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Top photo

The Facts 

Fabric: 2.5 yards of gold silk from Jo Anns ($4 a yard – coupons son!!)
Pattern: Colette Jasmine (new pattern FTW!)
Year: c. 2011
Notions: None
Time to complete: about 4.5 hours
First worn: September 2011
Wear again? Yes yes yes!!

Total Cost: ~$10

 Finally – I have a win this week! *Swish!* I have been lusting after all colors in the gold spectrum lately and decided to go for it with a muted gold fabric. My fall palette is awash in gold, gray, navy, bone and brown.

Fall palette
Those illustrations above? Kris Atomic ladies – follow her blog, it's inspiring!
Check out the links to everything on Pinterest!

After searching through patterns in my stash, I was stumped on what I was going to make for this week. Then the mail arrived.

Bow detail

Once I opened the package and I gazed upon the two new patterns I ordered from Colette a month ago, I knew the Jasmine was what I was waiting for! It's the perfect top for my fall wardrobe!

The pattern, listed as beginner level, was very simple to make. The most difficult part for beginners (in my opinion) is setting in the sleeves, but the instructions explain this step well! Any beginners in the house? If so, have you tried sleeves before? Was it easy or difficult?

Back view

Although construction was easy, there are many pattern pieces to this top and as a result, it takes a little longe. Coupled with having to hang it up overnight before hemming (it's cut on the bias and needs to settle before hemming so it's not all crazy later!), this top took up a chunk of time but was worth every minute! 

Next on the fall palette agenda: navy pants made with the other Colette Pattern I bought – the Clover!

Full body


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. I love it! I’m so excited to see that blouse made up. Your orange version looks great and so perfect for Fall. I received my pattern in the mail the other day and just need to find the right fabric for it.

  2. This top has me pining for one too…in the same color please! I’m going to have to order the Colette patterns you mention.

  3. It’s been so inspiring to see you try out new shapes and colours. You look amazingly confident in everything you wear. This top is stunning. Great work – I look forward to your post every week.

  4. What a beautiful top! The gold silk is stunning on you :) Well done, Sara! :)

  5. Love love love this top!!!!! This is one of my favorite things ever on Sew Weekly! Congratulations.

  6. I love the top..Looks great on you.. love the color too.

  7. Beautiful top – I love it in the silky material.

  8. The top is beautiful and so is the gold color! It suits you so well. A true winner indeed!

  9. You look beautiful, Sarah!

  10. That looks beautiful, so sumptuous, I want to reach out and touch it! How did this top work for you in the bust? I bought the pattern and I’m excited to make it but I’m curious to know just how much ease there is in the bust.

  11. With your boots you could be Pussy Galore out of Goldfinger! I love the antiqued gold color of that fabric, and it is really pretty with your collection.

  12. Gorgeous!

  13. You look beautiful in that color. The pattern is lovely and you did a great job on it. The size of the bow is well balanced, feminine but not too frilly. I’m excited to work on mine now.

  14. I’m inspired!

  15. Thank you so much Christine! Fabric choice is a tough one – it’s such a cool blouse and seems to work with anything (lightweight sheer stuff, cotton, silk – anything!)

  16. Awesome!! I can’t wait to see what you make! So glad you liked this version – I want to wear this all the time!

  17. Thank you so much E.B! You have made my week!

  18. Thank you Sarah! I can’t wait to wear this everywhere!

  19. Thank you so much Carrie!!

  20. Thank you SabineC – I was so relieved when this week turned out well!

  21. Thank you so much Leah! Surprisingly, the bust was dead on (I say “surprisingly” because in these photos I keep slouching or bending weird!) – I cut for an 8 (I’m a 36B) in the top and graded to a 12 (big hips – pears represent!) and it fit super well!

  22. Thank you so much Lisette!

  23. Thank you so much Helen! I was super surprised with the bow – most are too big or oddly shaped, this one is perfect! Go Colette!

  24. Thank you Helen! That means a lot – I love this top so much and I want to make so many more, it has absolutely inspired me as well!

  25. Oooh, such a beautiful kind of mustardy gold on you! Yeah, I didn’t realise there were so many pattern pieces, but looking at it here (with the cuffs and the bodice pieces being in to parts – with the seams down the middle) there’s a bit of fiddly time sucking things… but I’d agree this is just GORGEOUS on you and worth that time for sure!
    I love your hair here too!

  26. The blouse is so beautiful Sarah and in silk too! It looks wonderful for fall and fabulous on you! Love your fall palette btw:)

  27. Sarah! giddy-up girl this whole ensemble screams you, that colour and cut?? fantastic!

  28. i wish i could say something brilliant but i have to be repetitive and say this color is BANANAS on you!!! gorgeous top, gorgeous color, gorgeous girl!

  29. Beautiful! Well done. You look fabulous!

  30. OMG! I love that fall palette: gold/mustard/marygold + navy + grey
    And the Jasmine looks great, seriously awesome!

  31. Honestly, I used to cheat on inserting the sleeves: I used to sew the shoulder seams of the bodice but not the sides and attached the sleeves (also opened up), then I sewed the side seams and the sleeve seam. Nowadays I try to set in the sleeves in the normal way but I sew them in first from under the arm seam both in front and back up until the points on the sleeve cap where the gathered part starts and then gather the sleeve cap and sew that little part to the armhole to finish.

  32. I love the shirt. I have been drooling over that particular pattern but am not allowed to buy it until I finish my rooibos dress. Yours makes me even more inspired and I love the fabric you chose it’s so feminine.

  33. Ah, I love this pattern. And I’ve got a mustard gold in my palette but until I saw this thought it would only be an accent colour. You’ve changed my mind!

  34. margueritedesigns

    It’s such a lovely rich colour and I’ll definitely be hunting out this pattern over here in the UK.

  35. I’ve ordered my Colette patterns through their website and it was cheaper (even with shipping costs added) than buying them here in the Netherlands!

  36. The color ! The palette! The Pants ! They all look so much more drool worthy than those shown on the Colette site! Now I have some patterns to buy (sigh).

  37. Thanks lady! I was SHOCKED that this color worked – I always look weird in yellow and gold, but I love this fabric so much!

  38. Thank you so much Oona! Also, BANANAS – I say this all the time! My husband makes fun of me for this, so Huzzah – so glad I’m not the only one!

  39. Thank you so much Irene! I can’t wait to make this pattern again – it’s a keeper for sure!

  40. I love that method! I am a firm fan of cheating when it comes to sewing – anything that makes it easier on you is AOK in my book!
    Smart thinking on using the bottom of the arm sleeve – such a great way to make sure everything lines up!

  41. Thanks lady! I hear you on that – I try to make myself wait too, but I have terrible willpower!

  42. Thank you so much Vicki Kate! I was honestly surprised it worked – it’s such a strong color!

  43. Thanks lady! Can’t wait to see what you make!

  44. Thank you so much Sigrid! I am so making like 50 of these shirts – they are awesome!

  45. You look STUNNING! The colour is amazing and the style really suits you. I hope it gets lots of use, it looks pretty versatile… movie night at the Alamo Drafthouse? Picking a fight with a giant inanimate mosaic armadillo? I think you could do anything in this top, but most of all you’d look super hot doing it.
    And thanks for the heads up on the new Colette patterns! I love this top and the Peony dress but the thought of having to do an uneven grade in order to make it fit my non-conventional, non-American standard body makes me cry a little on the inside and reach for the nearest wine bottle on the outside. I’m too lazy for that much effort!

  46. OOOH! I want to go to the Alamo soon, so you just gave me a reason to do so – so I can wear this shirt! Also, I’ll mess that armadillo up – I just need to get pretty drunk first. Pass the wine!
    Thank you so much lady – I love this top so much!!
    PS: grading is not so bad! I was hesitant to do it at first, but it gets easier every time; just grab a marker and connect the sizes until it fits you!

  47. The color and style are FANTASTIC on you! Well done!