Hot! 7DoS: The Seventh Sorbetto


So we come to an end to 7 Days of Sorbetto with a variation I've wanted to do since the beginning of this challenge, a little tie-waisted number. After seven days of practice, I decided to break out the oh-so-precious vintage rayon that I found at a garage sale back in April. I love love this cactus-printed rayon (from the 1940s-1950, I believe). While it was a full 2 yards of fabric, it was only 19" wide. There wasn't much I could do with this piece so I embraced turning it into my last Sorbetto. The drape and feel of the fabric is so lovely! It almost makes me never want to work with calico or quilting cotton!

The big variation is the ties at the waist. To do this, I cut the back piece following the Colette pattern to the letter. For the front, the piece is still cut on the fold (at the pleat line) but then I added the tie pieces onto the front:


Once the I had finished the shirt and was ready to hem the bottom, I cut up the middle to where I wanted the ties to stop (where the original hem line would have been). I hemmed the entire bottom and the sides of the ties by folding over twice and stitching. 

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Thanks to everyone for following along and giving me much needed emotional support! My one regret is that I had provided more options for community participation in the decision-making process of each Sorbetto. Sometimes it's just easier to plow through things without fearing I need to stick to what people are expecting!

I hope I inspired folks to sew their own Sorbetto versions this week. If you did, be sure to leave a comment in this post!

Other Sorbettos from the 7 Days of Sorbetto Challenge:

image from nested.typepad.comimage from nested.typepad.comimage from nested.typepad.comimage from nested.typepad.comSunnySiesta  Seven-sorbetto


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  1. I really enjoyed reading about the sewing adventure. Since I am very hard to fit, I think I will have to try something like this – find a versatile pattern, adjust it and then make several different versions of it instead of trying to fit a new pattern…. thank you for the encourament.

  2. Thanks for the Sorbetto inspiration. This one looks lovely but I think I’ll be attempting to make my own society Sorbetto.

  3. Wonderful project, and you have certainly inspired me to try the sorbetto! Thanks for the fun posts :)

  4. Gorgeous fabric and adorable patern.

  5. I have loved this series. So great to see all of your variations using the same basic pattern. Quite inspirational!

  6. After 7 days of the Sorbetto, I think most of them are quite cute. I like the striped one a lot. But in all the pictures, it looks like the tops are a little small for you in the bust/ over bust area. There are clear tension wrinkles from under your arms. Is it supposed to fit like this? Do you like tight fittings tops? Just curious!

  7. It looks great! Congrats on 7 days of Sorbetto!

  8. I have just found your wonderful blog. And what an introduction it was. I loved how you changed this simple pattern to make 7 unique tops. I am definitely making one this weekend, hopefully with my own twist.

  9. YAY! Another fabulous sewing marathon! I loved every second!

  10. I’ve been sewing for 2 years and have followed The Sew Weekly since Day 1, but had never made a garment for myself until I saw your Dark Nautical sleeved Sorbetto! That gave me the final push I needed to be a little more selfish with my sewing, and I’m so glad I did. Thank you so much, Mena!!

  11. Actually I DID make a sorbetto as a result of your 7 days :) I wore it today (love it) and will surely make more! Congratulations on finishing your challenge and now you have all those lovely sorbettos to wear!


    I made one too, and I think it’s going to get a lot of wear this summer. I plan to make another very soon! I love the sunny sorbetto the best.

  13. I had already made a couple, but of course I had to try one with sleeves…. :)

  14. In general, your blog inspires me to sew more. Of course, it’d be nice if my sewing machine was working right now…
    All the Sorbettos this week have been adorable!