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The Facts 
8077sp373 Fabric: one shower curtian from Target
Pattern: Simplicity 8077
Year: c. 1977
Notions: none
Time to complete: about 1.5 hours
First worn: August 2011
Wear again? Hmmm

Total Cost: $10

I'm a huge fan of platform shoes, wide leg pants and anything made of rattan, but my dive into the 1970s took a huge turn to wearable blanket land. So. Hot. To. Wear.

It also has the shape of a potato sack and needed to be taken in with a belt, but that's not the biggest deal in the world!

The fabric is a heavy cotton shower curtian I found at Target for $9.99 and the pattern was part of a lot of vintage patterns I bought on Etsy a few years back. It was incredibly easy to put together and the sewn edges of the shower curtian made hemming the sleeves and the bottom of the tunic unnecessary. I heart skipping steps!


Girl's pool day* seemed like a wonderful time to break out this 1970s gem – it works perfectly as a swimsuit coverup. That is, until you go outside in the 100 degree heat and realize – this is a shower curtian. It's meant to keep moisture and heat in! So boo to that. I am going to have to save this one for winter…

*Big thank you to Erin's parents – Cyndi and Mike – for hosting us for such a fun day of swimming, sandwiches and awesome movies!


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Sarah.. what a cute tunic.. Never saw a shower curtain look,any better. Happy sewing.

  2. OOoooh Sarah I had one of these! It was about 1978, it was green floral corduroy and ideal for wearing a turtle neck jumper under in the winter in NZ! Mum must have made it!
    Love wide leg pants – so good on a strong and powerful legs! And platforms – good one!

  3. I thought this pattern looked familier, then I worked it out – cut it longer into a dress, add one patch pocket, make it out of plain mid blue cotton, belted, and there you have the old Girl Guide’s summer uniform! By the way, I have been thinking of making some tops up in this style for a while now, to wear instead of t-shirts. This is a strong inducement to get on with the idea, cheers!

  4. Too funny, a shower curtain from Target! Makes a great retro tunic! And of course platforms! So fun Sarah!

  5. Sarah,
    This is one of my very favourite makes of yours!! (after your Lonsdale dress).
    I can’t believe you used a shower curtain. LOVE!

  6. So 70s! So cute! I have a couple of thrifted cotton/poly shower curtains and I was thinking maybe simple chemise dresses, since you don’t want a lot of gathers or layers adding even more bulk. And I do have several of these tunic patterns with different necklines and sleeves, so I might try them for fall. Yours is very inspiring!

  7. I can’t believe you made this out of a shower curtain!The collar is great. Wonderful job.

  8. You could of worn this for the Hitchcock challenge. Looks just like the piccy on the pattern.

  9. Thank you Trish! I think I might have to bust out a turtleneck with this sucker this fall!

  10. Great idea!! I might have to give the dress version a go and make another one of these out of sweatshirt material for causal winter wear!

  11. Thanks Cat! I was so surprised to find a shower curtain that would work – it was a total happy accident!

  12. Thank you Kathy! Oooh – chemise dresses would be awesome! Can’t wait to see your variations of this top!

  13. Thanks Kazz! Which Hitchcock movie? I am totally missing it for some reason!

  14. i laughed out loud at the realization part. up till that point, i was thinking, i never would’ve thought that’s a shower curtain, she totally rocks that belted tunic. i can see how the greenhouse effect would be a killjoy. but it LOOKS great!

  15. A WHAT? It’s a shower curtain? You are hilarious and totally daring! It’s worth trying out!

  16. Sarah dear, you definitely made the shower curtain look hip! Love those shoes too!

  17. I did a double take (ok, double-read) when I saw “shower curtain” just to make sure I read right! You’re awesome, I will see the world through new lenses – everything is potential fabric for clothing! I love the top, sad you can’t wear it until winter! I can see how it wouldn’t quite work for your current triple digit weather… unless you could use its heat and water retaining properties as a portable personal sauna?! :D xx

  18. Wow, you look like you stepped right off the set of “The 70’s Show”! Shower curtain? Seriously?!