Ask: 10/17/11

Do you sew undergarments, sleepwear or loungewear? Or are you the type of seamstress that only wants to sew what is going to be seen?


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I tend to only sew things that will be seen, since they tend to be more exciting and interesting, but I did recently sew a few bras (and was surprised by how NOT-crazy-difficult it was). I do plan to sew some pj bottoms out of a pretty white and blue floral rayon I’ve had forever. It just drapes so nicely and would feel delightful as sleep/lounge wear.

  2. So far I’ve only sewn things to be seen, but I have a sweatshirt fabric at home. It’s going to be matching loungewear for me and the kiddo.

  3. I like sewing pajamas since it’s a good use of all the novelty quilting cottons I can’t resist buying. But just recently I sewed several lingerie sets: cami-slip and cami-panty out of cotton lawn, and although there were some tricky bits it was fun and the sets came out pretty well. I used Mrs. Depew’s Pauline patterns and I’m now following her lingerie stitch along in the hopes that I will learn the right way this time.

  4. I often use leftover cotton knit fabric for panties. If I cut them out right away, they get made and fewer scraps collect in my sewing room. The undies are fast to make and fit great.

  5. I made a pair of pajama pants as a way to try sewing with knits. But Angry Chicken has done some amazing things with old t-shirts and turning them into undies. So clever! And slips! Boy making a good slip I think is so key! I hate the nylone ones.

  6. Nope, but I do want to try making some undies one of these days, if for no other reason than to work with some cute lace elastic for the edges. And Wendy is right, making underwear would be a good way to use up fabric scraps.

  7. I started with boxer shorts for my son and husband and recently I’ve learned to make bras and lingerie. It’s my new addiction! There’s a kind of satisfaction when everything I wear -from outerwear to underwear- is handmade by myself :)

  8. I don’t sew very much yet, so the sewing would be firstly for things that will be seen. But I am really interested in sewing sleepwear and loungewear…beautiful things I would feel great in. I feel pretty dumpy in my ill-fitting store bought sweats and pjs that ALWAYS shrink up too short for my longish legs.

  9. I too have recently started making undies from t-shirts. I even make a pair out of a 1970s Vera blouse that was stained and they are my absolute fav! fun to see others are making their own unders out of recycled or leftover fabrics!

  10. I love to sew everything! The next step is a bra. :-)

  11. I love to sew anything and everything!

  12. Sewing shorts, pajamas, and tops are much easier than undergarments. There are patterns to be use to make the task easier.

  13. I confess- I am the type that only sews things that are going to be seen by other people. I really do enjoy wearing my PJs and many times if you come to my home before 12:00 and I am sewing-I will still be in my PJ’s!!!!