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The Facts 
Fabric: 3 yards of Chanel tweed from someplace that I don't remember

Pattern: Simplicity 2154
Year: c. 2011
Notions: vintage 6" zipper from stash

Time to complete: about 3 hours
First worn: August 2011
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: ~Probably '$pensive.

Oh lawd y'all! What has two thumbs and thought this week was another theme? Sarah Gabbart. I took my time this weekend and made a super cute shirt based on the theme that was, in my mind, this week. I went to write my post and BOOM – wrong week! Eeep! 

Thankfully, I am a hoarder with tons of fabric – many "VIP" stash items – that were just waiting for a new home in my closet. 

For this VIP stashbusting challenge, I pulled out one of my most beloved items: some beautiful Chanel tweed. I don't remember how or where I aquired this, but it has sat in my stash for several years, wrapped tightly and tucked safely away from Tex and his burrowing habit. Finally it would see the light of day!

 I knew this fabric was be perfect for a skirt pattern I'm saving for a Mad Men-style party that I'm attending in September – Simplicity 2154. It's a lovely pencil skirt with a back vent. I'll make the matching items later this fall to make the outfit complete. 


As I noticed this wrong week situation on Monday, I had to work fast! I popped in the True Blood and got cracking. Three hours later, I was the proud owner of a beautiful skirt that was truly worth of my VIP fabric. I'm so glad I finally used it!


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Nicely done :) It turned out really nice!
    You also have great taste in TV shows ;) THAT should be a challenge- maybe for Hallowe’en- a True Blood challenge ;)

  2. Sarah, beautiful skirt. Love the colors in your tweed. Sorry you had the mix up.. Hate when I do that.But you pulled out a beautiful skirt it.Happy sewing

  3. That fabric is to die for!
    and it only took you three hours? So pretty!

  4. Have you thought about contacting Linton Tweed to see if they recognise the fabric? They did the original Chanels and might be able to help.

  5. YAY! WE both did pencil skirts! LOVE your tweed–such rich colours! looks fabulous!

  6. Oh how I love tweed and mad-men inspired and clothing! Nice job.

  7. You sure work well under pressure! Lovely skirt – can’t wait to see what you will make to go with it.

  8. I agree with everyon’s comments, you have made a lovely skirt. I look forward to seeing what you make to go with it! I hear you are up one challenge! Ha!

  9. The skirt is gorgeous and you managed to complete it so quickly! Love the fabric, the texture and can’t wait to see the outfit you are planning! Great job!

  10. That skirt is gorgeous Sarah! Beautiful fabric and perfect garment for it.

  11. sarah this is hilarious! the two thumbs part, that is. le skirt c’est magnifique. with all that VIP stash, it’s prolly better you had to make a quick decision!
    and another fab mix and match piece. i’ve been on a separates rampage; every time i look in my closet, i think: i do NOT have enough sarah gabbart separates.

  12. I love the colors in the tweed and the top is very cute too. Great job.

  13. Oh no! What challenge did you think it was? At least you are now a week ahead, right? The colors in that skirt fabric are absolutely amazing, and I love the zipper you chose.