Hot! oona does it!: muumuu a gogo

back in my black and white phase (i shudder at the memory) sew weekly community member lisette commented:

you look delightful in white.  Not fair, not fair at all.  Are you hinting that you are making a muu muu for 70s week?

know this: lisette is a expert on the 70s.  don't believe me?  have a look at her blog.  need more evidence? debi fry interviewed her Wak-A-Dica Awesomeness in a new decades sewing spotlight.  (i'm going for shaft there.)  guess which decade she chose.

ahem.  hinting, lisette?  no.  wanting desperately to take that innocent comment as a challenge?  YES.  and i get what i want.


we can all rest easy, the apocalypse has been postponed.  i'm back in color.  kazz, my spirited friend, drink your coffee without fear.  put some bailey's in it for me.


i used an old self drafted pattern, it was a short dress with batwingish sleeves, tres 80s.  you can see it here.   added a ton of length to the bottom, and longer tapered sleeves to bring it back a decade.


i SO think i'm stevie nicks, y'all.  would that i had her smoky voice.  used to dress up like her, in flowy tattered lace things.


i love this dress so much i might not-marry it, take it to studio 54, and make it have a drug induced threesome.

you might recognize the material from my completely botched rule britannia challenge.  that boudoir outfit, which took me eight years to complete, has since been banished to the Great Charity Shop In The Sky.  and my second attempt at a maxi skirt didn't fare well either.  so i'm really glad the excess material (of which i bought a LOT) survived into something wearable.

or at least it's wearable to me.  i am fond of the 70s.  

what decade rings your bell?  care to challenge me on it?



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. This is fab Oona! I love the fabric! I’m not sure on my fave era I go through crushes at the moment I’m going towards early 60s.

  2. Oona, you are, quite simply, a Sewing Goddess! Oh, the fantabulousness of this creation are too many to enumerate…the colour, the pattern, those sleeves!!! I could go on…
    I would love to see you in a classic Jackie-O-esq Chanel suit or go all Marlene Dietrich! You could dance about in a paper bag and be utterly sensational!!

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Ahem.
    That fabric is lovely, it looks like it would make for a great dance number with some wind thrown in. Oh the 70s, I love thee. I should make crazier 70s things and follow my own advice. I do have a good muumuu pattern somewhere…

  4. I LOVE IT!!! You are tres chic, dahlink! I approve. I really don’t have a favorite era, per se, but I’ve got a favorite color: orange (as if you couldn’t tell!). I think an orange Oona does it would be lovely ;)

  5. Beautiful dress! I thought I was 70s girl through-and-through, until I sorted through my mom’s vintage pattern stash and kept pulling out patterns from ’65 – ’73. Guess I love crossing between the two decades.

  6. margueritedesigns

    Not sure I know my decade yet … I like the 70’s but I remember it too clearly the first time round! Love some of the 60’s … hate the excesses of the 80’s and 90’s. 50’s is a bit too housewify for me. Kind of like the whole retro, make do and mend ethos that’s around at the moment! So I think I’m a current girl.

  7. Yay, 70s! Yay libraries! (The library here irks me, which makes me sad, but it’s just wrong not to sort your paperback fiction by genre. So we don’t go much, and I feel like a traitor to libraries everywhere)
    Mountains are pretty good, too ;).

  8. Gorgeous!!!! I love the hippie/romantic side of the 70s in theory; I just rarely wear it except in the height of summer when all my white maxi skirts come out of hiding. ;) There is something so fun about wearing my hair down and wild, a long skirt and pretending I’m back in the 70s… lol.

  9. Oh Oona she’s marvelous this cut suits you so much and the pattern is so you. G to the O to the R to the G to the E to the O to the U to the S.
    I added Baileys Oona but I wasted it on the line … ‘take it to studio 54, and make it have a drug induced threesome’ *rubbing down monitor*

  10. so so so in love with this dress. You must send it to me!!!!! hahahah. who am I kidding.. it looks amazing on you, the perfect colour and print… but I doubt it would do the same for me.. ah well.. but maybe if I dye my hair… and get contacts…and a tan…hmm. I’ll let you know & then maybe you’ll swap it for a muppet frock. lol. I too am rather fond of the 70’s. (I’m saying that in a hushed voice.. so many 70’s haters out there.. I don’t understand!)

  11. I’m drinking a Somerled Sparkling Pinot Noir to toast your super self-drafting, making a stunning muu-muu awesomeness. You’re incredible and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you back in colour – I was really worried for awhile! Screw what the people ask for, don’t become monochrome!
    Favourite decade? Hmmm. I used to love the 50s, until I realised how impractical full circles skirts are for every day living and working. Then I started to hate it when I found out how far from the 50s standard my body measurements are (pattern grading creates voids in my soul that can only be filled with alcohol). I was always a bit iffy about the 40s but Debi has really brought me round and given that my body measurements are almost exactly on standard (no grading required but I’ll still fill myself with alcohol anyway) I’m pretty much in love. If only there was a Studio 54 in Adelaide…

  12. oooh i adore the 60s too.

  13. well THANKYOU sarah!!! blushing….
    how i adore both those women. i also kind of want to make a paper bag dress now.

  14. teeheee!
    the fabric does move beautifully in the wind, also walking makes me grin from ear to ear.
    you must rock the muumuu soon, my 70s friend.

  15. it is absolutely criminal that i don’t have an orange garment in my closet yet. i’m actually too stunned at the realization to think properly.

  16. i love that you have specific years! i always forget that the early 60s were so different pattern wise.

  17. a current girl…. i like it. sounds way better than an aught girl :))

  18. whoah. so scifi cozies up to romance? WTF.

  19. i would ADORE seeing more casey romantic 70s! but i love seeing anything you make. and i love that specific descriptor for this era.

  20. i thought you might like that line…

  21. ACK!!!! that is SERIOUSLY TEMPTING!!! tell me when you’ve had your makeover…

  22. i’m seriously in awe of your alcohol pairing abilities.
    how fascinating, finding the era that suits your body type. i wonder if my luck with 50s patterns has to do with my high waist. (note: high. not: wasp.)