Hot! The “Little Acorns” Romper


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Fabric: Red broadcloth from Jo-Ann's, $10; red & white stripe fabric for facings, thrifted, $.50
PatternMcCall's 6362, $.99
Notions: Invisible Zipper, $3.00
Time to complete: 6 hours
First worn: July 2011
Wear again? Yeah

Total Cost: ~$15

image from My inspiration for this week's was a moving target, albeit a consistent, red moving target. Although I knew I wanted to use the White Stripes as my artist, I couldn't decide on which album to choose. Ultimately, I decided on Elephant and purchased red broadcloth to make capri pants and red cotton for a western-style shirt ala Jack White.

The shirt had a promising start as I started by hand embroidering white roses based on the transfer that came with the 1970s-80s shirt pattern.

But of course, I should have known that whenever I take the time to embroider something, I run into some sort of problem that totally makes me regret embroidering first and then sewing.

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In the case of this shirt, my collar was just a pointy 70s mess. I removed the collar twice (!) to trim it down and create a look that was less John Travolta and more Jack White. But it just wasn't meant to be. The idea of continuing on was just too much after two days of shirt sewing. So I moved it to my failure UFO pile and moved onto another album.

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The eponymous debut album, The White Stripes, seemed straightforward enough: make something casual in red and white. I'm not quite sure what Meg White is wearing, whether it's a very short dress, a tunic or a romper. I decided to make a romper because vacation season is upon us and rompers and just so awesome.

With the broadcloth I didn't use for the capri pants, I decided to take on McCall's 6362, the romper pattern I used for the Cookin' Cornbread Romper MTL. Talk about a pattern that has a cover to turn you off of sewing! It's as if McCall's doesn't want to sell patterns!image from

Imagine the meeting:

McCall's Exec 1: We have this new pattern that could be the basis for some cute rompers.

McCall's Exec 2: Well, that's not acceptable. It's not like we want people to buy this pattern. What are you going to do about this problem?

McCall's Exec 1: Well… For the pattern cover, we could, umm… use some cheap-looking, shiny aqua fabric and pair it with an equally cheap looking black lizard skin belt.

McCall's Exec 2: I like where you're going with this. Go on.

McCall's Exec 1: And we'd make sure that the crotch hung down in a really unflattering way.

McCall's Exec 2: Nice. Let's hear more.

McCall's Exec 1: And, for the other view, we'd use more shiny fabric. And there'd be this gold chain belt..

McCall's Exec 2: Sold. 

McCall's Exec 1: But I didn't even tell you about the shoes…

McCall's Exec 2: You had me at "gold chain belt."

Despite the cover, I took on the challenge McCall's 6362 and was pleased with the results. Although the broadcloth is a bit stiff for the romper, it still works. For the neck and armhole facings, I used some scrap red and white striped fabric I had lying around. That's my nod to The White Stripes' use of peppermint candies in their album art (and Meg's drum set).

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Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. margueritedesigns

    Cute! Great second attempt (Am sure you’ll get back to your shirt one day – did you say once that you were going to do a western shirt theme week?)

  2. Really nice. I like how it is different from your usually silhouette. I think its funny how McCall’s is billed as the trendy line of patterns, but the pattern covers are usually the least on trend compared to Vogue and Butterick.
    Link to the cornbread romper is broken.

  3. Uh, you look amazing! And totally like a rock star. You could pass as Meg’s sister! Oh man, I’ve always loved all the projects you do but this one makes me love you even just that extra bit more. <3

  4. Wow beautiful! It really pops!
    I love the background you chose for the photo shoot.

  5. LOVE that pattern! So much in fact – that I went off to E-bay and got it! It’ll be perfect for the Pride parade I’m in in August. We’re doing a sailor-theme. Add a sailor-collar and I’m ready to show my support ;)

  6. Ha, I saw this pic in my blog feed and I thought “Meg White!” IMMEDIATELY! I was going to pop over and tell you so, but that’s the look you were going for in the first place! Haha, and I thought I was being clever. :)
    Excellent work once again, (and a wonderful tribute to a great band!!!)

  7. wow. serious eye candy. and your hair is AWESOME.
    i love that you saw past this cover (and the ad execs are killing me).

  8. Looks great. I have a blue romper cut out in black.

  9. Very cute, and I love the red door!

  10. So awesome! I’m a huge White Stripes fan. I love the red on red photographs. I think these are some of my favorite photos yet.

  11. I love this! I love that you can really look past the cover of a pattern to see the bones of a design. You look absolutely amazing!

  12. I’ve been following for a long time but was being shy and not commenting, but I have to come out for an outfit inspired by the White Stripes! This is fantastic :)

  13. It’s darling Mena! Definite props for looking past the cover of this particular McCall’s pattern. You look fantastic in red and in a romper – its just the bee’s knees. I’ve got a finished romper coming out soon too! Oh I’m in love with rompers. They seem just the thing for summer. Fabulous! xoxo, Sunni

  14. LOVE your whole outfit! IMHO if you want to make that shirt a little more wearable consider 2 things – cut the neck down a bit and add a collar base (looks like a mandarin collar that your pointed one gets attached to). We did lots of fast collars in the 70’s that didn’t look good since we were trying to be less ‘establishment’. And I see how much time and stitching you put into the pockets so you may want to consider making them smaller and higher since girl chests fill out shirts a little different than boy chests : )You could ditch them altogether since the embroidery is so nice and just let that shine! As usual, an amazing outfit!!

  15. As a fan of the White Stripes, I was so excited when I saw this pop up in my feed reader!!! :D I love how the romper turned out; especially the striped binding touch. So cute–and summery!

  16. I absolutely love it!

  17. I absolutely love this Mena! I love your whole look in this photo shoot! Did you cut your hair? It looks amazing!

  18. It’s fabulous! You look great in red!

  19. You look like Meg White in your romper, actually. It’s a great look for you.
    Will your husband dress up as Jack for you?

    I love the White Stripes, I love Rompers, I love your hair and I love RED! I’m honestly going to bookmark this post and look at it everyday! Great job Mena, and beautiful photos!

  21. I’m a huge White Stripes fan so seeing this post pop up in my reader was a real treat! Well, your posts are always a treat, but this was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. It’s always nice to “meet” new people that love Jack and Meg!
    Meg’s wearing a dress, by the way. It’s easier to tell on the LP version of the cover. Your romper is adorable though and I think you captured her spark quite well!

  22. Arrrr this is fantastic! Mena you make a brilliant Meg, maybe The White Stripes could get back together and you could take her spot but don’t ask those ditzy execs to sort things out he he.. Loved the idea of the cowboy top too, I look forward to seeing it on the next UFO challenge. Finding red doors to stand in front of made me gasp! fantastic!!.

  23. Thanks, Diane! I think we’ll definitely have a Western theme week since I’m on a bit of a Western kick lately. :)

  24. Thanks, Isidore! Yeah, I like that mixed it up a bit :) Until I started doing MTL, I didn’t even realize how the big four pattern companies differentiate themselves. Now I know. Sort of. :)

  25. Thanks, Caroline! I had a lot of fun with this one because I got to channel her. Basically, try to be cute but still look like you don’t know why you’re taking your photo. :)

  26. Thanks, Sertyan! That was the best wall ever. I believe it’s an old firestation.

  27. That would be great! Good luck with it!

  28. Thanks, Emily! I’m glad that I was able to channel it enough for you to guess. That means I did something right!

  29. Thanks, Oona! That’s what my hair looks like when I actually blow dry it. :)

  30. Thanks, Stephanie!

  31. Thanks, Katelyn!

  32. Thanks, Liza Jane! I had so much fun taking them and all because of that red wall!

  33. Thanks, Lizz! Just look at the technical drawings and it becomes far easier.

  34. Thanks, Kelly! I’m glad you delurked!

  35. Thanks, Sunni! Rompers are truly amazing little things. And they’re such a great nod to the past!

  36. Thanks, Loran! Yeah, I’m thinking that those changes are needed. I may even just take the embroidered yokes out and make them into something completely different. Needless to say, I’m not going to throw it out :)

  37. Thanks, Casey! Even Meg White has to go to the beach!

  38. Thanks, Debi! No, I didn’t — it’s just blow dried. So, who would you have done this week?

  39. Thanks, Farah! We actually used to be called “The White Stripes of Blogging” because Ben and I sort of have the same features as Meg and Jack. So, the answer is “no.”

  40. Thanks, Veronica! I’m glad you like it. It was so much fun! I actually squealed when I saw your post!

  41. Thanks, Angelina! Elephant holds a lot of memories for me since I listened to it all of the time while working on my start-up years ago. And Little Acorns, ironic as its supposed to be, actually got me through a lot of stuff.

  42. Thanks, Kazz! Yeah, I think the top will get reborn as something. :)

  43. I was gearing up to do Tori Amos…from ‘Tales of a Librarian’ that look:

  44. I love your version of the romper! And I had to laugh at the McCall’s execs conversation over the rompers. I’ve been working on a romper for about two months, and I can only hope it looks as good as yours in the end!

  45. Love this and love The White Stripes! I could easily see her wearing this on the front cover. It turned out great!

  46. Mena, cute shirt and romper. I bet the shirt could be saved by just getting rid of the idea of a collar all together. Its summer, why do you need extra fabric! I know its been said earlier but I second the idea!

  47. I love this creation and I REALLY love the inspiration. You did really well with this. the colours and the style is fantastic. GREAT work!

  48. It is gratifying to know that someone else feels the same way I do about McCalls! Love your inspiration and the result. Too bad I got rid of my White Stripes CD after High School.

  49. Fabulous and I love that you used the red/ white stripes for facings, it’s genius!