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image from images.wikia.comThe Facts

Fabric: Thrifted Woolie and/or Cotton check material, $3
Pattern: Simplicity 6175
Year: 1973
Notions: vintage zipper, free from a friend's stash
Time to complete: less than 2 hours of sewing, plus 2 hours of deliberations
First worn: August 2011
Wear again? Yes! Surprisingly!

Total Cost: ~$3


WHOA, it was an epic 1970s pattern-a-thon in my house this week! I have SO many of them! And I couldn't choose! My first early attempts at sewing were on my mum's vintage 1970s patterns almost 10 years ago now. Some of them were awesome (wrap skirts) and some of them were not so awesome (baggy jodhpers?! What was I thinking?) and combined with my limited knowledge of body shape and adjustment (not to mention fabrics!), I learnt a lot by sewing with them.

Vintage 1970s patterns were also in abundance at my second hand op shops, so I stocked up! Nowadays, there's heaps of bad 80s and early 1990s ones, so they're not as appealing to me, plus I have pretty much grown my sewing skills with these 1970s ones!


If you follow my sewing style, you'd know I'm not really into slacks. I was going to title this post something like OMFG TROUSERS! So why these 1970s ones?

I was going with a pink swing dress first up, that harked a little to the 1940s in shoulders, but I didn't have enough pink fabric. I almost settled on sportswear with a fun printed knit I thrifted that screams 1970s 'Sport' in a beautiful pink & blue font. I ummed and ahhed about a tracksuit hoodie, a tennis dress, a slinky jumpsuit, a few more sundresses, and so on. EVERY pattern was on the floor with various piles of fabric growing like large toadstools here and there.

And I was soon running out of time to actually start sewing!


I remembered how quickly my shorts were to make up earlier in the year, so instead of going the stretch knit option (my usual time saving sewing trick), I found this remnant of woolie cotton charcoal tartan/plaid stuff that was JUST enough for trousers. Remembering I'm quite petite, it was actually quite a small piece of fabric for trousers, so it was a tight squeeze for the two pattern pieces (front and back) and the waistband as well!

Timewise, it was a breeze to make up! This pattern was an op shop pick up, and the previous owner had rolled and stuffed all the pattern pieces into the envelope, and luckily everything was all there, just really crumpled! I made the darts in both front and back pieces slightly conservative (ie not too deep) in case it didn't fit right (I'm thinking of Michael Kors' complaint about ill-fitting crotch!), but I'm pretty happy overall with the fit. They were really comfy to wear to work!


The fabric's lines matched perfectly on the sides, and the front pieces, but for some reason didn't match on the inside seams. Oh well! Unless I do a lot of karate kicks in my new role as 'Bionic Veronica' I don't think that many people will see the mismatch! That's the TV show that Husbie loved the most from his childhood in the 70s, and when I showed him my finished slacks he thought I could be Jaime Sommers for sure!


We've been watching The Wire a lot too, so I feel very American and sassy police cop here in these photos! I could totally jump into Charlie's Angels along with Debi this week!

Every week could be 1970s week for me here at Sew Weekly! (And if you need to borrow any 1970s patterns, give me a yell!)



Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. They are super awesome pants Veronica Darling, You look as H O T in 70’s plaid as Jaime Somers did. I’m seriously loving that you and Debi both did pants this week. Hoorah!! Totally digging the Husbie photoshoots too. You guys make a great team. You both could of been The Funky Squad this week he he.

  2. These are some hot pants, and some hot styling! I love the whole look. I can hear the Bee Gees just looking at you. Well rocked, madame.

  3. Very nice trousers and amazing pictures.
    Can I ask why you have made such a narrow hem? I usually make it much wider to “weigh” the trouser down a bit

  4. Super awesome pants and great styling.

  5. I love the bold big plaid! looks awesome as pants. Fit looks really nice, and the whole look is very sharp

  6. margueritedesigns

    So glad someone was brave enought to do 70’s slacks – they look great!

  7. These look great! Can I ask, do you have to increase the waist on the pattern at all to get it to fit? I’ve noticed with a lot of 70s patterns the waist vS hip measurements are completely wrong for me as my waist isnt as small as it seemed to be back in the 70s!

  8. OMFG :) I LOVE THESE SO MUCH! and you and I could definitely be the angels this week and solve some serious crime (hey–we’ve both the extra bounce in our hair…ehhehehee). I LOVE these trousers on you–you look so chic. And I LOVE that they are plaid. AND I love how you styled them with the kick ass grey heels and the leather jacket! Oh and you have to tell your husbie that ‘bionic woman’ was my absolute favourite show growing up too. I think at one point I told my sister I wanted to be Jaime Sommers when I grew up (funny thing is that I still do want to be her! lol…or at least make the sounds she makes when she runs! :)

  9. Fantastic!! You and the pants look FAB. I’m Very Jealous as I’m not at all ready to make slacks and its quite difficult to find a pair that fit well and look great. Must dip my toe in the water soon…

  10. Wow you look SO awesome in these!! Totally rockin and bad-ass ;-) Major LOVE – and they go with your shoes and fit really well and everything.
    I bet its really bloody hard to find pants to fit at your height too so isn’t it great to be able to sew the perfect length :-)
    Awesome!! :-D

  11. And your sunnies are GREAT too!!

  12. Your husband takes great photographs! You really do look like you’re ready to kick some bad-guy butt. Being also petite, I tend to feel extra short in wide-leg pants but I do love them, so maybe I’ll take a tip from you and make a pair just to wear with heels.
    I love the 70s too, and yes, there should be many more 70s weeks.

  13. I am so coveting those pants and soooooo scared to make my own. I have a plaid and a Very Easy Vogue pattern just waiting for me to get up the nerve to pair them. I’m so afraid it will be a big ‘ol mess and I’ll never want to sew again. hahaha. Your mention about learning from those patterns just reminded me that that’s exactly what I’m doing and I won’t learn unless I just DO it. so thanks!

  14. WOW!! You look marvelous, darling! Great fit, great fabric and pattern match…I may take you up one of these days on your offer to borrow a 70’s pattern. Keep up the great work. And tell hubby, great pix! :-)

  15. Those slacks look amazing!

  16. Actually those really do look good- both on you and in their own right as trousers! Nice job :)

  17. beautiful pants, I loved it! Perfect!

  18. Lady – you look like a freakin fashion model in these! Love the pants and the great pictures!

  19. umm, okay, i’m yelling:
    ohmygod veronica these are AMAZING. you look HOT girl!!!! i totally agree with sarah, you’re a fashion model. i hope you’re swayed by the comments to love the trousers look, because you own it!

  20. I LOVE these! They look amazing on you and are absolutely inspired in plaid!

  21. Fantastic trousers! Suddenly I am overcome with the need to make plaid pants. Love the photos, too.

  22. Your pants are so awesome. I’m ridiculously jealous at your stripe-matching ability.

  23. The fit looks good to me! And those pants are pretty epic. Great job matching the plaids too!

  24. Clarissa Henderson

    This outfit looks Fierce!

  25. I’d forgotten about Funky Squad, and as Husbie’s from NZ he hasn’t seen it! Off to youtube!
    Thanks Kazz! xoxo

  26. Thank you Lizzy! I was channelling a little Saturday Night Fever walking along!

  27. I forgot to explain the hem, thanks for the reminder Lena! Usually, I would include a thicker wider hem, like you said to ‘weigh’ down the trouser leg.
    For these trousers, I think I mentioned that my remnant was quite small… so I placed my pattern pieces and cut on the cross grain instead of the grain … so I had more fabric (although not much) across the fabric (usually the bit you fold with selvages together) … eep I don’t think I’m making sense… but because of that, I had less than 2 cm of hem. I folded once (pressed) and folded again and topstitched… hence the little narrow hem. I *could* have added another contrast fabric, but ran outta time to finish off.
    Hope that makes sense!

  28. Hiya! For these trousers, I was light on making the darts, and then just made the waistband to fit my waist (rather than use the supplied pattern piece). I have sewn with 70s patterns for a while now, and all are highwaisted on me (I have a super round hip/waist – like a clock face imo!), so I make sure I also resize the hips (vertically folding the pattern) and then just do conservative darts.
    Veronica & The Conservative Darts: My 70s pop group.

  29. Thanks Debi – you’re the best! xoxo

  30. Try out cheap fabric first! That’s why I’m still using $3 remnants instead of new $$$ material! I often win more than fail with thrifted material!

  31. Yep, I think the last pair of trousers I bought was back in 1998 or 1999 when three quarter capri’s were in fashion. They are full length on me! LOL xoxo

  32. I was worried I’d be a little stout, because of the wide legged trouser… and at different angles it may look a little shortarse. I think high waisted is a nice slender silhouette for wide leg. And totally, one cannot forget the towering heels in these trousers!

  33. YAYAYAY! Yep, if you’ve got cheap fabric, just try it out! What could go wrong? And then once you’ve done a test version, you could try out the plaid!

  34. Any time you see a 1970s one via my blog, let me know! Happy to post!

  35. Thanks Sarah – WHOA! xoxo

  36. YAY Thanks Oona! You’re MORE than welcome to borrow this anytime! Plus all you guys have totally made my week! xoxo

  37. FIERCE! Thank you! Best comment ever!

  38. Look how HOT you are!! I would have to resort to inventing words to describe how amazing you look and how great those photos are because there’s nothing currently in the English language that would suffice. Well done you for venturing into the world of pants – double triple big time pay off! I have pants in my “to sew” pile, I have the pattern and the fabric but I have fears around fit and a lapped zipper. Maybe I’ll channel some Bionic Veronica bravery and give it a go…. maybe!

  39. OMG. Those just might be the best pants EVER. Strut your stuff girlfriend – you totally rock that look!!!