Hot! 7DoS: The Siesta Sorbetto

What's 7 Days of Sorbetto? For seven days, I'm making a different top based on the free and downloadable Sorbetto Tank Top  from Colette Patterns


The not-so-fun thing about my seven day challenges is that even I plan to do them around weeks that I haven't any plans, sometimes life just gets in the way of sewing and photo shoots. That's been the case the past couple days (also why MTL is taking a few days off). 

While I've been able to sew my Sorbettos each day (I actually have two rejects that I'm not documenting), the challenge has been to get in front of the camera and get some good shots. So, the one rather sad photo of me will have to do tonight.

This Sorbetto isn't quite as exciting as the others but it has a little feature that differentiates it: Instead of cutting the front bodice on the fold, I instead cut it at the pleat line. I then had two pieces of the bodice to join. But first, I cut another piece of fabric the opposite way of the grain to replace the fabric that needs to be pleated. Once those are joined, I followed all the Colette instructions as given.

So I have vertical stripes for the length of the blouse and horiztonal stripes for the pleat.

While this isn't my favorite Sorbetto (the fabric looked better on the bolt), it is completely wearable and good for errands and such.

And here is my sad and tired person modeling the shirt.

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image from nested.typepad.comimage from nested.typepad.comimage from nested.typepad.comimage from nested.typepad.comSunnySiesta  Seven-sorbetto


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. margueritedesigns

    I think you deserve a little rest and some ‘me’ time Mena :-))

  2. Are you crazy Mena? This top is adorable! I love the colors! This is the kind of casual top you see others wear out (running errands, etc.) that make me wish I had such a fun casual piece to just throw on for those boring weekdays. ;)
    Love your blog – keep it up!

  3. margueritedesigns

    Top and blog are great by the way – just everyone needs a little rest from time to time …

  4. I wish I would look like that when I am sad and tired!! I love different sorbettos by the way! Cannot wait to start sewing one.

  5. love this one! The stripe change on the pleat is genius.

  6. Aw… you poor thing! :( Have you ever thought about doing a “week of” series, but cutting out/ starting to sewing the pieces prior to that? I know perhaps that maybe defeats the purpose, but would perhaps allow you a little more wiggle room during these weeks–just in case life happens! (Which it often does, I know! ;) You’re a busy gal and I’m always amazed at how much you do accomplish during these challenges–really inspiring to me! (Who tends to get so bogged down in the process… lol. Or suffer from intense project-distraction problems. ;)
    Anyway, the top is so cute–I love the fabric choice!

  7. This one’s my favorite!

  8. Having tried to do seven tops in seven days as well, I send you lots and lots of kudos! I only got through three, but to be fair one of them was a NIGHTMARE of a beast. You still look less tired than I did, and the perm is looking lovely.

  9. i love the reverse placement– i’ve done the lace up the front, but now i want to rip it out and do this instead.
    you should do a seven day challenge where ben has to feed you a different type of grape refreshment ever day. whaddaya think, ben?

  10. I really love the horizontal stripes in the front – very clever!

  11. You still look cute :) And I love the contrast of the placket… I wonder what else this might work with?

  12. I love all the colors! I hope you get to rest soon :)

  13. Seven days of outfits, each paired with a cocktail/drink? I could DEFINITELY get behind that.

  14. It’s a very cute shirt! *hug* Wishing you the best!

  15. Yep, this one is my favourite!

  16. This one might be my favourite too! I love that fabric!!!

  17. I’m so inspired by all the things you can do with Sorbetto! This version is a lot of fun.

  18. Is it odd that this is my favorite of all the Sorbettos? Or maybe the Society was my favorite. Anyway I’ve loved them all, and looking at the collection makes me wish that I could have your rejects! But the Siesta is really so pretty and the added detail perks it up even more.
    You inspired me this week – I’ve already made three Sorbettos. Well, almost made them – I’ll be racing to finish tonight since I have too many other things to do starting tomorrow.
    You can take a little break from sewing! Yes you can, it’s OK!

  19. ben, my man! i knew you would catch the grape drift! get that gal a bottle!

  20. Love the stripe switching. Very nice.