Hot! oona does it!: hey big bender

this week's oona does it! is brought to you by the letter B, for bender, blue agave, and big in japan:

Perhaps if you approached the non-print challenge with fabric in a SOLID that was WINE or WHISKEY colored???? If that step is still too bland, how about COSMOPOLITAN colorway? Need a bit more of an easing-in? Let's see you sew a MOJITO!!

now, i know miss big, fabulous blogger and obvious imbiber, started off desiring a solid colorway, but i'm taking the end of her challenge literally.  i sewed me up a mojito.


oh, welcome to my sewing desk come bar!  can i mix you up a little something?  i recommend the partida straight, but i also make a mean  margarita on the rocks.  that's what i'm enjoying here.  no, no, you don't want the mix.  the cuervo ghastliness is for a certain dear friend, there's no way i'd allow the stuff in the house otherwise.  i keep the questionable mixers to my fabric pairings.


this is a self drafted dress, but really, it's just two squares for the bodice and two gathered rectangles for the skirt.  measure your waistband to fit your waist, attach a bodice & skirt piece to either half of a waistband, repeat, sew up the side seam, insert zipper, et voila!

mais, non.  my side zip was a hot mess.  a great big weirdo bubble jutted out of my waist.  i paused, sipped a little tequila, and tried it on again, doing that little dance we all do– zip yourself up in the front and shimmy until the zip is where it's supposed to be.

whilst shimmying, i glanced into the mirror.  maybe it was the tequila, but suddenly, eureka! the side zip just wanted to be in the front all along!


happy (and a bit sauced) my mind raced from there.  the contrasting zip was always meant to be the stirrer.  the orange striped waistband was the garnish.  but where was the delicious sugar on top of the rim?!   oh, the lovely frothiness from the muddled mint mixing with the lime… i ripped a bit of the zipper out and inserted pleats and frills underneath.  MOJITO! and, it hides the zipper head nicely to boot! 


wooooo-EEE.  all this talk about drinking is making me hungry.  hmmm…. methinks i know the perfect oona does it! request for that… must run whilst the idea is fresh!  

got a challenge for me?  holler here or in the comments… i haz plenty of liquid sustenance to take you on.



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. I love how it turned out. Great colors with eye-catching contrast.

  2. LOVE it!!! The zipper looks fabulous down the front and I really love the ruffles! Those colours look fabulous on you!

  3. Ooooeeeee, Miss Oona Balloona! Youz a purty lady in your mojito dress – love love!

  4. margueritedesigns

    That little ruffle thingy on the front is just gorgeous!

  5. What a fabulous looking dress! Love the design. Love the colour. LOVE the name!

  6. Aww it so cute! I love the colour. You always have such pretty fabrics, even though I think I would assume that any one of them was far too much if I saw them on the roll. Do you have any that scare even you?

  7. margueritedesigns

    Oh and how did I miss your birthday party????? A belated birthday surprise to come …

  8. Oona, I cannot believe that you whipped that together with just four blocks (‘kay, five …) of fabric. Srsly. Woman!!!
    I’d so dig seeing your interpretation of office wear. My biggest daily chore is getting dressed in the morning for my tragically suit-and-tie-office.

  9. I love it when you take the challenges into your own hands and bend the rules. This dress is seriously awesome.

  10. This is delicious! Love the fabric, front zipper, and frothy front ruffles. Could you serve it with tostones and guacamole?:) But you wouldn’t necessarily have to wear that!

  11. I adore your bar! The dress is pretty awesome too :) Love the pleating details – it adds a nice sugary polish to a fabulous frock. That fabric is DIVINE, and I love that you added my signature color around your waste. Brilliant. Well done!

  12. thanks crystal! i love pairing orange & blue :)

  13. thank you fabulous debi!

  14. you gon’ buy me a draaaank? :))

  15. thank you! wouldn’t even have happened if the whole zipper fiasco hadn’t occurred :)

  16. the name is pretty stellar….

  17. ha! i never even thought of that! the roll always looks like one big possibility to me :). you know what? i’m afraid to say it, lest i get a challenge: GINGHAM SCARES ME.

  18. oh, how i hope you are sewing up a party frock……..

  19. OFFICE WEAR!!! EGADS!!! i’m cutting out my challenge for this week, and in the back of my head i’m wondering what i’d look like in that environment…. with the rule of suit-and-tie….

  20. hehehe. i likes to bends the rules. thanks molly!

  21. girl, it is only allowed to be worn in the presence of latin finger foods!

  22. i seriously want to rock the sewing desk as bar at our next party! i almost didn’t buy this fabric because there was so much white around it. i hacked all the white off :)!

  23. A-DORABLE! The dress, not the bar–although the bar is cute. But the most important thing about a bar is that it is well-stocked. And yours appears to be.
    But again, the dress rocks!

  24. Drinking (at least not too heavily) and sewing really do mix. I recently learned how to thread my serger. Took me several tries, wouldn’t you know it the time I had some beer I finally mastered it? I need to thread it again with matching thread. I think I’ll break out brewski again for the task.

  25. thanks stephani! (and the bar is courtesy of my friend that likes the cuervo mix.)

  26. it truly is the lubricant needed for the task!

  27. amazing dress oona.. i thought you might make a gold, with booze as inspiration..