Hot! 7DoS: The Second-Rate Sorbetto

What's 7 Days of Sorbetto? For seven days, I'm making a different top based on the free and downloadable Sorbetto Tank Top  from Colette Patterns


Blue-belle Now I know I'm a bit too hard on myself sometimes. Calling this perfectly adequate shirt the "Second-Rate" Sorbetto is partly to satisfy my alliterative naming scheme. If I wasn't seeking an "S" word, I would have happily called this top the "passable," "close-enough," or "noble effort" Sorbetto.

I started working on this shirt after you all seemed to name "B" — the Texas Blue Belle Top as the winner. Once I checked out the details of this shirt, I saw that it was a non-stretching polyester. I had assumed, after my initial glance at it, that it was a jersey. The only suitable fabric I had in my stash was a black and blue floral rayon. Using this fabric was probably my first and biggest mistake: the simple blue of the original shirt was its charm. The bow really pops because the shirt is rather plain. Using this print took it into far fussier realms.

The second mistake — though  a "noble effort" mistake — was trying to create the braid around the neckline from scratch. The braid on the original shirt isn't obvious at all unless you zoom in. That should have been the permission I needed to skip this step. But instead, I twisted two long pieces of fabric casings and hand-stitched the braid to the neckline. While an interesting effect, it's just too large for the delicate neckline.  Up close, it looks neat:

image from

image from

I added a casing to the bottom of the top and inserted elastic. The effect is lost in the photos, but, it was indeed a touch that I replicated. I don't think it bought me any improved fit, though.

I'm still being too hard on this top. It's a perfectly wearable Sorbetto, one that I would be more proud of if I wasn't comparing it to the original top. 

Here's to a better tomorrow!

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  1. I think on the dressform it shows a lot more than it does on your body. I think it looks great!

  2. I agree with Rae, it looks fabulous!

  3. I pushed for the polka dots, but I actually really like how this turned out-big bow and all!

  4. This looks so much better on you than on the dress form.

  5. My favourite one so far, I think it looks great on you.

  6. I think the ‘braid’ on the neckline looks fantastic. That’s one idea I am definitely stealing and doing something with!

  7. I LOVE it! The braided effect is really neat!!

  8. I actually really like how it turned out! :) Agree with all the previous commenters who said that it looks better on you than the dressform. ;)

  9. Have to agree with the previous comments – the braid at the neckline is lovely, and this is my favourite so far also!

  10. I love the end result more than the inspiration.
    I so want to make this now, pattern printed and ready to rock.

  11. I have to admit, I thought the original top looked very “mumsy” and mature. However, your version on you looks cool and sassy. Great job!

  12. wait now, it looks really cute on a real body. what’s up with the weird dressform mojo?

  13. I think you’re a little crazy because it’s so cute! I want to make one just like it now!

  14. You’re wrong, dearie. The top looks first-rate to me. I like the braid trim & the bow. I didn’t realize that the original had elastic at the waist & I’m not a huge fan of that look anyway, so you have my permission to pull that out & just hem it. Then it’ll be even more first-rate.

  15. I do think it’s pretty, but I bet you could deviate from the original and make the braid and bow in a black fabric to give it some contrast.

  16. I agree that, without comparison, this top is really great! You are definitely being too hard on yourself. This Sorbetto has merit and can stand on it’s own. Looks very sweet on you.

  17. i love it! my favorite so far. the fabric is gorgeous and i think it turned out great!!

  18. Mena, that is a beautiful top! The braid trim and bow are so cute and I really like the print. Well done!

  19. I think this is actually my favorite so far! Go figure…

  20. My favorite so far! I love the detailing: the bow, the braided trim, and the blue is a great color on you.

  21. I think it came out lovely! This is my favorite one yet!

  22. you really are too hard on yourself! This one’s my favourite! Love it!

  23. I have to agree, love the braid trim on this one. The print needed the ‘bolder’ braid size.
    BTW, this is off topic, but do any others read SewRetro Blog and if so, have you been able to access it? Last post I received was Anne saying something was wrong, then I could no longer view it. It now says I haven’t been invited to read it and to contact the author. Just wondering.


    I love it. Although I didn’t vote, this blue shirt was my least fav of the three choices. But seeing what you did with it, on you, it looks great. I, too, am not so into sleeveless these days and have been wondering how to add a simple cap sleeve to a sleeveless pattern. So I really appreciate what you’ve done with Sorbetto. I really can’t wait to try it.

  25. Defiantly being waaaaay to hard on yourself. I prefer your version to the original!

  26. Mark me down as “love it” too! It’s super cute!

  27. I really like this version! It’s probably my favourite, maybe tied with the first one…. :) We’re always our own worse critics though!