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The Facts

Screen shot 2011-09-19 at 6.14.21 PM Fabric: 2 metres of some sort of lightweight suiting fabric, £10
Pattern: Simplicity 3688
Year: c. 1941
Notions: zipper £0.50, 
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: September 2011
Wear again? Oh yes!

Total Cost: ~£10.50


I seriously cannot believe this week marks the beginning of Autumn (for those of us in the northern hemisphere).  Where has the time gone?  I really love Autumn–especially September and October. It always feels like everything is kicking into gear.  One of my staple items for the cooler Autumn months are trousers.  For this week's challenge, I decided to revisit a Tried-n-True (TNT) pattern, Simplicity 3688 (a reproduction pattern for 1941 trousers, blouse and skirt suit).  I've made the trousers and the blouse already from this pattern.

I am wearing my new trousers with my very first me-made garment–a blouse made from a 1943 pattern.  Both of these colours fit in with my Autumn colour palette.  I used the colourlovers website that Sarai from Colette patterns suggested. 

Color palette 2 Image sources: 1. Some of my fabrics, 2. Me-made 'Angels Culottes', 3. Ness 'meadow' tartan, 4. pink meadow colour palette–my own creation.

I actually have three colour palettes (giggle).  I just couldn't decide which I liked best–so I'm going to use all these colours and create three different streams for my sewing!  The first one is greens and pinks.  These are often associated with Spring but I think these would look lovely for Autumn as well!

If you've been following my sewing for awhile, you know that cerise or a hotter shade of pink is a bit of a staple. 

Color palette 1

Image sources: 1. Teal colour palette–my own creation, 2. me-made 'Mrs Peacock' outfit, 3. Ness Dotty jacket in 'Crush', 4. Gucci 2011 RTW collection, 5. Gucci 2011 RTW collection (I LOVE the colours in this collection), 6. Alexander McQueen 2006 collection, 7. Ness 'Northern Lights' tartan, 8. Chocolate and wine colour palette–my own creation.

My next set of colours incorporates teal–a colour I hope to be sewing a lot of this Autumn.  I want to use my 'Mrs Peacock' teal tweed skirt as a basis for several outfits.  

My second set of colours is inspired by reds, pinks and chocolate browns.  I call this my 'chocolate and wine' colour palette. I love it (almost as I love chocolates and wine)! 

These trousers will fit perfectly in my 'pink meadow' colour palette!  The trousers were easy to put together.  The high waisted design goes perfectly with 40's styled blouses (those really short ones with pleats on the bottom).  I really enjoy this pattern and I hope to make many more this Autumn/Winter.

I am also super excited to have used Gertie's method (from her bombshell dress online class) for putting in a lapped zipper. I really like it and it's great to be able to watch the video at any time (don't know why but I always forget how to do it!)


I'm super happy with these trousers and I hope to get lots of wear out of them this Autumn.  It's a pretty lightweight fabric so I'll probably have to wear tights or thermals under them–but then I think they'll work lovely for spring as well.  

What do you think?  Are any of these colours in your sewing plan?  Do you have any TNT pattterns that you hope to make up this season?



Debi from My Happy Sewing Place

Debi Fry LOVES vintage patterns. She started sewing in 2009 and has been going since. In 2011, she participated in the Sew Weekly challenge and looks forward to the new challenges that lie in store!


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  1. May I say how nice your arse looks in those gorgeous trousers, great job!! I love your colour palettes too, especially your ‘greens and pinks’ one.
    I was intending on joining the challenge but haven’t gotten around to choosing my palette and influences, but seeing so many in blogland is inspiring :)

  2. Those trousers are awesome! Love the fit and color. I actually just finished a pair of pants for this challenge myself :) We seem to have a lot of inspiration sources in common, and it’s really fun to see what someone else does with similar color themes and inspiration images (I just love the 40s/70s vibe that Gucci had for this fall!)

  3. Ohhh Debbie, I love those trousers! The color is great and I love the fit. I can’t pull of wide-leg pants but they look fantastic on you!

  4. These are super flattering Debi and the colour is one of my favourites!!!

  5. Lovely trousers! I have that pattern and was thinking about making up the pants this fall. Maybe I’ll move them up on my sewing list!

  6. Delightful trousers! You have plenty of trouser-stitching prowess yourself, lady! ;)

  7. My favourite thing I’ve seen that you did, Debi. Just gorgeous. And Claire is right — your bum looks smashing in them!!

  8. These are beautiful! I love the cut and the high waist!

  9. I really love these trousers, Debi! Fantastico!! I have the same pattern on my fall sewing list. :)

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous trousers! I love them. Green is one of my absolute favorite colors, and I have some lightweight suiting in about the exact same color as yours in my stash! :-) Well done!

  11. I have yet to be brave enough to try pants. Your turned out great! I love the color.

  12. LOVE them! You look fabulous. And I’m so inspired to see this right now, as my first time at a “real life” sewing circle/class is tomorrow and my project is going to be a muslin of these trousers. Just a muslin, so that I can then make a perfect trouser pattern from the muslin pieces. Coincidentally, I have also just finished the top from Simplicity 3688 and was very pleased with it. I did it in a very retro black print on cream, nothing as fetching as your pink satin one, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

  13. So beautiful Debi!! That color is perfect on you!

  14. First up, great backlighting Debi (Husbie is looking over my shoulder!) in your photos, the sun on your hair is so beautiful!
    And next up: I need to find this pattern if my bottom looks as cute as yours does in these trousers!

  15. Oh, how I love trousers and yours totally made me wanna sew some up! It’s such a handsome pair and love the green, it’s my fave color!

  16. Perfect trousers, perfect cut, perfect colour pallette perfect buns Debi lol

  17. i must agree with claire. HELLO SEXY BOO-TAY! i hope you bring those to NY. :))

  18. I think everyone has said it so well! These really are the perfect trousers! LOVE and I’m so inspired by you!

  19. I LOVE these pants, you look amazing! It was a little reminder that I have the pattern, muslin fabric and two lots of “real” fabric for my own pants… but am yet to start…. oops.
    I will keep looking at photos of your pants and try and use their awesomeness to help me overcome my pants-making/lapped zipper phobia!