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when mena first put the word out on oona does it!, darling debi fry and her debonair david cracked open a bottle of wine and went to town on a laundry list of challenges for me.  literally.  they came up with eleven challenges, folks.  ELEVEN. 

(need i introduce the dashing duo?  debi, our decades diva we tune into weekly here and on her delicious blog, and david, that man of mystery and mad sewing skillz?) 

a few of these challenges had to do with my own raucous ruggy, and i've ticked off one for this week:

4. Do an outfit based on Ruggy's favourite heroine from a movie.

keeping it to myself that this was a challenge, i innocently asked ruggy one saturday morning who his favorite lady of the film was.  NIKITA.  that took about 2 seconds of deep thought.  then:  leelu!  meryl streep in out of africa!  audrey hepb–

acknowledging my own eagerness to cheat and choose MY favorite from his growing list, i nodded solemnly and stuck with the first outburst.  a good choice.  la femme nikita is one ridiculously good movie.  i'm not talking about the tv series (never seen it), or point of no return (saw it, wish i hadn't),  i'm talking about luc besson's original.  in french, mais oui.   

Picnik collage

uh oh.  SOLIDS.

when i think nikita, i think little black dress.  but the costume designer definitely mixed it up.  at one point she's performing a hit in strawberry speckled bra and panties.  and i LOVE this kooky hat she wears.  i mean, she's supposed to be a super secret trained killer for the government, a sexy little stealthbomb that can glide in and out unnoticed, and she's walking around in a micro mini and SUV sized sunhat complete with multiple sunroofs.

a combination just crazy enough to sway me into black. 


i paired burda magazine's  petite jersey dress,  mod. 115, (2009, before they added the style) with some black wooly knit.  the pattern came equipped with sunroof-in-back already…

and i added a few in front for kicks.  with no vilene in my stash  (i think, if you have a subscription to this mag, it should come with a steady supply of the EVER suggested vilene),  i did some improvising.  i placed little strips of stitch witchery hem tape all along the inside of each circle, then cut a circular facing strip for each. using the steam heat of my awesome black & decker retro iron, i fused the facing to the inside of the dress.  then i clipped into the fused circle edge about every inch or so, turned the facing in, and blind stitched around the circle. which made for a LOT more work than i thought this challenge would take.  i liked the finish so much, i used my new glue trick on the hem, arm and neck edges too.  yeah baby!  who knows if it'll hold!  hopefully i won't get into any secret agent fights in this number.  since i didn't go micro mini, the official length of super secret agents, i think i'm safe.


i could say this challenge satisfies the MYRIAD requests i've had for something in black (que que que?  what are you ladies trying to tell me?)  but no, i won't cheat.   that day is still to come.  i now have two black garments in my closet, one a RTW piece i've only kept because it truly was the only black i had.  will i really have three shades of noir?  it boggles the mind.

in the film, nikita climbs a spiral staircase as a criminal, and comes back down a lady.  a super secret killing lady.  whaddaya think?  have i ascended in my garish prints, and come back down a stylish new yorker?   or should this dress stay, erm, a super secret?

and while you're opining… add a challenge to my list.  just keep in mind: black is SO covered.



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Nikita’s got nuthin’ on you, girl!

  2. va va voom va va voom!!!

  3. You are smokin’ hot in this dress – that Ruddy is a lucky man!!

  4. Opps – I mean Ruggy!!

  5. LOVE it!!! Fabulous dress–love the openings in the front (and super clever way to construct it–definitely secret agent clever ;) And great way to get the info out of Ruggy :) teehee! YAY Ooona–another mission accomplished!

  6. Wow, super fab dress! I just love the ‘sunroof’ details in the front. They give it real style! :)

  7. Oona, you saucy minx you!!! I adore the dress, and the cut outs are fabulous!!! I love your glue trick – ingenious. You are like a sewing ninja – all should beware of you and your stealthy iron :)

  8. Ooh la la! Looks great. The cutouts are really stylish. I know solids aren’t your favorite, but you rock them well!

  9. you’re getting solid colors disease
    and i’m getting neutral colors disease
    we should be hospitalized somewhere in india i think
    maybe visit holi or something
    but, solid or not, your new dress is fabulous, lady

  10. Love it! You look great! And love the movie. But it is strange to see you all in black. You might just need some saucy bright shoes the former Oona is still there:)

  11. Woot! My husband and daughters watched the TV show religiously this past winter, and I’d say your dress would fit in just fine there, although that Nikita doesn’t seem to do as much of the socialitizing…
    I love your peekaboos, though (is it ok because they’re not triangles? ;) ). Although I have this sinking feeling that you’ll never wear this solid-coloured dress again…

  12. Wow, Oona! The dress looks stunning on you, and definitely brings to mind both Anna Angelini (“Channeling” Coco)’s design for Nikita’s LBD, and Leeloo’s suspenders, which were designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, so you’re in good company.
    Really imaginative and sleek.
    Well done!

  13. Oona – you look incredible!! Love this!

  14. Nikita 2.0! Love the movie, and love the dress. What good is being a spy if you can’t wear great fashion? This solid black looks really sleek on you.
    Some of my most outrageous sewing is done for renaiscance
    fairs and the like; leather corsets, big pink dresses with oodles of ruffles ect. Would it be fun to base an outfit on that?

  15. I think now you can tick off that LDB challenge, too… this one’s one wonderful Little Black Dress!

  16. Lady, is there any look you can’t carry off??? Very swank and dangerous.

  17. Awesome, as always! I’veo nly seen the Bridget Fonda version of Nikita and you’ve made me want to seek out the original.
    Have you done a pleats challenge yet?

  18. You look GORGEOUS in black, Oona! Which, really, isn’t fair at all seeing as you look great in every single other colour as well. The cut-outs are awesome.

  19. ha! i enjoyed “ruddy”. thanks debbie!

  20. i felt so very stealthy :) we’ll see if those openings hold!

  21. thanks shelly! i wasn’t sure if they gave it style or made it cartoonish, so i’m glad to hear your opine :)

  22. especially as my iron weighs 50 pounds. it doubles as a weapon.

  23. i am astounded at my two weeks of solids! now we just have to see if i wear the thing :)

    he black dress sits in my closet, mocking me– still have yet to wear it out!

  25. why on EARTH didn’t i think of that?! i swear, black kills my accessorizing capabilities.

  26. EXACTLY. the circles make it more… organic? less angular make-me-a-woman-dress? i don’t know. there’s really no excuse for my sudden jump into hipster territory.
    and i think you may be right. haven’t worn it out once yet…

  27. david! hola!
    thank you kindly– that’s pretty good company you’ve stuck me in. i may need a drink to handle it. and leeloo was really my pick, i just LOVE her costumes. i had no idea they were gaultier. i must’ve been subconsciously influenced!

  28. thanks sarah! right back at you!

  29. thanks rosesred! oohh… leather corsets…. very interesting…. and on the list!

  30. ha! thanks hana! i have another idea for the LBD challenge (for which you’d enjoy the company of about 6 other peeps’ suggestion)… we’ll see if i can work up the courage :)

  31. swank and dangerous! i love it!!!!

  32. you MUST see the original. it is of the UTMOST importance!
    i looooove pleats and i haven’t done them in awhile… list!

  33. lexi, i’m blushing! to be honest, there’s a shade of yellow that’s utterly disgusting on me. it’s a greeny yellow that i love to death, and every time i buy this shade, i think it will somehow, THIS time, look good on me.
    it doesn’t.

  34. Oh Oona! I adore Nikita, certainly one of my fave femme fatale films!
    You’ve done so well with this, it’s sexy without being too revealing and those circles are so neat! What a tan you could get!
    I had to google vilene, and then realised I’d used it as interfacing before. Oops! I SO pretend I know what I’m buying if I ever go to the craft/sewing store!

  35. Love your dress! It has the exact point of playfulness and elegance, great combination … You are an amazing “femme fatale”!

  36. thanks miss darling! i think i’m going to shorten it just a tad
    so you’ve held this vilene in your hands? it DOES exist!

  37. thank you rosy! that was exactly what i was going for!!!