Hot! oona does it!: say cheese


can i tell you something?  do you promise not to tell ruggy?  no, seriously, pinky swear?


let me start at the beginning.

monkeysocks, blogess, community member, and owner of awesome handle, remarked a waaaaays back:

I love the way you always get involved in some kind of unfortunate saga, and then turn out with something brilliant! Plus you make me laugh, you made me giggle so much that I dropped my pre-lunch snack on myself. Can you make something that is a tribute your favourite food?

can i?  oh monkeysocks, you li'l bit of snackin' heaven, you have struck a chord that is in a dead heat with my love for the drink.  FOOD.  glorious food.  pizza, that four-food-groups-in-a-sitting feast.  grass fed beef, o tasty tasty hunk of iron.  gelato.  three scoops at least! guacamole!  peppadews!  hot dogs!  mexican corn on the cob!  foie gras!  fried chicken!  is there anything i don't like to eat?  i don't think so.  well, tuna.  and tofu.  but even then you'll see me scarfing down sashimi and edamame with the best of them.

it was so very hard for me to pick my favorite food, but i landed on this summer's kalkatroonan passion: buratta cheese.  truly a thing of wonder; a supple ball of goodness that melts in your mouth, the sultry yet angelic offspring of fresh mozzarella and silky cream; GOOD LORD I WISH I HAD SOME RIGHT NOW. 

i love that cheese so much i did kiss it on the mouth.


y'all know by now i had to go outside of the stash to find this much solid.  monkeysocks didn't even ask me to go with a solid.  but the buratta demanded it.  and the buratta cannot be denied.

i had a softly gathered and folded bubble of a dress in mind, something self-drafted, and then i thought: hey oona. you know how you hate it when you see something on the internet, fall in love, and can't run out and get the pattern for yourself?  sound like anyone you know? 

ahem.  so, when i spied this beauty of pattern runway's collection via an interview on paunnet's blog, i clickety clicked and the love affair began.


this pattern is delicious.  i hope you can see the details– it is HARD to photograph a white dress.  who knew?!  with my carnival stash, i sure didn't!  can you see?  princess seams, bound gathered pockets, invisible zip, soft gathers on the skirt– yes, the gathering, as always, gave my gorilla hands a fight but i didn't even mind– and every piece matched up perfectly in the process.  the instructions were stellar.  speaking of, lightweight cotton is the recommended fabric here, but when did i ever listen well to suggestions.  yes, my heavy weight knit jersey gave the binding on the pockets a run for my vintage kenmore's money.  he doesn't make much money, that kenny.  but he's got the stones for whatever i throw his way.  he's already raring to go for the next challenge.

the whole shebang was a delight, and i'll be making several more.  


but first, i shall eat my truffled mac and cheese with wild arugula and glass of gruner (my consolation prize for coming up empty handed on a buratta for the photo shoot), and contemplate my next challenge.  i'm so hopped up thinking about all the foods i love, i might need a muu muu. 

but that's up to YOU.  have a hunk of your favorite cheese and think me up a challenge!



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. Such a pretty dress! I just bought the shorts pattern that Pattern Runway has, planning on making it in red linen.

  2. So lovely & fresh! And, I must ask, was that you on Royal Pains last week? My dogs were a bit startled when I squealed at the screen, so they are all hoping it was, indeed, you–& not your doppelgänger!

  3. FABULOUS! I want to make one for each day of the week for our upcoming summer.

  4. I. LOVE. THIS. DRESS. Princess seams, gathered pockets and white–Oh MY! And did you mention cheese in this post? I am so with you! I LOVE CHEESE!!! nom, nom, nom, nom!!

  5. I’d happily have a hunk of my favourite cheese, if only I knew what it was… I love cheese. Not all of them, but I love the rest even more. Buratta sounds great, and I’m now going to lament the limited choice of Czech shops.
    But I have bryndza, and you don’t.
    That pattern is fabulous and you made it into a fabulous SOLID dress! Wow.
    I think a Little Black Dress is due now. When you have a good excuse for making it.
    For the next challenge, I suggest a tribute to your vintage Kenmore!

  6. margueritedesigns

    It’s a beautiful dress – really suits you!

  7. yay! what a cute dress! and you look all cool and summery and relaxed, which is surely the essence of mozzarella. I haven’t had any for aaages.. been going through a halloumi phase (I love halloumi and chorizo and veggie skewers!). I shall have to run out and get some mozz for lunch (though I will try not to spill the food this time, as I am wearing the pale blue ginger skirt that I failed to make without undue drama!)

  8. It’s awesome! I especially love the pockets! And the way you eat mac&cheese. aragula and truffles, really? I might even like that… :D

  9. BURRATA! I love that stuff! I ate it in Italy while staying with my host family, it’s one of the foods I miss most from there. Your dress turned out great too. :)

  10. Wow! I love this dress! And I totally approve of your shoot location. It definitely says Oona. (Which means, of course, that you’ll have to find some fab orange graffiti fabric.)
    And cheese…yummy! Lately I’ve been all about goat cheese! But I also got a hold of some grilling cheese that you fry in a pan but it doesn’t melt and get all icky. It fries up gorgeously and tastes like grilled cheese w/o the bread. Yum! I may have to be mean now and eat it while my hubby’s at work.

  11. if you haven’t started it yet, you’re gonna love her patterns! i love the idea of red linen for those shorts. that scalloped edge will look GORGEOUS in that!

  12. why yes you did! i still haven’t seen the episode, erm, i forgot it was airing on that day….. duh :). i’m pretty sure i was sewing. or drinking. prolly both.

  13. thanks nikki! i am STRUGGLING to keep myself from making more of them as summer’s winding down here, but i think it’s a losing battle.


  15. ooooooooooo, from sheep’s milk? i LOVE sheep’s milk cheese, and i haven’t found much in the soft variety here. spanish manchego sheep’s milk is a must, i’ll be searching for bryndza.
    i LOVE that kenmore challenge idea. i’ll be thinking hard on it… and lookout for LBD…

  16. this halloumi sounds incredible. especially pairing it with chorizo… mmmmmm…i love that the comments here have become like a little gourmet cheese shop! you’ve created a monster!

  17. oh yeah. the truffle is rich and the arugula is spicy, they balance well. the mac could’ve used more cheese though… or BACON.

  18. thanks emily! i miss every food i ate during my short time in italy, like, i wanna cry when i think about it. how cool to stay with a host family!

  19. thanks stephanie! yes– my sis-in-law took the photos, and when we say the orange wall we knew that was it. hmm… i just so happen to have some orange graffiti in le stash…

  20. Pretty, pretty, Oona! Fabulous white (!!) dress!

  21. Wow, awesome, I love it!! might have to get that pattern too, it is delicious!

  22. That dress is STUNNING. I adore the style and you made it based on CHEESE, my absolute favorite food group. I would make a dress based on cheese curds though, because Wisconsin is like rightthere. It looks sooooo comfortable. I must have one!

  23. Whatta dress ! Cheese-like but not cheesy! And what about that Kenmore stitcher, what can it do better than other machines??

  24. Awesome, awesome dress. I love heavy knit dresses. Also, love the name kenny :)

  25. Love the cheesy goodness! Those pockets are not fooling around! May have to take this one out for a spin!

  26. The dress is fab! I love the gathers and pocket details, definitely one of my fave pieces you have done!

  27. shokcing, i know! wait till you see the next one……..

  28. so shocking, apparently, i can’t spell.

  29. thanks quipardue! it really is a wonderful pattern. reminds me a lot of colette pattern’s fabulosity.

  30. cheese curds! what fabric would one use for that?
    it is SO comfortable. and it makes you walk around like a princess.

  31. thanks sigrid! well! my kenmore can/is:
    eat though 3 layers of heavyweight leather
    (while still gently pawing silk)
    switch cams for umpteen stitches
    do three needle positions
    do twin needle baby!
    a zig zagging fiend
    and he has a buttonholer too, but i need to take him into the shop to get that adjusted. mind you, it’s been prolly 12 years since he’s seen a tune up. it is SO time.

  32. thanks liza jane! kenny says a gruff thank you as well.

  33. DO. it is awesome. next time i think i’ll make the pockets even deeper!

  34. thanks adey! i’m actually pretty proud of this one :). i would love to see what you’d do with this pattern!

  35. I love what you wrote, you have a cute gift for gab. I love the dress too. It looks so stylish and comfortable. White is a great color for that dress because it makes it look more confortable and a skinny like you can wear it and make the dress look as great as the dress makes you look. Good job.

  36. Wow. The pattern is so chic but you are totally stunning! Gotta try this dress. Thanks for the review!

  37. Ohh, so yours is a HE !

  38. i must give credit for that specific gift to my dad!
    it IS so comfortable. i wore it out again last night to dinner, and it’s still white! unbelievable!

  39. thanks kc! i really can’t wait to make another one, it was such a pleasing pattern:)

  40. oh DEFINITELY. my elna overlock, however, that’s a she. a temperamental she.

  41. I love this! Thanks for turning me on to Pattern Runway. I’m seriously considering ordering the kimono dress. I usually shy away from printable patterns because taping them together is such a pain but the designs might convince me otherwise.

  42. Of course, you look delightful in white. Not fair, not fair at all. Are you hinting that you are making a muu muu for 70s week?

  43. Me, again! I bought Pattern Runway’s kimono sleeve dress last night and was surprised to find that there was no test square for printing. Was this the same for your darling sundress? If so, did you have any problems printing to scale.
    For Burda patterns, even with all the correct settings I still have to scale the patterns to 98% or 99% to get the test square to print properly. I’d hate to print and tape everything together in order to test the measurements.
    Thanks, Oona!

  44. i was just thinking about grabbing that kimono dress– i’m excited to see how yours turns out!
    there wasn’t a test square (altho i wouldn’t have noticed if there wasn’t, i never use the dang thing). i triple checked her printing instructions and did it exactly as she said to– and the pattern truly came out perfectly. i adjusted for short waist on the paper pattern, and took the side seams in during sewing to make it a tad more fitted. i think if you match your settings to the printing instructions you’ll be fine– she even includes screenshots for what your printer settings should look like.

  45. oh my goodness. is that a challenge? or a hope?

  46. i’m so glad you took the plunge! i was going to reply to you about how insanely easy she makes it to match everything up, but you’ve done it :)!