Hot! Ask: 9/26/11

Okay, so do you love or hate the color pink for your own wardrobe? 


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I not a huge fan of pink but I wouldn’t go as far to say that I hate pink, I don’t like pink on me. Never have really, right now I’m tolerating extremely small amounts of pink in my wardrobe. Somehow it just sneaks in there unintentionally.

  2. I own quite a bit of pink. A hot pink maxi dress, a pink chiffon dress from J.Crew, a black and white pinstripe skirt with pink facings, a pink chiffon blouse, etc. I also own quite a few pink fabrics. One of Lisette’s fabrics for Moda, a pink and white striped seersucker, ballet pink batiste.
    Hands down though, my favorite fabric is a wool crepe that’s blush pink with just a hint of peach. I used some of it to make a pencil skirt with victorian lace godets and a sage green ribbon waistband. It might be my favorite thing I’ve ever made.

  3. Pink is the only color I actively avoid, mostly due to the associations western cultures make about pink. I’ll tolerate it as a minor color in a print, but that’s about it.

  4. I like pink, and I think it likes me, but I don’t have many pieces in my closet. I do have several pink fabrics, one being a lovely pale pink shantung that I just haven’t found the right use for yet.

  5. I don’t own anything pink, and I really had to dig deep into my stash for this week’s challenge! I found a flowery pink sheet that will have to do.

  6. LOVE it. And I’m about the least girly woman ever.

  7. Depends on the shade. I stray away from anything bubble gum or hot pink, but am OK with baby pink and bright/deep pinks with fall-ish tendencies.

  8. Love love love love love!
    (But then, half the time even my hair is pink. Perhaps I like it a bit too much….)

  9. I LOVE pink! I wish I had more of it.

  10. I love pink! I think it has something to do with my parents making me wear blue all the time when I was a kid, because of my big blue eyes… Of course those kind of things ends up in grumpy teenager wearing lots and lots of pink… and I still do. My boyfriend thinks it’s hilarious every time I come home and say “Um, I kind of bought… eh, another pink dress…”.

  11. I do not like pink. I think I have about 3 pink things in rotation in my wardrobe. It is usually too warm a color for my complexion, and I have a hard time not associating it with brands like Victoria’s Secret and Juicy Couture, both of which I can’t stand. Pink was so overused by sorority types and Jersey girls in college that it left me with an even bigger dislike for pink!
    Then, last month, I had to design costumes for the musical Pinkalicious. It was no easy feat.

  12. i love pink for me. Not light pink as it blends in too much with my skin, I avoid light tan for the same reason. But pink, purple, turquoise & red are my “colors” that I wear. Of course, with black, brown & white as my neutrals.

  13. i love pink for me. Not light pink as it blends in too much with my skin, I avoid light tan for the same reason. But pink, purple, turquoise & red are my “colors” that I wear. Of course, with black, brown & white as my neutrals.

  14. I’m not a fan. I generally use the excuse that my hair naturally leans towards the auburn side of brown (and I henna dye to give it extra help), so it clashes with my hair and therefore I must avoid it. In fact, my rather strong dislike of pink is so well-known among my friends that I had a mutual dare going with a good friend back in the spring–she would go hiking with me if I wore a pink shirt. So I do own one pink shirt now. But that’s it. (Except for the pink workout pants I was recently given for free. I think those might get dyed soon.)

  15. I use to HATE pink with a passion because it was such a typical girly color. But now pink has grown on me, not that I have a lot of pink in my own wardrobe. But when I go out fabric shopping or whatever I find myself drawn to pink more and more. huh! Who knew!

  16. I wore pretty much nothing but pink until I was 7, so I overdosed and can’t handle pink anymore. I actually have a fairly negative visceral reaction to too much pink in one space, although it’s fading a little – enough that I made a skirt from fabric that has some pink in it.

  17. I like the color but never wear it- too girly- I need every bit of the power of authority and power I can get at work!
    at home- well- love other colors so much more!

  18. I love pink but it doesent suit me – I think I have two pink t-shirts,I love to buy pink pyjamas!

  19. Pink is lovely–but I can’t wear it in its paler forms. Baby pink, blush, any delicate shade just fades into my pale pinkish skintone. I can do brighter, bolder shades of pink and frequently do: fuschia is a favorite. But it’s not a true pink.

  20. I LOVE to wear pink…ANY shade of pink! My wardrobe is filled with every color imaginable, but pink is definitely one of my faves. I especially like to rock pastel pink with coifed hair and red lips :-).