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Fabric: Red spotted cotton, from Spotlight, $36
PatternSimplicity 6025, $2
Notions: Invisible Zipper, $3.00
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: at the dress up party in late July
Wear again? Maybe!

Total Cost: ~$42 (I shudder with thriftiness & despair!)


All the way from Dollywood, this week it's your fave country singer, the cutest little pocket rocket performer in the world: Veronica "Dolly Parton" Darling! I've seriously had so much fun planning this week's creation, and I'm so happy to finally show you all the LOL moments I've had! 

Outside of sewing, my normal job is working at a radio station, so I listen to music all day, hang out with the most knowledgeable music lovers in the country, and have glanced at a fair few album covers in my time! My darling friend and colleague is having a birthday party soon, and the theme is all about album covers! So I was over the moon that we've been able to use her theme for our weekly creations too!

SW-4 Before choosing Dolly's 'All I Can Do' (her 17th studio album from 1976!) I was *this* close to making a purple suit with flouncy white blouse so I could be Prince from Purple Rain! But, in the end I had to settle for a Dolly album because then my Husbie gets to be Kenny Rogers! Ha! Once I'd settled on Dolly, I browsed through all her albums, and settled on 'All I Can Do' because she looks so cute, the colour was great and she was wearing long sleeves that wasn't leather or denim. Yep, I try to avoid sewing with denim or leather. Don't you!?

"It takes a lot of money to look this cheap," says Dolly Parton and for me this week: it's true! I didn't have any red flecked fabric in my stash, so I headed to the enormous and cluttered Spotlight, to find the hideously expensive (to me!) $12.95 a metre red spotted cotton. Of course I needed 3 metres, but luckily the fabric does feel smooth and flowy, instead of the normal cheap cotton, but still it kinda looks cheap. But hey! It's Dolly we're talking about!

Apart from using stiffer interfacing in the collar than I should have (lots of ironing to keep it flat instead of flicky-uppy) I love this pattern and the fabric! It feels like a great fit, and I'll have to make it again!

The princess seams are super flattering, and easy to adjust to your form, and the yoke neckline was really easy. Sometimes I get scared when there's a V neck, as I worry that the facing won't turn well, but this worked out fine!

Even though we don't really play Dolly Parton's music on our radio station, she is touring Australia later in the year, and my friends got to talk to her! She's still so cute! Now that I'm practically her twinnie, do you think she'd let me stand in for her on tour, understudy style? 



Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. Adorable, Veronica!

  2. You look like a Christmas elf (christmas in July anyone??) Great fit and style. Very flattering.

  3. Well darl’n, I think you look beautiful! – Kenny Rogers (A.K.A – Huzbie) x

  4. Love it! I want one, spots & all! :)

  5. My first thought was: “Veronica bought NEW fabric?” LOL! I’m glad you did as the dress looks terrific! The red is so cute on you and I really like the tulle peeking out! Well done!!

  6. I love the crinoline peeking out too, it’s great!

  7. I love Dolly’s personality and uniquiness, she’s a lovely icon which you have done such a good job of translating. Of course you could be her stand in, I wish there was a way to ask her…I bet she would go for it!
    But truly, your dress is adorable in a yummy kinda way! And you wear it with style!

  8. You are so Dolly! Love the last shot. You’re adorable!

  9. i love dolly & i’m so happy you did one of her album covers for this challenge :) she’d absolutely let you be her stand-in – she’s a total sweetheart!
    yay dolly!

  10. OK, I seriously love this. LOVE it! And your album cover at the end? I just ads to the awesomeness. Nice work!

  11. Howdy from Colorado-the dress looks really cute on you-a pair of retro peep-toe pumps would look great w/the dress. You’d be a great groupie for Dolly only you would need bigger hair!

  12. Oh my! You are too cute! The kerchief would be overkill for me, but you save the look with your enthusiasm and peek-a-boo crinoline. This is really encouraging me to attempt sewing some tops with my red and white gingham stash.

  13. I love reading the Sew Weekly blog, but never comment. However, I had to pop over and tell you how wonderful this dress is! I love Dolly and you did her so much justice. Beautiful look and so much fun!

  14. Girl you worked 9 to 5 on that dress he he Superb! and she fits you like a dream and I can imagine Dolly just squealing with joy at your take on her. Love the album cover too. What a fun challenge.

  15. Adorable, just like Dolly herself.

  16. judy roberson

    So very pretty.I love red and white polka dots… Happy Sewing.

  17. This is SO ADORABLE! Love the polka dots and I love your dress more than the original kekeke

  18. You are friends with Tom and Alex, too?? I went to school with Tom in Warrnambool, and they were both friends with my (now) fiance through musical theatre, small world!

  19. oh, but husbie could have been appollonia! :)))
    i’m in love with dolly, and as always, with YOUR cute self…

  20. LOVE the polka dots!!! You are such a doll and a great Dolly! The tie head scarf is cute too! I wanna see pics of husbie as Kenny Rogers! Sounds like such a fun party :)

  21. Yay for worlds aligning and getting to sew your weekly outfit for your party! You look too, too cute (a total shoo-in should a Dolly understudy ever be required) and the fit looks amazing. I’m glad you survived what must be only your second trip to Spotlight this year (you know I worry about you when you venture outside the op shops!). The red & white spots remind me of Doggy Darling’s first puppy collar (not stalky, just my crazy, stupid photographic memory!)!

  22. You are so adorable – I love everything you make and your photos are so fun! They make my day – as do the whimsical outfits that you make! This one looks amazing on you and makes me think of my favorite Southern woman ever: Dolly! 100% awesome!

  23. Oh yes, very Christmas in July! Thanks Jen!

  24. Why, thank you my honeybee!

  25. I know! Going into a new fabric store is almost unheard of!
    Thanks Sarah!

  26. Thank you Jessie, it’s sweet hey?!

  27. I’m so pleased you think so! I will really have to work on my singing if I ever did stand in for her!

  28. Hee hee! Thank you Kathy!

  29. I agree, she IS a sweetheart! xoxo

  30. Husbie loves the old photoshop! Thank you for your lovely comments!!!!

  31. Thanks Suzannah! I just looked at how gorgeous your blog is! You’re adorable! xoxo

  32. Thanks Denise, I’ve now been dreaming of peep toe heels, I might find them in Sydney this weekend! And don’t worry, I’ll boost that hair up at the party!

  33. Oh boy, I wish the gingham was in my stash! Thanks Alicia! Sew away babes!

  34. Thank you for commenting Allison! Really appreciate it! xoxoxo

  35. There are no words for how much I love this outfit! You nailed Dolly’s look perfectly. Also, you look fantastic in red! And those boots – divine! I think I am in love with your entire shoe collection.