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once again, i'm taking on two elegant ladies of the cloth.  first, the lovely sew weekly contributor adey querys:

how about using woven and knit fabrics on one garment? that should be fun :) 

how about me showing up on your doorstep and stealing some clothes, adey.  THAT would be fun.

and cathe, "beginning" sewist  (really, ms amarylis.  you must stop lying.  we all know you went to parsons) quips:

next challenge, mix three opposing fabrics/colors/patterns!

though both these ladies should be sentenced to Making Garments For Other People due to the criminal amount of jealousy they create in the sewing community, i did their bidding.  maybe this means i'll be first on the list when they get their lifetime sentence.


i grabbed a project runway pattern (simplicity 2942) and two fabrics from the awesome ny meetup (in which i wasn't supposed to buy anything).  the stripey bits are a terry cloth knit from paron fabrics, and the polka dot print is silk from chic.  SILK!  the armbands complete cathe's "three" in the form of crocheted trim painstakingly rescued from the edge of an urban outfitters skirt.  this was a lightbulb moment, i wanted the sleeveless version of this top but didn't want any topstitching (for once).  before i sewed the side seams up, i used armhole length strips of the trim, and attached it to the outside as you would a facing.  pressed the seam to the inside, trim extending out, and stitched the side seams right up to the edge of the trim.  et voila.  


this is probably not the invention of the lightbulb, but it felt like eureka to me.


i was psyched, like, seriously, frothing at the mouth, to place the terry cloth stripes on the shoulders zagging off in a different direction.  but temporarily thwarted.  the shoulders looked like they were separate pieces in the line drawing, mais non.  so i eyeballed it, hacked 3.5 inches off the pattern back, added seam allowance to the two new pieces, and attached terrycloth to silk.

yeah.  sewing up these fabrics together was a little difficult.  easier once i went silk side up.  it took 5 attempts of edges screaming drunkenly off into the seam allowance to figure that one out.  flip it over, oona.  put the seam ripper down. 


can i tell you something about simplicity's project runway line?  IT ROCKS MY WORLD.  for someone who likes to mess around with a pattern till it is a shadow of the line drawing, this is the BOMB.  and it doesn't even require much more adjusting than raising the waist and keeping in mind the amount of ease.  i even bought this in juniors and it STILL worked.  i think i've found my go to Big 5 line.  those patterns you can just cut out, make your usual adjustments, and sew, without the Dreaded And Time Consuming Muslin.  i've heard of women finding this niche.  i thought they were lying.  after 3 wins with this line, i'm sold.

(you might have seen win the first in my easter dress for the sew weekly hats off challenge.  never wore the dress, but the pattern was delicious.  come back next week for the third win, and see what goes with this top.)

(hint:  it's not jeans.  or a hot pink bird.)



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. ooohh! I’m first to comment!! YAY! The top looks AMAZING. I am loving the stripes on the shoulders!! Fab job and the sleeve caps are so amazing! YAY for pink bird…what was his name again?

  2. Of all the knit and woven fabrics to choose to put together… you choose silk and terry!.. you are both crazy and genius. know that crochet bit is probably leaning more towards trim than fabric right? hehe.. I’ll let it slide this time – given the silk meets terry awsomeness. I really like this top… and love your words about the lovely Adey and Cathe. It’s what we’re all thinkin!!

  3. I also love Project Runway patterns (and also am a petite person) Also try the Cynthia Rowley patterns for Simplicity. I hardly have to make any alterations at all and they always fit great. You rock, girl!

  4. Oona, I said three different fabrics, not trim…hahahahaha! Just kidding, this is amazing! I love that you used terry cloth, that’s going way beyond, gets you an A+ again! And altered pattern direction, very nice!
    That all seemed too easy…what if you could only use trim and maybe muslin if you need to adhere the trim to a fabric? So whatever you make is based on trim and yeah I know you live by M&J Trimmings but still!
    Oh and thanks for sending me to Parsons, I’m a west coast girl!

  5. LOVE THIS! I remember you getting those fabrics, and they go perfectly together. Wonderful job, my friend!!

  6. firstly, sharing the love for the project runway line :-)
    also, hello henry!

  7. So cute and what a great mix of fabrics! I think our outfits this week are from the same collection:P We should have tea together in them!

  8. SIGH–the problem with “Oona posts” are thus: A. They fool me into thinking I can sew like that, and B. They make me wish I could EVER look that fabulous.

  9. I’ve never used any Project Runway Patterns, I think I will now if you recommend them to be good. Can’t wait to see what goes with this uber cool top. You are fantastic Miss Oona.

  10. This gorgeous top goes quite well with a 2008 GSM from Whistler Winery – because it’s a blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre (three fabrics, three grapes!).
    You and that top are freaking incredible – yeah for terry and silk! I’d heard rumours they’d always had a thing for each other but no one was ever brave enough to bring them together.
    Hmmm… maybe I’ll have to give the Project Runway patterns a chance – anything, ANYTHING AT ALL to avoid the Muslin of Soul Destruction (and brain cell depletion/liver damage).
    But NO TOP STITCHING??? How much had you been drinking?? xx

  11. that is Henry Eduardo the 15th!

  12. SIMMER DOWN, YOU. crochet totally counts. kind of.

  13. i’ve been eyeing that cynthia rowley. she’s on my list!

  14. yeah but it was reeeeeeaaaallllllyyyy wide trim.
    now, didn’t you see mena’s dress that broke the internet?? how on earth do top THAT?

  15. thankya meg! i had no idea these were going to live together when i grabbed them.

  16. henry bids you good morn, good lady. he and ruggy are getting along famously :)

  17. i’ve got the kettle on now…..

  18. HA! look girl, all you need is a little liquid courage and a soupcon of ignorance (for when you make the inevitable mistake and soldier on anyway).

  19. oh kazz, you’d love them. they have all these variations and are really well thought out!

  20. mourvedre? i have never had this grape! i’m assuming the mourvedre is the crochet bit…
    you must try the PR line. although the liver can rebuild up to a point, there’s only so much cocktail hour muslin it can take.
    um…. I KNOW. i actually Did. Not. Want. Topstitching. as i cast my memory back, i made this top after a day of baby shower bellinis. perhaps the ratio of juice to alcohol was off.

  21. Exactly…good luck my friend…good luck….hahahaha!

  22. Crazy awesome, this is! I love the texture of the terry cloth and I want to steal those polka dots!

  23. and i didn’t mention it, but that is a particularly keen interpretation of the PR pattern. awesome!