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The Facts

Fabric: floral stretch knit, thrifted $2
Pattern: None
Year: 2011
Notions: none, just overlocker threads
Time to complete: 1 hour
First worn: October 2011
Wear again? Yes, it's perfect!

Total Cost: ~$2

Whilst Australia is very multicultural and here in Melbourne we have stronge Italian, Vietnamese, Spanish, African, Chinese and Greek communities spread all through the city, I don't really think about any cultural influences when I sew. But hey! I do love a good floral print! And Spanish & Latin culture have heaps of flower themes! I'd already made up this floral dress and then realised it would work perfectly for this week's theme, and it would be a GREAT excuse to visit my friend's bar and drink their gorgeous homemade SANGRIA!

I've been pretty busy with work these past two weeks, as the springtime music festivals have started touring around the country, and I organised a big radio broadcast from one of the Melbourne ones. Of course I needed new duds, for the music scene is fashionable beyond belief, but also that were comfy to work in! I had contemplated the old leggings from last week's pink theme, but as we wear black work tshirts I thought maybe a floral pop of colour print would be great. 


This thrifted floral stretch stuff has a feel like stockings but a bit more heavy duty and more cotton than nylon (maybe), and considering I had over 3 metres of it, I tried a skirt first (but realised I'd cut it on a botched printing part of the fabric) so made this dress (without the sleeves first) by laying down a singlet (to get the neckline right) on the fold for both back and front pieces. Adding binding for the neckline and armholes, I tried it on, and it was too big and floppy at the sides! Instead of fixing it for the music festival, I changed my mind and wore a black mini dress with leopard print tights instead. AND, when I had a bit more time to think about Sew Weekly, the botched skirt became a refashion; I made floppy sleeves and voila! A Spanish looking wiggle dress for Spanish Harlem week!

Sometimes sewing with stretch fabrics is so quick and easy, you feel like it's cheating! I did re-overlock the side seams to make it tighter, but I may need to do it again, as for a stretch dress it's not very form fitting and still a little loose in parts. Maybe there's just more room for extra Sangria? YUM!


My friends run this gorgeous bar called Mr Wilkinson, and for our first 'daylight savings' evening after work (this Monday gone!), Husbie and I had to call by and order a Sangria jug! So maybe there's more latin influence in my life than I thought, with conversations and storytelling, drinking and laughing in my community on a warm(ish) Monday night, with my loud floral dress and of course… my big hair. 

See you next week xoxo


Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. OLE Miss Veronica Darling look at you all spruced up with sangria in hand!! that dress is killer A to the AMAZING and such a perfect fit. I have to say I love the lighting in these husbie shots they look beautiful.

  2. I do enjoy hearing how things come together for you. Sweet fabric and a little ingenuity have made for a great dress.

  3. Knit dresses are just wonderful aren’t they and so quick to sew too! Off course it is not cheating, you still completed a lovely dress, just in less time:) The hair is fab and that sangria looks yummy!

  4. So CUTE! Love that print and oh how I wish I was drinkin’ some sangria with you!!! xoxoxo

  5. Cute as a button!

  6. Hee hee! Thanks Kazz! It’s almost dusk here in these ones, and ALWAYS a lovely time to take photos xoxo

  7. Thank you Jen! Sometimes there’s heaps of planning, and sometimes none at all! Every week is so different! xoxo

  8. YES: knit dresses are crazy easy… the last thing I need to learn though is to get a better shape to necklines, armholes and skirt hems, everything else is so easy, it’s just *sometimes* these areas get a bit wobbly!

  9. Oh that’d be FUN! My friends make it up so nicely too! Maybe when you extend your ‘Around the World’ sewing trip. (HINT!)

  10. That hair! That dress! A $2, 1hr outfit – how could you possibly go wrong?! I love it, it looks so comfy-stylish. One day, oh one day, I will buy myself an overlocker and overcome my crippling fear of the stretch knit. You make it look so fun and easy! Hope you’ve had lots of time to rest, recover and drink more of that amazing looking Sangria! xx

  11. Thanks Amanda! It’s super comfy and I bet you’ll be over the moon to use an overlocker, maybe you could hire one first for a test drive?