Hot! oona does it!: rage against the machine.



oh hai.

the machines know i've been talking about them.  ALL the machines know i've been talking about them.  the electronic mafia found me out at my friends wee house in connecticut, and they have cut off all power.  i'm on bride to be's laptop with 7% battery left typing against time.

(i snapped some photos in NY this morning, before heading out to the boonies to help my friend pick out a wedding dress.  i'm in the party.  i have to wear black.  i know.)


CHALLENGES: cathe; use only one color.  emilykate; use pleats.  PATTERN: self draped top with pleats.  pattern runway circle skirt with waistband.  AND in seam pockets.  aw yeah. separates, baby.

time left: 5%.


FULL DISCLOSURE: i used a lavender zipper.  it could not be stopped.  the fact that i had not one, but two fabrics of the exact same shade of grey in my stash was astonishing enough. lace, lining. the zipper was simply asking too much.

time left: 3%.


(my elegant friend, you never said the jewelry had to match.)




oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. LMAO!
    You’re so cute! I love the pleated top with the lace (mmm, I do love texture!)
    Good luck with the black for your friend’s wedding… ;)

  2. Oona, you do rule. And the dress is so pretty!

  3. What a beautiful dress! Could you tell us more about the fabric (i.e. can I find it somewhere?).

  4. I love it!! The texture is totes the coolest. And you’re a friggin’ genius for opting for separates… it’s a bridesmaid dress you MAY. ACTUALLY. WEAR. AGAIN. I don’t believe it!!! It’s a Christmas miracle!!

  5. You’ve done it again! I have never ever ever seen pleats across the bust like that, would never have thought of it, I LIKE IT!!! And that fabric is so gorgeous. Me want.

  6. Pleats in a top? Yes please! I like that you made them horizontal, rather than vertical. Are there darts somewhere in there?

  7. Separates! Genius. Booyahcashah indeed.

  8. This is such a fun dress – full kudos to you. And your write up? Pure genius, you had me giggling at my desk! As for the black at your friends wedding – I live in New Zealand. Black is our national uniform, so it’s not uncommon here at all!

  9. You crack me up, love the “Oh hai!” I can hear you say that even though I have no idea what you sound like :) Not sure how that works.
    How about an outfit inspired by the ’70s game show, Match Game? Just watched it on Game Show Network the other day and Brett’s oversized glasses reminded me of the ones you wore several ODI challenges ago. Plus, a ’70s game show set has colors that are right up your alley, no solids necessary!

  10. Oona, you are so vivacious! Your personality jumps off the screen, and your style is amazing. Keep up the good work! Congratulations for taking on this impossible mission. :-)

  11. LOL! I am always racing with the machines too but most of the time end up plugging in. I don’t type as fast, what to do? Love the pleats. lace and <3 that they are separates.
    How about using woven and knit fabrics on one garment? That s/d be fun:)

  12. That is such a lovely outfit! the lace is gorgeous! I personally love separates as dresses, so practical yet pretty. I must now consider if I can handle those pleats over my massive boobs if I make something similar…

  13. Separates, lace *and* pleats, in a solid color! You’re the queen of challenges!
    Very cute dress, I totally love the lace!

  14. BOOYAH! You are AWESOME! Love the outfit (lace!!!!), love the necklace, and love the lavender zipper – the piece de resistance :)

  15. I love reading your posts just as much as I love seeing what you’ve come up with. :)

  16. A-dorable! Love that the lace is such an unusual color!

  17. i need more than luck… i need tanit-isis black sewing mojo….

  18. well thank you sigrid, i DO like to rule!

  19. thanks melissa! i picked this up at chic fabrics in NY’S garment district. it’s a non-stretch lace, i added a perfect match of mystery fabric underneath.

  20. wuld that this where my bridesmaid dress…. but i have to do it in black! i considered dying it when i saw your comment, but i think i’ll wear the gray skirt to death as it is. damn. now it’s the leggy lamp that cracked!

  21. i have a feeling it had to do with my insane jealousy over adey’s previous creation :)))

  22. no darts, but princess- ish seams… you can see them in the first pic. kind of. :)

  23. thank you, my learn-ed friend.

  24. i’m so glad it made you laugh, it was seriously a 5 minute write up including uploading the pics! i was spellchecking like mad :) maybe i need to google some NZ weddings for inspiration!

  25. WHAAAAAAAT. i LOVE it. i think i even picked up a pattern yesterday that fits the bill…..

  26. thank you so much! you made me smile!

  27. spellcheck is a wondrous thing for us speed typers….
    (of course, then, you have to ignore le spellcheck when you make up a word like “typers”. i guess i could go for “typists” and make the machine happy, but lately we’ve been at odds.)
    i love that idea! adding it to the list!

  28. those pleats were born of adding mass to my teeny boobs! HA.

  29. i was just being mouthy at the end of the post… but when you put it that way… i DO rock. ;)

  30. i was so excited for that zip!!!

  31. thank you erin!!! i love writing them!

  32. i wondered what possessed my technicolor brain when i came home with this grey matter, but it is different. i’m envisioning pairing the skirt with brightly colored tops :)

  33. Oona you did it quite elegantly…smarty you! Lace, ha! I was very happy to see your red necklace, it just wouldn’t be right without some unexpected pop. A+ my dear!
    Okay now give us a lowdown on the NYC meet up!
    Next challenge, mix three opposing fabrics/colors/patterns!

  34. love the dress – it looks so effortless with slightly asymmetrical pleats – you should be designing fashion, Oona!

  35. Dude…I never commented on this FREAKIN’ AWESOME DRESS! It’s fabulous! you are so rockin’ lace…I totally think you should do a tutorial about working with lace because I’m loving all of your creations!!! BIG HUGS

  36. thank you elegant lady!
    lowdown on the nyc meetup currently on my blog:
    i’m afraid we didn’t get as many dress shots as the UK ladies did :)
    as for next challenge: I JUST MIGHT.

  37. ADORE!!! Agree with Debi Fry – do a tutorial about working with lace so the rest of us can be brilliant as well!!! Hugs!! (More Hugs Than Debi, fo sho)

  38. you know what it needs, though, right? muppet fur!
    (but the lace is fabulous!)

  39. Ah you really brighten my day Oona, your imagination and how you put it into words is just magic as is this dress, AWESOME!!Sometimes I feel like I only have 2% of juice left of my day to write comments. You are the Queen my dear.

  40. I don’t think I can add anything new. Other than that grey looks slightly violet-ish on my screen. Or maybe it’s just that I like pairing violet with grey, I don’t know. (Not on myself. Somehow, I don’t have many grey OR violet things. Weird.)

  41. Thank you for the pictures! Now please fill me in on exactly what you told Peter…that pic is priceless!
    And I love your bombshell dress, loveliness!

  42. oh that parrot is FABULOUS, i pinned him for inspiration!!!
    violet, eh? weird…

  43. in reply to you: i ditto absolutely every word you said, just reverse the roles. seriously.
    (and it works out nicely for me, as i’m currently at 1% commenting energy!)

  44. that damn muppet fur will be Oh. So. CHALLENGING. it has a weird coating that rubs off on my hands…

    okay, i gotta do: 1. lace, and 2. matching prints. oh yeah, and 3. double agent dress. shizzle.

  46. after the whole “so by facing you mean lining” i question my tutorial skillz…. but a li’l liquid courage should bring my courage back up. a vouvray, i think.

  47. oh, marina, to have a little boutique on main street, and a small shock of hot pink running though my hair (in a lower section, so i can dress it up or down). and minions. MINIONS.

  48. isn’t it HORRIBLE? i love it. i think we were talking about our love/hate relationship with one of our mutual favorite cheapo fabric stores.
    (or, he could have been putting hands oh my bombshell dress. “for cathy”. i can’t really say, there’s a restraining order involved.)