Hot! oona does it!: mix and match


little miss molly, maker of fabulous frocks and proprietress of toferet's empty bobbin, had something to say about last week's baby steps towards matchville:

Oh who cares what they say about using solids, I like all your prints! It would be fun if you made some separates too. 

my reply, via inner monologue:

hmmm.  is that a challenge?  seriously, i already have like twenty separates in my closet.  i have that jersey tank top– oh no wait i cut that up to use as a hair towel– what about that suede skirt– oh no wait i cut that up to make into a purse– erm… okay.  


there were four pieces to this separates puzzle.  the first: a RTW denim maxi dress that no longer fit. equal parts of washing cotton in scalding hot water and sitting on my booty brought that situation about.  i only had one summer of wearing that dress (one of the few solids in my closet) and i refused to give it up.  i detached the smurfette sized triangle cup bodice and teeny tiny waistband, leaving me with a nice long wide open skirt.  


part two: dollar a yard elastic trim, my very favorite price point.  i held it around my waist and sliced it at a snug length, overlocked the edges, and re-gathered the skirt to it.  this was easy peasy as the side seams of the skirt were left intact by my careful seam ripping.  i made the front panel about 2 inches wider than the back panel.  things were going so swimmingly, i didn't even mind the gathering. and because i didn't get impatient as usual and hack the dress in half with my ginghers, the zipper remained from the original dress.  patience! bonus! who knew!

if you've got a dress that no longer fits in your closet, this is a GREAT save for it.

speaking of patience, i have been waiting approximately a millenia to use part three: this single button.  it was part of ruggy's grandmother's button stash.  it made a clean closure for the waistband seam, and a nice mismatched embellishment here, methought.


part the fourth: the draped jersey top.  this was also a refashionista move.  (i was SO channeling meg the grand  here).  i had made a wild tank dress out of this crazyface print (go figure), and it sat in my closet ignored.  i opened it up and had a wide rectangle of jersey knit.  it was perfect for burdastyle member miss b's (free!) top pattern, the aptly named sexy back.






the balloonian family did some mixing and matching of their own today, as august heralds the Month Of Kalkatroona.  mama, papa and oona all celebrate birthdays this hot month, so a trip to a wine festival in a lovely garden was in order.  a little red, a little white, a lotta sangria.  several happy drunken strangers complimented me on my "dress".   

IT'S SEPARATES AND I MADE IT!   i bellowed joyfully.

photo credit goes to big daddy balloona, who is serenading the household with a mellophone as i type this up.  papa gots mad jazz skillz.  mama's got sangria.  and i've got no clean end to this post, having lost a few brain cells to some cabernet franc.  happy birthday month to me!!!



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. I just love birthdays! Happy birthday month to you!

  2. Yay, that’s my challenge!!! And I love it, you look great!

  3. Ooooo eeee, Oona! Me loves it muchly! :)

  4. Happy birthday month Oona :) This makes the perfect party dress too!
    Or maybe you need to make yourself the perfect birthday dress ;)

  5. FABULOUS separates! And way to go with the refashioning–I’m sure you made Meg proud :) Happy Birthday month! I will drink in celebration with you…ehehhehehe. And I love the ending to your post!

  6. you’ve set me on a separates tear!

  7. hehehe! sounds like a bob dylan song, i love it!

  8. oh that is SO happening. as a matter of fact, i found some amazing birthday cotton at ikea, but didn’t go for it because i thought it was too costumey. what was i thinking?

  9. the ending? it’s still happening!

  10. Hooray! Happy Birthday! I love it’s so very 70sness.

  11. I love it!

  12. If you do not stop with all of this cuteness and awesomeness, I am going to stick you in my pocket and bring you back to Chi Town. I seriously love that you repurposed your denim dress and made that FABULOUS draped jersey top. You’ve got mad mad skills, girlfriend – you are a true blue refashionista!!!! Happy Birthday Month!

  13. Beautiful! Love the crazy face print with the striped elastic. You look to be having much fun! Happy b day week!

  14. Ooooohh, I love the colors in that belt and top. Its amazing how well they work together. And the button is to die for! What a lovely and meaningful detail. Happy Birthday to all the Kalkatroonans!!!!!!

  15. Happy Birthday month! What a fabulous outfit to celebrate it in!

  16. I SO love this – particularly the elastic waistband and the button! Once again, great outfit and entertaining post. Happy Birthday!!!!

  17. margueritedesigns

    Fabulous dress – you are so inventive – anything goes with you and it always works!

  18. stunning… just stunning! what a fab result.

  19. thanks lisette! it does have a 70s vibe, doesn’t it…

  20. thanks Refashionista Queen Grand! you are MOST welcome to whisk me away to chi town! just not in the winter. holy crap is your town cold in the winter.

  21. SO much fun. seriously, ruggy is a pro at the birthday week.

  22. thanks sewom! i never would have put them together if i didn’t have to think n terms of separates. now all i want to do is make separates…

  23. thanks mimi! there was much celebrating that day, the outfit is soaked in happy vibes :)

  24. thank you debbie :) i think that’s my favorite part too!

  25. have i told you lately that you are a woman of the utmost intelligence and taste? :))) i love your comments!

  26. thanks casey! by the way, i just spied your kiss the cook challenge. man, did you rock that dress!

  27. Happy birthday month to you! I will definitely be drinking many toasts in celebration of your birth and general awesomeness! This outfit is like one of those magic eye things… I keep staring at the lovely colours expecting to see separates but all I can see is a dress, but I know it’s separates! You’ve achieved a magical super hot ensemble comprised of versatile separates that withstands Balloonian family gatherings and attracts compliments like a magnet. A massive Oona challenge victory on all fronts!

  28. thank you girl!!!! you’re right; that thick elastic was quite important in getting me through the balloonian weekend. like a girdle for pizza & alcohol. :)))

  29. Love this Ooona!! You are so creative!!

  30. Ooh just spent a few days wine tasting! Cheers to you! And yes those elastic belts are fabuloso for holding it all in after too much wine and cheese!

  31. that’s exactly why i wore it! it needs pockets though, for absconding with wine tasting treats :)

  32. I want sangria, too. And that skirt. Long skirts rock, and refashioned long skirts rock twice. I don’t count your amount, I would never stop.