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The Facts 

Fabric: Bedsheet, thrifted, $3
Pattern: Butterick 7201, on loan from Amanda
Year: c. 1950s
Notions: zipper, thrifted, 10c; bias binding, gift and thrifted belt buckly, $3 perhaps?
Time to complete: about 3 hours
First worn: Not yet, hoping for a picnic soon
Wear again? I bet!

Total Cost: $6.10



It's springtime in Melbourne! Maybe some of you have forgotten I'm in Australia (you were wondering why I was wearing my winter woolie black tights all the time in my photos, right?) but it's finally warm again in my town and I've been able to throw away my cardigans and the leg warmers (well for a few days anyways, you can never tell with Melbourne)! 

So while you Northerners are looking at autumn colours, I'm getting a little gushy about spring. I collected up a little floral numbers, a few blossom tones and created this Spring Colour Palette:

Spring Palette

Blossoms, hydrangeas! Blue skies and green lawns! What better way to create a spring look! So of course, I pulled out all the floral fabrics in my fabric collection and this bedsheet overcame all because of the amount of fabric. I'd wanted to try a full circle skirt for a while, and as I was going through my patterns, I found this one kindly shared with me from Amanda in Adelaide! She's a cutie! And I really need to send her patterns back now that she's sewing so much! There's only ONE more to try, and I'll keep that one for another week!

And what a full skirt!

First up, I didn't really like the seam down the middle of the bodice because with a large floral print it could look awkward. And then I realised the pattern was way too big, so I spent some time drawing up another couple of bodice pieces on some scrap paper. Since I plan to send Amanda's old patterns back to her (for her to enjoy!), I thought I'd copy and recreate some of the patterns another time. Most of the skirts are pretty straight forward (and in this case it's just a circle with a hole in the middle, that I kinda stuffed up as well, listen out for it!) so I thought with copying patterns I'd just need to trace and redraft the bodice pieces and this one is interesting enough and super comfy enough, so I'm glad I did, as I'll totally be making it again! 

For wanting to sew quickly, I didn't cut the facing pieces for the neckline and sleeves (don't you just love patterns with built in sleeves?) but used some spare green bias tape for the neckline. I decided (because of the square shape) I'd just sew a box of bias tape, so I pinned it like crazy (right sides together) and then sewed, folded inside, ironed and then topstitched (you can see above). For the sleeves, I overlocked the edges (before sewing the side seams) and then folded them under so they created their own facing. Simple!

My mistake was small, and you can't tell really to the overall garment, but I measured myself, measured my fabric amount (width and length), cut a massive circle out… and then, when I'd sewn the bodice up, I measured the waistline to work out how much I needed to cut out of the circle (to create the doughnut!), and somehow miscalculated… so I have gathers in my skirt because I cut too much… and I see on the pattern cover there are no gathers. Oh well next time!

But I'm super excited because I made a belt! It's made using the Butterick pattern piece, and I rather fancy it! Why haven't I made belts before? I love them! I'm not sure where I got the clear buckle from? Maybe that vintage fair I went to in Sydney? It's been in the stash for at least 5 years until I worked out how to make belts. There's not a lot to it really! 

Now get me to an afternoon picnic ASAP! Any invitations are welcome! xoxo



Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. A perfect spring dress! I love the gathers in the skirt. I think it turned out great :)

  2. You always have the best thrifted sheets & tablecloths!! Melbourn must be full of them- beautiful, as always.

  3. Seriously lovely! Your dress makes me want to move to the Southern Hemisphere. THe fabric print is so cheerful. Great job.

  4. The dress is absolutely darling! I’d never have guessed you messed up on the skirt – it looks as though it’s meant to be just like that.

  5. I love everything about this – the style, the colors, and the setting for the photo shoot. I’m in Phoenix where even in winter it rarely falls below 70 degrees F (21 C), so I too have some difficulty getting on the fall color bandwagon when everyone else does. I wear the bright greens and blues year-round.
    I really can not believe you found such a gorgeous bed sheet. Whenever I sort through the sheets at our thrift stores all I find are wide stripes and Disney characters.
    Thank you for this inspirational piece, and Happy Spring to you!

  6. It’s so lovely! What a perfect spring dress!

  7. I love it! It’s beautiful and perfect for spring!

  8. Weeeee LOVE the dress! And those blossoms are gorgeous in the background. I’m so happy it’s spring!
    Also, you made a belt like me too! Teehee – Mine has a clear buckle as well. And they are so easy aren’t they! I could make one out of any scrap of fabric really.

  9. I love this dress SO MUCH!! But really I love everything you post on here :P

  10. Gorgeous – loving spring too

  11. ZOMG! WANT! I love this SO much – the fabric and the shape!! I die.

  12. The many comments above speak for my sentiments. Gorgeous!

  13. I LOVE this dress! My favorite of yours ever!!!

  14. I knew as soon as I saw the little photo on the front page that this was going to be ANOTHER one of my absolute favourites! (there’s no rule that says you can have only one… is there?) I was even more excited and surprised when I saw that it’s one of my patterns! Don’t be in any rush to return them, my sewing has slowed down for reasons health and life related (and I have an existing planned sewing queue of 7 garments!). Please keep them as long as is useful to sew, trace, copy, grade… it gives me so much pleasure to see all the beautiful things you’re making from something that would otherwise be left unused.
    Back to the dress… you look so, so amazing, I just love it! I think if you ever need to make any other significant life purchases (such as the soda stream) then this dress would be PERFECT! Take care of yourself this weekend and stay warm xx

  15. Ooooooh spring time! Love your dress.

  16. Lovely dress – actually I think the gathers give it a rather swishy look so I’d say they were a very happy accident.

  17. I think that the color combination or the 60s/70s bedsheet and the 1950s dress silhouette was an inspired choice. It’s lovely!

  18. Awsome – you look totally beautiful !!! I love the pattern, your look is perfection !

  19. I love love love it! As a New Zealand reader I am always appreciative of your posts because they are more climate appropriate for me than the others. The dress is gorgeous, perfect for a picnic, well done!

  20. This was a BEDSHEET?!?! Amazing. This dress is fantastic and I hope you get to wear it out often!!