it seemed I’d placed the pattern pieces on the bias, so after a Mena Test, it slipped on no probs, but was massively too wide. I resized it a bit on the side seams so it was at least wearable, but I might need to attend to it before I wear it again… it has horizontal & two vertical boob darts, so lots of places to take it in.

Here’s us both being SUPER scary:


We had a lovely day out in Singapore, eating, shopping and visiting so many cheap fabric and notion stores in China Town! Whilst Adey doesn’t have the vintage shopping (or op shops in Australia!) in Singapore, she’s got the choice of SO many fabric stores and amazing amount of buttons, belt clasps and other sewing stuffs that are all really well priced! 

So much fun! 

One thing though: Singapore is HOT and it took me at least three days to get used to the humidity AND heat so my tablecloth dress was actually too hot to wear with the belt, and I couldn’t walk with my shoes as my feet all puffed up from the heat! Adey manages to look so cool and carefree in her photos, but now I know you can only really spend 5-10 minutes outside, take the photos really quick and then run back into the air conditioned restuarant, which was aptly just as crazy for us!


Thank you Adey! It was so lovely to meet you and I love your city! I will be back, and friends, you seriously need a stopover in China Town, Singapore to fill your bags!



Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. How fabulous – What a wonderful surprise. You both look great and not at all wilted in the heat.

  2. ACK! I can’t believe you guys got to meet up! how FANTASTIC! That must have been so much fun!!!! And to keep it a surprise from us all :) Your dress looks stunning–I just love the harlequin print! Now…if we could only just have one giant meet-up!

  3. It was so tough keeping this a secret!!!! Love your dress and the post! The colors of the tablecloth are so vivid and amazing and I love that you didn’t need to finish the hem! Come back soon, hugs!

  4. Four words: I want your dress.

  5. One of the coolest things about the internet is how it connects so many people! So neat and your outfit was adorable I love the eyeballs!

  6. What a wonderful surprise! Lovely, love, love both dresses! This is just so fun to see both of you in the same post! Awesomeness!

  7. I just have to add that I got so excited when I saw this post in TypePad! Yay for meeting in person! So great and you guys look so cute!

  8. The meet-up looks like so much fun!
    Your tablecloth dress is a cute little dream :) x Enjoy your holiday!!

  9. OMG! So cool! You two ladies look so beautiful and this dress has you written all over it – it’s so bright, pretty and perfectly made!

  10. Your meet up looks like a wonderful time! I love the colors in both dresses – how summery and fun!!

  11. It is really heart-warming how sewing and the web can bring people together. I liked seeing how you were inspired by the catwalk outfits.

  12. Thank you Jen! It was so fun, but so hot!

  13. It was such a quick stopover, but wished I’d had all weekend to hang at Adey’s fave fabric and notion shops!
    And it was harlequin print by accident! A checked tablecloth turns harlequin on the bias! xoxo

  14. Tablecloth hems are DREAMY! Thanks again Adey, you’re too gorgeous! xoxo

  15. If I can’t resize it, it could be yours Juliet! xoxo

  16. I agree Jessie, the internet is so cool for likeminded friendships! None of my friends sew, and here I am in Singapore with a wonderful seamstress! AMAZING!
    Adey’s eyeballs & devil horns helped me become more Halloween, thank picnic-y! xoxo

  17. I’m pleased you enjoyed Cathe! It was so fun planning our dresses! xoxo

  18. YAY! Thanks Mena! Such timing for us both considering I just had one day stopover!
    xoxo Happy Halloween!

  19. Thank you Nina! It was a great time away xoxo

  20. Thanks Sarah, Adey’s one gorgeous gal! xoxo

  21. The internet is so fun! A very interesting collection from the Spanish designer, hey? xoxo

  22. Oh this post is the best, the surprise meet up, your adorable dresses, the fun photos, sorry to hear about the heat, maybe you could refashion this cute dress into a 50’s swimsuit? Now there’s a challenge. xxoo