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this week i've paired requests from the fun loving and flirty (have you seen her as a pink lady?) kat of modern vintage cupcakes with, once again, the beauteous miss lisette of WWNDW (prolific community members, both).  kat asked:

does oona ever make trousers?  would love to see how you'd turn all that fantastic creativity to a garment that's often quite plain…

and lisette commanded:

as long as you're not doing anything in khaki … except safari themes!  do a safari theme! 

yes ma'ams.


okay, lisette, i swear they're not khaki.  i mean, that's more like saddle brown.  burnt sienna? i've got Bs and Ss aplenty.  take from it what you will.

whatever the color, they are also the complement to last week's challenge, my silk & terry cloth project runway top… it's not a skirt! it's not a dress!  it's not a hot pink bird!  it's pants that are NOT jeans!  

as for turning my penchant for the wild towards this "often quite plain" component, well, erm, i guess i didn't really accomplish that either.  i have indeed done it before, in a pair of wide legged trousers better suited for 70s swag curtains, so yes kat, oona does that. sometimes.





this is the third simplicity project runway pattern i've tried (numero 2477) and holy frijoles. they've put some sort of voodoo magic enchantment on these here patterns.  maybe they had tim gunn bless the envelopes.  my only adjustment was to take 2 inches in at center back, tapering to 5/8.  behold, my friends, the booty fit:


the longer i stare at it the bigger it gets.  oh, what's that i spy out yon window?  nothing in particular! i just can't believe they fit!

i didn't make a muslin– after my luck with the top and dress, i decided this magical line would just work.  i went with the "finished" sizing on the pattern pieces, and figured i could remove the back darts and front waist pleats if i needed extra room.   sewed up the leg & crotch seams at 3/8 to start, then went to 5/8 and serged when my derriere gave me the green light.

but i had trouble in river city on the fly.  everything was going so well… i don't know what i did there. so, it turned out to be a semi – exposed zipper.  it's a royal purple zip.  i'm cool with it.  in fact, it makes a nice flat front, and i'll take all the flat i can get in that area.  but i would like to know how to make a proper fly zip.  only because i like to know everything.  


i guess it could use a belt, but i was apparently too proud of my handiwork to cover the waist with one.  i'm feeling awfully proud lately…  even though i completely failed on both challenges this week.  

but did i mention i made pants?



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. Love the pants, but love the top even more. Did you sew that one?

  2. Oona, these are amazing! I want to run out and buy this pattern right now because you are rocking these. And don’t you dare hide those buttons with a belt – they’re just too perfect.

  3. Absolutely devine! I love it!

  4. Oona these are FABULOUS! Adore the pants, well done! And the fit is perfect… you are so brave!

  5. Oh, those are cute! I love the pleated cuffs. And that is some amazing fit, girl.
    If you ever come back to my part of the world, I’ll show you how to do a fly front (not that I’m an expert, mind you…)

  6. Ooh yay you made trousers! Awesome! They are super fabulous. :-)
    Never seen pleated cuffs before – fantastic detail. And those buttons – swoon!

  7. “Wearable pants” is an understatement! They’re amazing!

  8. Hey now these are perfect, another 100% YAY!

  9. These pants ROCK!! Fantastic job ….. as always!!

  10. SOLD!! I’m gettin me that pattern asap! They look fabulous on you!

  11. They are FABULOUS! I absolutely LOVE them!! The waistband is so cool with those buttons and gasp, pleated cuffs–so Oonatastic!!! I think you have found your pattern line! Once you find a pattern line that fits–it’s great to be able to just sew knowing ahead of time the fitting adjustments (my pattern line is 30’s/40’s McCall patterns–I know exactly how they will fit!!)

  12. omg that trouser pattern is stunning on you–love the combo with last week’s ODI top!

  13. thank you, and yes! it was last week’s ODI, another project runway pattern:

  14. lizz, these TOTALLY need to be part of your fall wardrobe.

  15. thanks juliet! by the way, love your demon dress :))

  16. okay, so we go to communitea for caffeine, then head to that fabric mecca, then open up a bottle(s) of something and work on fly fronts. sounds like a perfect day to me….

  17. only because of you girl! this pattern sat in my stash for a year or more!

  18. ha, thank you! now, to wear them in public…

  19. i hope you’re serious, you are going to LOVE this pattern– and i just realized i can make the OTHER VIEWS. OH MY GOD.

  20. i know, i always wanted to find that era like you did! i guess i’m aughts?

  21. Those are awesome. I totally want a pair.

  22. totally serious! booty fit is an elusive dream! & when I saw the other views.. well it seems a little too good to be true! question – is the waistband curved or straight? & when you took them in at the back, did you take it in right through the waistband like men’s pants or did you just attach a smaller waistband?

  23. Oona, those are some HOT pants! Totally what I meant with safari-themed khaki. And they look super professionally sewn.

  24. Oona! jezz girl you are totally kicking major butt, kapow!! you made trousers!! and they have pleats, pockets, cuffs, carriers… this is serious, where do you go from here? You’ve done an amazing job, just love them, spectacular booty fit indeed. Oona does it AGAIN!!

  25. So cute! Lovig the pleats at the cuffs!

  26. well, i just pulled my pattern out and realized I DID NOT MARK THE ADJUSTMENTS. IDIOT! i guess i had little hope of these actually fitting, i always pencil in my tweaks as i go. so:
    i cut out a regular size, and after the zip was done, basted side, inner & crotch seams at 3/8. realized i could go to 5/8, then pinched out 2 inches at center back tapering down to 5/8 for the crotch seam.
    for the waistband, i’d already bungled the zipper section, so it wasn’t a straight 2 inches off. i basted waistband sections together at side seams, then pinned them to the pants and cut of the excess at center back, leaving seam allowance.
    it sounds time consuming but it’s really not, especially with a glass of cabernet. ruggy found a WONDERFUL box wine from australia, so there was an ample supply.

  27. OH! These are divine, Miss Oona, absolutely perfect. The pleating at the cuffs, the pleating at the waist, the buttons, the details – perfect. One of my favorite things you’ve ever made :)