Hot! Fabric Finds: Southwest Edition

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Considering how many antique stores we stopped at during our trek from San Francisco to Dallas and back (about twenty), I was surprised to have ended up with only four pieces of vintage fabric. That said, they're certainly nice pieces of fabrics that have a new home in my stash.

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4 1/2 yards of brown gingham from Vintage & More, Albuquerque. $5

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Four yards of vintage rayon from Double Take in Santa Fe. $19.50. I like to think of this as a reward for using up my the vintage rayon for last week's challenge.

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2 3/4 and 4 1/2 yards of 1950s fabric from Antique Speciality Mall, Albuquerque $12. The second, pink fabric reminds me of a print that Charlotte would be fond of.

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Four curtain panels of barkcloth from Village Antique Mall, Amarillo $8.50. I'll be using this fabric for cushions for our living room.


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Ooohhh! Love them! Especially the pink one! What great finds!

  2. That purple is beautiful! Vintage rayon is one of my favorite fabrics – they just don’t make anything like it today.

  3. Love the pink one, and I am a sucker for Barkcloth! Quality finds, if not quantity!

  4. That glove print is AMAZING!!!! What plans and schemes do you have cooked up for it??? ;)

  5. Ooh, I love that pink fabric!

  6. Great finds, I love the rayon from Double Take. I don’t think we have shops selling vintage fabric in the UK, except in London, though we do have some on line

  7. Lovely finds, and what a fun way to remember your trip! The autumn leaves fabric is my particular favorite. I think it reminds me of this dress that Solanah posted recently.

  8. I really like the pink fabric!

  9. Four curtain panels of barkcloth for $8.50?!?!
    I am incredibly jealous. Here on the east coast, you can’t get one panel of decent barkcloth for less than $35 or $40.
    Now I’m gonna have to whine to the BF that we need to go on a West coast shopping trip!