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Pendrell blouse_1

The Facts

: 1.5 metres teal liquid satin, £7 from Edinburgh Fabrics
Pattern: Pendrell blouse from Sewaholic patterns
Year:  c. 2010
Notions: None!

Time to complete: 2 hours

Wear again? OH YES!

Total Cost: ~£7

Picture 14
One of my favourite things about the Sew Weekly challenges is seeing what everyone makes! I am always super inspired by the creations.  It was really difficult picking just one thing to make this week but I kept going back to Sarah's Pendrell blouse from the Oscar's week challenge.  In fact, Sarah's creations always make me want to pull out some modern patterns (especially from cool independent pattern businesses such as Sewaholic and Colette).  You will have noticed that I only sew from vintage patterns–but Sew Weekly is expanding my horizons!

I've had Tasia's lovely pattern in my stash for awhile and I also had the perfect fabric for it.  A lovely teal liquid satin.   By the way, does anyone know why it's called liquid satin??  I tried searching the term but couldn't find any substantial information.

Pendrell blouse_2
I really love how it turned out! Sewing the pattern was a dream–between the super clear instructions and the sew-along posts–it was super clear.  This blouse is brilliant because it doesn't have any closings–so no need to worry about zippers or button closures. 

Pendrell back
I really love the sleeves.  I made up version A which has a pleated sleeve cap.  I followed Tasia's preference and made it so the pleats are facing up.  I really love the contours of this blouse and I know for sure it will be a work wardrobe staple.  YAY!

Can I also mention what a lovely change of pace to sew something up in under 3 hours!!  I may be hooked :)

Keeping with the tradition of my weekly pattern giveaways–stop by my blog this week for a Sewaholic pattern giveaway (winner's choice of patterns)!  I am already plotting and planning my next Pendrell (say that ten times fast..*giggle*)


Debi from My Happy Sewing Place

Debi Fry LOVES vintage patterns. She started sewing in 2009 and has been going since. In 2011, she participated in the Sew Weekly challenge and looks forward to the new challenges that lie in store!


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  1. That is one gorgeous blouse, Debi! I love the teal liquid satin (I get fibre fever just saying that!) and the blouse looks sensational on you. Those sleeves are beautiful! Well done!

  2. Oooh this is so much better up close than it was in the sneak preview on your blog. Maybe it was just the lighting in the rug village but I was expecting a much shinier fabric… anyway crazy expectation aside, I love it, the satin makes for a great top and looks like it cost way more than £7! :)

  3. I love how the petal sleeves draped.. the sleeves and the teal colour of the top reminds me very much of Cinderella’s costume, flowy and dainty (I mean this in a good way, honest!).
    I love the colour too. ‘Liquid satin’ sounds so yummy too. I am not familiar with other cloths other than my best old friend cotton so ‘liquid satin’ sounded so delicious to me, silly me.
    Btw, love your curls!

  4. That is BEAUTIFUL. The satin looks as though it has a good structure to it. I’m inspired! I may have to make one of these. The fit looks amazing, also.

  5. Debi, this is a beautiful top! The color and fabric are so dreamy! It looks lovely on you!

  6. Debi, this is so lovely! The fabric is perfect and the sleeves are divine – I think I need this pattern :)

  7. So nice!!! I love this pattern, Tasia does such a great job with the instructions!

  8. Pretty pattern! I see all sorts of possibilities with those sleeves. Lace would look great with that satin. Also consider stretch satin since this is a pull over top.

  9. Gorgeous- I love the colour and fabric :)

  10. So pretty. Love the blue fabric .Looks so pretty on you.

  11. Oh, Debi, this is so beautiful !!!!! You got beat yourself this time, since this beautiful blouse sewing in only three hours is a great gift of extra time, in addition to what it was cute!

  12. Pretty teal blouse indeed! It’s so so pretty! Love the color and the sleeves! You are tempting me to make a few more versions of the pendrell :)

  13. Thanks Sarah! I love the blouse too! So much fun to wear!

  14. Thanks Kirsty! Yeah…the rug village had it looking much brighter! hehehehe…I seriously love this blouse!

  15. Thank you so much! I love looking like a fairytale princess :) The fabric is great…I really like it!

  16. You should definitely make one of these! I love it!! And I was surprised how nice the satin was to sew with!

  17. Thanks so much Cathe! I’ve been drawn to teal fabrics for the Autumn! I love it!

  18. WOW! I love your Pendrell – the sleeves look fantastic and that blue is divine on you!

  19. Yay! This looks just as fantastic as the glimpse we got from your blog from the festival! Such a brilliant color, looks great on you!

  20. You definitely need this pattern!!! I loved your Sorbetto this week!!

  21. Tasia does do a good job with the instructions! Plus it is so helpful to have the sewalong posts to refer to!

  22. Oooohhhhh…I like the idea of lace…hmmmm…What a great possibility!

  23. Thanks Rachel! I am hoping to make a few more teal items for the Autumn!!

  24. Thank you so much Judy!!

  25. Thank you so much Rosy! It is indeed a great gift of time to finish something like this in only 3 hours! I may be hooked :)

  26. You should definitely make a few more versions! I loved your previous ones!!!

  27. Thanks Sarah! You definitely inspired me!!! xoxoxoxo

  28. Thanks Tasha! I absolute adore this colour!

  29. Fabby top Debi this colour rocks on you.

  30. Oh, I’d agree with Kazz, Tasha and all above, that is a beautiful colour on you!
    Great version, and I’m rather keen to see it as a shift dress now… you’ve inspired me!