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The Facts 
Fabric: Blue twill fabric (2 yards at $5.98 a yard from stash; similar found on
Pattern: Colette Ginger
Year: c. 2011
Notions: Invisible zipper
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: July 2011
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: $~12

If I won the lottery, there is one designer shop that I would go competely bananas in: Kate Spade. Maybe it's the bright colors or the whimsical twist on classic designs, but something about that store makes me want everything in sight! 

Kate_spade_handbags1Come to mamma.

 For this week's challenge, I wanted to do something simple, colorful and gurenteed to go with my awesome Kate Spade espadrilles. Enter some pretty blue teal that I had in my stash and the lovely Colette Ginger, and I was in business! 

I wanted to do something different than the previous version I made, so I went with version 2 of this adorable skirt. One thing I love about this pattern is how simple, yet varied the different views are – one has a pointed yoke, one is a simple band and the version I used had shaped curved band.

Waistband detail

This pattern was very easy to sew the first time and even easier to make a second time – the construction is simple and the instructions are very clear! I can happily report that the Colette Ginger is apparently Sarah proof! Also, one of my favorite things about twill is how  simple it is to sew with!

One of the coolest things about the high waistband is that I can tuck in one of my favorite tops (I made it last year and you can make one too!) I can't wait to wear this for a brunch date or with tights and a bright coat this fall.

For now, I'm going to wish America Happy Birthday in my new skirt by toasting my country in front of some awesome local art with a root beer! God Bless the USA , Texas and Kate Spade!

BONUS: You may be wondering what that delicious beverage is – it's Houston's own Saint Arnold Root Beer, the best root beer on Earth. Take that IBC! Oh, and they also have fantastic beer  - if your local bar (Texans, I'm lookin' at you) offers Saint Arnold give it a whirl! Warning: you'll be clamoring for more – it's good stuff.

STA root beer


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Man, I’ve gotta get on the Ginger bandwagon asap! Lovely fabric and I love that hat too! Lookin’ like you had an awesome 4th of July!

  2. Fabulous skirt, beautiful pattern! The color of the fabric is awesome for the summer, I really like.

  3. Very nice! I love the color.

  4. margueritedesigns

    I love this pattern.

  5. Looks great! I thought about using Kate Spade too!

  6. Oh, it looks so pretty! I like that hat :)

  7. Love the skirt and have you done the St. Arnolds tour? Take a cab, because it is delicious!!!
    Once again congrats on the lovely skirt! (all these Ginger’s are convincing me it may be time to purchase the pattern)

  8. Your skirt looks fantastic! I actually made a knock off of this skirt about a month ago, using fabric from, lol. Great job! :}

  9. Oh Sarah, you’re so cute! I love your new skirt! Perfect for a bike ride in the Irish countryside next summer.

  10. Such a beautiful shade of blue – positively cooling on summer day, but perfect for brightening up an autumn day too. (great shoes!) This pattern is going on to my ‘to buy’ list.

  11. Sarah you do the Ginger so well and I too have picked Kate Spade this week. She’s so bold, love it! I’m going to try the Ginger too, love your skirt.

  12. Nope. Sorry, Scuttlebutt brewery in Everett, Washington has the best root beer on the planet. I’ve known beer drinkers who will forego beer and drink the root beer instead. It’s that good.

  13. Move over Kate Spade!

  14. It’s the same with St. Arnold! I have done so on one of their tours when I still had beer tokens left – sooo goooood. I might have one right now!
    Also, we’re heading up to that part of the country this summer – I will definitely try it!

  15. Thanks lady! I love this pattern – it’s so easy, but looks so good!!

  16. Thanks Jen! It makes me think of the beach – some super blue beach on an island! Now I want to go on vacation to an island – right now!

  17. Thanks Rebecca! I love – it’s so inexpensive and they have a ton of great fabrics!

  18. Thanks Audie! I have been to one of the tours! My husband has even been known to ride his bike there and back sometimes! Also, yess! Get that pattern- it’s a keeper!

  19. Thanks Stevie! BTW – thanks for the tip on the new Sewaholic patterns! Love the dress one!

  20. Thanks Rosy! I am in love with anything summer right now – except the heat. Mercy!

  21. Thanks Caroline! I love holiday weekends – especially 4th of July (hot dogs, root beer and fireworks – what’s not to love?!)

  22. Love the skirt sytle and love the color! And PS – Goose Island in Chicago has the best root beer… for realsies :)

  23. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS and a BEAUTIFUL SKIRT! I can’t believe how gorgeous and polished all those Colette skirts are (I’ve seen a lot online!)!
    Thanks for sharing more of your town, especially your beverages!

  24. Yea to Ginger and Root Beer! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate and you look adorable and c-o-o-l!

  25. Root beer is the fave soft drink in our family (hubby and I for sure:)) and I absolutely love the bright blue color you have chosen for the ginger skirt, such a yummy and cheerful color!

  26. i love:
    root beer.
    beer beer.
    your perfect shade of blue skirt.
    your insane icon picture.

  27. Yay, colour! I love that skirt…I may have just bought the pattern… And thanks for the handy links – I had no idea what root beer was! I’m still a bit sketchy on what exactly makes an espadrille an espadrille but I’ll figure it out (I thought they were pants. Turns out pants for your feet). Hope you’re having a good week!