Hot! debimegoonamena does it!


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this oona does it! is brought to you by 4 ladies, 3 planes, 2 godzilla sized bridal parties, and 1 bar.  

when D2 came up with their slightly inebriated list of ODI challenges, high on the new york hit parade was the campbell apartment, a gorgeous 1920s apartment-turned-bar adjacent to the equally gorgeous grand central station.  and when it became clear that the NY meetup was truly happening, i decided to turn the tables on the challenger.  pleaze to see my email to debi and meg (and take note of the number of exclamation points):

Y'ALL.  do y'all want to do the campbell apt as an oona does it?  debi challenged me to use it as inspiration, which i am totally doing, the three of us should do it!!!!  that week could be debimegoona does it! we sound like a creature from a godzilla movie!!!  i have some deep grey lace that i had marked for gatsby, which would be fab at the campbell.  or OH MY GOD maybe we should color coordinate???!

we hurtled exclamation points back and froth across the webisphere (103 emails in all) and decided on a color combo from debi's fall palette (teal and red).  meg raised the bar with talk of vogue patterns.  then, fate landed mizz mena trott right into our laps, and it was ON.

the big day came.  after a marathon of eating, drinking, and shopping with some truly fabulous ladies of the thread, we headed back to kalkatroona for a costume change (and a little caffeine, gallantly supplied by ruggy.  what a mighty good man, y'all).  the cab driver tried to drop us off at a joint called "beer bar", to which eight eyebrows raised– do you really think we look like we belong at beer bar?  PLEASE.

i spied the correct sign, and we wiggled out of the cab.  all eyes turned as four ladies in various iterations of teal giggled their way across the wet new york streets.  before we even entered the bar, cameras were pulled for a lobby photo shoot.  

mena and debi opting for marble…





meg and oona opting for stairs…





i lost count of how many gents offered to snap our photo.  being used to self controlled photo shoots, we declined, but some snapped them with their own cameras anyway.  after many timer sprints across the marble floor, we decided to actually venture INTO the campbell apartment, where surely elegant backdrops and better lighting awaited.

erm.  except that poor campbell was under siege.  two monster sized bridal parties had taken the place over.  the noise level was deafening, and the blood alcohol level could've started prohibition all over again.  we stood at the bar with some delicious cocktails as several lesser dressed, and far less sober, patrons stared.  one gal openly pointed, assuming her other hand was hiding the offending finger.  her other hand was a good 18 inches off her mark. 

to avoid the impending throwdown, we moved the party to the outdoor seating, and happily showed off our stitching to more respectfully curious patrons.  we may have also had a few more cocktails.


i was floored by the beautiful garments, and knocked joyfully unconscious by the beautiful people enclosed in them.  in the community, in person, the gals i got to spend extra time with… just sheer happiness.  

sewing, y'all.  a solitary art that makes for such an embracing circle.  who knew?



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. You all positively glow (and I don’t think it was merely the cocktails) – WOW that teal is a fabulous colour and works for everyone.

  2. What a fabulous Does It! I’m not sure how you’ll ever be able to top this one… Your smiles are fabulous as well. It’s been so fun to see how much fun you all had and how well everyone meshed. It’s so uplifting. All I can say is thank you.

  3. Gorgeous girls, fabulous dresses! Well done!

  4. I will be stealing all these dresses. ALL OF THEM. I still can’t believe Mena’s was once a muumuu!

  5. fabulous secret mission, team ODI. a worthy end to a wonderful day!

  6. Such FUN! And you all look phenomenal! I’m so jealous of the gorgeous dressed-up getting-togetherness!

  7. I am teal with envy! Just when I think I’m getting over missing out…
    … need…teal and red… dress…

  8. Ya’ll look just fabulous!!!!

  9. Fantastic! It’s all I can say!

  10. Well would you look at you lot, you all look stunning! Such a fab challenge and I can’t believe not a single one of you caved and gave something away. Glad you had a fab time. p.s. I waved at you all as we flew back home

  11. YAY! I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! These photos are stunning! I love them so much! Great idea for the challenge! awwww…now I am missing you guys so much! xoxoxo

  12. Utterly fantastic! I bet you ladies set the Campbell Apt right on its ear and rightly so! Booyah!
    Everyone looks gorgeous and I am in dress heaven!

  13. What a fun night out! I have often thought how ironic it is that I am a very social being, yet sewing is so solitary, I love that I can share with ‘yall on here, these days!

  14. Wow, that sounds like so much fun! Girls night out. The sewisa sistas take Manhattan!

  15. Officially jealous!! I want in on the challenges :(
    You ALL look so GOOD!! I need some teal fabric dammit!

  16. These are 4 stunning ladies in super gorgeous stitchings! What fun!!!

  17. Everyone looks BEAUTIFUL. That must have been one fun but exhuasting day.

  18. A joy to see and read- so much fun, and so many gorgeous garments, everyone’s personality coming through so well!

  19. This post made me screech “I NEED A TEAL LACE DRESS WITH A LOW SCOOPY BACK!” I may have alarmed my husband and some neighbourhood dogs.
    You all look so classy and beautiful I had to open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc I bought from the Shaw + Smith cellar door on the weekend. It’s a tenuous link but it’s a classy place, they match cheese with their wine tastings. Cheers to all of you! I was left with a warm happy feeling after reading this.
    The meet-up sounds like it was a beautiful, incredible experience. If only Australia wasn’t so damn far away! I’ll be quite reserved and won’t screech, “GET ME MY PASSPORT!” just yet, I don’t think my husband’s heart would take it.

  20. Best. Day. Ever. That is all.

  21. Wow, 3 more for the Inspiration Board. (Oona is already on it. That’s how I found this post.) Absolutely fabulous! Absolutely Vogue material.