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The Facts

Fabric: Black suiting fabric I picked up from a remnants factory for $5 a metre at 150cm wide, Bargain. Broadcloth stripes.

Pattern: Vogue 1679 (basic dress series) from 1967.

Notions: Zipper.

Time to complete: Approx 3 hours not including all the dancing I did in between sewing seams.

First worn: Our first big gig, we performed in front of thousands of hip kids at Glastonbury. What a gig! Phew!

Wear again? The Glastonbury gig was a big deal for us and it was shown on every music video channel worldwide and the dresses made the front cover of the NME so probably no. Bit of an overkill.

Hi you lovely and super talented lot, I'm Kazz and lucky for me I have been asked to fill in for the uber talented Debi while she moves house. Wishing you the best of luck Debi, we eagerly await your return.

I really can't tell you how excited I was to be asked to contribute here and on this particular challenge, 'Record Covers'… I live and breathe music, in fact like Sarah I too am married to a musician and together we've played in various bands over the years, he is a very noisy drummer and myself a bass player, yep! we made a killer rhythm section.

So to cut to the chase and after much deliberation I chose the all-girl American group 'The Like' and their debut album, 'Release Me'. Strongly influenced by sixties girly groups such as The Shangri-las, I fell in love with the styling in this particular video, it's mod perfection. The dresses, the hair, the makeup, the shoes right down to the guys fitted suits, it's pure class. The albums not too bad either, let's just say Mark Ronson helps then out big time.

The Like-Release me (Viking Remix)


Process: Once I cut out the dress and placed the darts and zipper in I basted the seams together making sure she fit okay adjusting the shoulders and seams as I went. I then proceeded to pull the seams apart and with tailors chalk marked out the 'K', sewing a dress in any other letter didn't seem right. I used the width of the ruler so I  didn't have to make time consuming points of measure as a guide for the broadcloth stripes to follow.

drawn out

I've ripped the broad cloth into strips and ironed the seams flat and used an extra wide stitch to place them into position, I want to be able to wear the dress later without the 'K' so easy removal was a must. Wearing a 'K' outside of this post is a tad naff I think. 

So now that the dress was made the girls decided to ditch their lead vocalist and replace her with me, not because I can sing, oh god no, because I can sew. Cheeky lot hey? They didn't seem to mind that I was probably their mothers age either, the girls were really only thinking of filling their own wardrobes with original handmade clothes, I know this because I overheard them talking when I turned up for rehearsal pre-tour, I pretended I didn't hear a thing, I really wanted to play Glastonbury.

Management had the CD reprinted with me on the cover and just between you and I, I have spent the last six months on tour night after night miming the songs. But, my god we looked good.

The Like-Release me_me


The Like Drums


This is when I had to fill in for the drummer she fell off her drum stool and cracked her head open on the fold back speaker. Poor poppet…

The Like bass

…this photo was taken at the Whiskey A-Go Go, our bass player never turned up after going on an all- night-bender with Amy Winehouse.  

Phew! you know what? playing and sewing for this band has really been a tough gig, I'll be glad to get back to my normal sewing schedule. Seams ahoy!!!


Happy sewing, and thank you for having me this week xx





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  1. oh Kazz.. you freakin legend girl! Your dress is amazing! Thanks for sharing with us.. you know.. now that you’re famous n all.

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  8. Dang Kazz, you’re good!
    You make me so happy, I love your sensibility and free spirit! Just keep doing what you are doing…such a great inspiration for life!

  9. You’re a riot!

  10. what a great post! And what a killer dress!

  11. OMG – I love this group, I love this album and I love your dress!!!!!

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    now you and hubs are rocking in my head with your horse race outfits.

  19. YAY Kazz! I love this outfit soooooo much (plus, you turned me onto a new group!) I knew you were perfect for this challenge–you are so creative and I draw a lot of inspiration from you!! Love the dress and the photos!

  20. You’re so amazing! What an incredible replica dress (not to mention the greatest story ever)! I’m intrigued by the design though – you mentioned that you want the “K” to be removable. Will you do that by removing sections of the white broadcloth strips so you’re left with a black dress? I’m so glad you were featured this week – the theme was definitely custom-made for you!

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