Hot! oona does it!: meeeeenaaaaaaa…



this halloween, be sure to shower with your eyes wide open…


especially YOU, mena trott.


ain't you the gal who marched up to me at SIL threads with over 60 inches of red separating zipper in your insane hands?


was it you who challenged me to make an oufit with a notion fit for a sleeping bag?


top: burda 2-11-101, slashed and hacked to pieces in double knit purple jersey.  bottom: self drafted skirt with invisible and separating zips in blood spattered printed silk.

happy halloween, mena.  sleep… well.



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. Those pics are freakishly awesome! (and I love the print on the skirt)

  2. This is so amazing! Please tell us where you got the silk. Also I love the poses and photography.

  3. LOL! LOVE that first photo and what a challenge! Dont think I have seen a zipper of that length ever!

  4. You are awesome and so creative! Please audition for Project Runway so we can all root you on ;) And I’ve seen those incredibly long zippers at SIL, but now I’ll think of this dress when I see it again!

  5. You’re my favorite kind of freak. -ladykatza

  6. Crazy Oona! In the best possible way. ;-)

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha!! Awesome!! Booyah!

  8. Best. Post. Ever. Love the Psycho scene! That outfit is fabulous and the zip looks very Oonafied! I love it!

  9. Love this with a fiery passion!!! Absolutely brilliant, my friend – I’ve been wondering when we were going to see that zipper!!!

  10. I remember that fabric! I wish I had some of it, it is amazing! Great photos, they made me laugh really hard,

  11. thank you! got the silk at 21 century fabrics in NY’s garment district… the selvedge says calamo silks…. but there was suspicion….

  12. ha ha, love how you made a “costume” so stylish!

  13. Patricia Austin

    O. M. G!!!!
    I love you!
    Happy Halloween!

  14. Waugh!!!!!! Ok, my hubs likes to scare the crap out of me when I’m in the shower, at least three times a year. Just seldom enough that I don’t expect it. Argh! What a fun challenge. Hmm, now I’m thinking of things I’d do with that much zipper. It’s getting kinky. ;)

  15. ha! i have a feeling they’d eat me for breakfast… but even just doing the first challenge would be so cool.

  16. Ha ha Oona you crazy Mofo that fabric is k i l l e r and the zipper idea is brilliant.

  17. This is the best. THE BEST! Can you do The Birds next, please?

  18. oh my god…. you don’t even know the perfect storm that i’m currently in for that challenge… i had another in mind but now i think this must happen…

  19. kazz, my sister. you would go BANANAS with this much zipper.

  20. sounds like you need to use it on hubby……

  21. and a very scary to you as well!

  22. i’ll tell ya, i’ve been cutting into my finds from that day with wild abandon. i think it’s because the memories are so fond :)

  23. ruggy helped with the pics. he reeeeaaallllly worked on getting the blade of the knife to reflect the light :)

  24. mena went to it like a moth to a flame.

  25. i’ll be your freakazoid.

  26. this was maybe the most fun i’ve had taking pics. that and the batty one i did.

  27. thanks debi! ruggy took the pics and i was a little afraid it would give him ideas….

  28. it went a totally different way than i thought it would– i had imagined it going the regular lengthwise way. then i lost my mind.