Hot! oona does it!: full circle


this past week, new york had an earthquake.  as i write this, a category three hurricane is on the way.  and, as these sort of earth shattering events do tend to come in threes: i'm still in black and white.  



irene is on her mad and screeching way into town, and she has thwarted my weekend plans. they included a birthday barbeque party, a dinner out, and a picnic at one of the last concerts of the summer.  a certain couple will recognize that last engagement from their list of challenges:

10. Outfit inspired by one of the artists playing in the park this summer

i didn't mean to pull a debi & david twice in a row, but as it's the end of the summer i was running out of time for this one!  and i do loves me a summer outdoor concert.  oh, and this one was jazz.  a charlie parker festival, godsakes.  RATS ON IRENE.

as we began to hoist our belongings up off the floor in a precautionary measure for the impending (possible) floods, i spied ruggy's guitar under the bed.  it's not a saxophone, but it'll do.

for this number, i was inspired to finish a UFO that had gone very wrong.  the top half is burdastyle's cap sleeve dress that many of us used for mena's "kiss the cook" challenge, and the bottom half is the UFO in question: a self drafted pattern, born of my super secret  double agent spy top (do i have a yearning to be a government operative?) from mena's "ugly pattern" challenge.  


oh, did you notice my skirt length haz magically changed?  like jazz, this little ditty can be played many ways, so i thought it the perfect fit for this challenge!  in fact, the upside to the rainout was showing you the changes, as i couldn't possibly have riffed this much in an outdoor shoot without getting arrested.  i changed eight times here, and there's still much more improv possible.  it's a skirt!  it's a dress!  it's black and white!


what's that you say?  the burda pattern is playing solo as the top?  well then.  for your listening pleasure, the changeups possible, sans burda top.  this is just the bottom half, peeps!  let the music play:






it's just two long rectangles, open at either end, and two armholes.  a bit of simple math gets you the goods.  if you like it and want a chameleon of your own,  keep an eye out over at my blog!  i'll be writing up a tutorial soon.   

but now i must cut into some COLOR, really, if i present another solid and/or neutral next week, i do believe you can count on the apocalypse.



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. OMG. I LOVE this dress! Absolutely BRILLIANT! YAY! IT looks so fantastic in black and white stripes with the pink belt!!! ooohhhhhh…this may be my favourite yet! (and yay for a D2 challenge!)

  2. Wow, I think you are really onto something with this, you could make your fortune selling these!
    Sorry about the earthquake – I hope the crack in the wall doesen’t get worse.

  3. I LOVE this dress – the stripes (one of my very favourite things) are fantastic!
    This reminds me of
    Can’t wait for the tutorial!!

  4. Very cool! I love stripes. You have the best poses. Is the Burda top totally separate? I really like it full length. I still want to see the super secret double agent top, though ;)

  5. OMG! I really want to know how you made it. TUTORIAL, please! It’s fantastic. I love all versions!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  6. Ha a totally fun shake up (sorry I couldn’t help myself). This is so great=LOVE and so Oona!

  7. Wow! I can’t wait for the tutorial. This is just too amazing!

  8. What?! Am I going crazy? I call myself an intermediate beginner now because I have started being able to recognize how finished garments were put together, but WHAT THE….? Awaiting the tutorial. :)

  9. lady.. i’m speechless.. it’s jazz all over.. once upon a time, i was mad mad about one particular jazz standard.. so, i find all possible versions of it.. i liked some of them.. i loved some of them.. i was crazy about some of them.. i was mad about some of them.. and mind blown.. and one or two i could listen on repeat, all day long.. would never think that all that jazz can be performed with two stripey garments :)

  10. I must haz this pattern! Love it! I’m totally mystified about how it works, but trust I shall be informed soon!

  11. So fun! I love this idea and the super cute photo shoot!

  12. BRILLIANT!!! This is possibly one of my favorites. I love that you have so many options with this! And the pink accents – uber fabulous ensemble, my dear. Love love love … and I am looking forward to this tutorial!!

  13. Genius – I love it! It’s sharp, sassy & totally wearable!

  14. That is just amazing! My favorite version is the cowl. I really appreciate you offering a free tutorial. But goodness . . . I think that such creativity deserves to be reimbursed!

  15. This dress is many, many shades of awesome! Love the stripes and the reconfigurability (is that a word? Spellcheck says it’s not a word…).

  16. Amazing! I love all of the variations that you could do with this. What a great dress to have in your collection.

  17. Mind = blown
    I LOVE this!

  18. I love stretch knits (and am getting better at hemming them) and cannot wait for you to show us how to make this one! YAY YIPPEE!!!
    Glad ol’ Irene wasn’t too bad for NYC xoxo

  19. As long as you’re not doing anything in khaki, dear, except safari-styles, that is ok! Do a Safari theme! Ahem. Anyways, I’m glad you are finally getting that tutorial done for us, after teasing us with it for so long. I am dying for a spy dress!

  20. ha ha Oona this is serious girl, I just spat my coffee over my monitor with the mention of the lack of color and the apocalypse. You look fabulous, the dress is so universal, If I could pull it off I’d wear piccy number 1. Great post, great dress. Looking forward to seeing the tutorial

  21. i laughed out loud at that crack in the wall comment. i don’t think i’ll ever look at it the same way again. HI-LARIOUS.

  22. thank you! that sacha dress reminds me of the infinity– i never could get the hang of that one. i always looked…. bandaged.

  23. i likes to pose.
    yes, the top is totally separate– but i do away with the top after pic #3. so you’re seeing the super secret double agent top! i’m posting the tutorial in the next 2 weeks :))

  24. hey girl! it’s coming!

  25. those stripes feel like an earthquake in themselves!

  26. aaaaahhhh… nothing in my hands, nothing up my sleeve… this cracked me up. the trick revealed soon!

  27. isn’t it great, you can like “my funny valentine” and find 80 jazz versions of it and never get tired?
    i’d love to see what YOU do with this…

  28. :)))) i was so happy when i added the pick accents, i did a little skippy dance,

  29. heehee! i accept all forms of alcohol (except yaeger and margarita mix).

  30. it’s a word to me. a glorious word.

  31. thanks christine! i’ve worn it out 4 different ways so far.

  32. you would rock this, as you rock everything miss darling!

  33. ye gods, khaki. i’ve never even touched a bolt of khaki. i imagine it exists, like some quiet and timid animal, but i have never seen it in the jungles of the garment district. maybe i am just blind to it….
    safari theme, eh? hmmm…

  34. you could pull it off wearing ANY number, you sassy rocker. glad to make you spit take :))

  35. Oh my WORD! You are so terribly clever!

  36. Well done Ooona!! You look incredible and OMG PINK BELT!

  37. I love it! And I’m utterly confused, despite the supposed simplicity of two rectangles. Also, I’d prolly need to wear some spanx. Ha!

  38. I wonder what type of knit you should use for this? I have some navy cotton jersey but the wrong side isn’t quite the same as the right, and it’s a bit heavy too. Will have to wait for your tutorial to see what’s appropriate. (hint hint*) This hooded thing is AWESOME for fall, you rock, you’re a rock star rockin’ out your rocktastic creation.