Hot! 7DoS: The Sunny Sorbetto

What's 7 Days of Sorbetto? For seven days, I'm making a different top based on the free and downloadable Sorbetto Tank Top  from Colette Patterns

After a name like The "Second-Rate" Sorbetto, I just had to give this one a cute and chipper name like The "Sunny" Sorbetto. The most significant detail of this top is the cream-colored piping I attached underneath the center pleat. 

I actually really like how this one turned out — the dress form doesn't do it justice.

Unfortunately, I finished today's shirt too late to take a photograph of me wearing the thing. So, we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the shirt on a human form.


image from

Other Sorbettos from the 7 Days of Sorbetto Challenge:

image from nested.typepad.comimage from nested.typepad.comimage from nested.typepad.comimage from nested.typepad.comSunnySiesta



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Very nice – my favourite so far. How could you be anything but happy wearing this!

  2. Cute! That Sorbetto is just so lovely and happy it makes me smile. :-)

  3. margueritedesigns

    That colour is gorgeous – I love yellow!

  4. Too cute! I love the piping. It reminds me of this pattern envelope I saw a while back :)

  5. Aargh… I didn’t realise it would come out so big! And I can’t find a delete button… *walks away in shame*

  6. Love the yellow fabric and buttons!!! :)

  7. I love it! The piping adds a whole new character to the shirt, and the sunny little buttons are charming. Just seeing the shirt made me smile!

  8. I think this is my favorite too. I have some white/black polka dot fabric I was saving for another Sorbetto — I think this is what I’ll do with it!

  9. Love the sunny yellow fabric. And the piping is a great idea.. So pretty..

  10. Love that happy yellow color, especially with the piping! Mena, what size did you cut your Sorbetto? I’m trying to figure out how lazy I can be in adapting your sleeves to mine.

  11. Bee-you-tee-ful!

  12. Aw, this one is my favorite – so far! Such a happy yellow, and I love the buttons too. Not to mention the piping, which gives it something special.

  13. Fantastic! The yellow is so cheerful, and the piping makes it pop! Well done!

  14. Ooh! One of my favorites!!

  15. Cute! I’ve actually made a dress out the very same yellow fabric. :)