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The Facts 
Fabric: 2 yards of black linen from stash (similar at for $11.98 a yard)
Pattern: Naughty Secretary Skirt pattern from Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp 
Year: c. 2007 (<= basically vintage – J/K)
Notions: Regular zipper from stash and vintage bias tape for waistband, also from stash.
Time to complete: Less than an hour – one episode of True Blood later and I was wearing it!
First worn: July 2011
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: ~$23

There is something about the ladies in Hitchcock movies that make me want to put on a pair of heels and go thwart some criminal scheme/fight frightening feathered creatures/help Cary Grant escape the fuzz. His movies are always thrilling, fun and full of awesome costumes!

One thing that always makes me think of Hitchcock heroines is the pencil skirt. I have no idea why. While he did have characters who wore this sort of thing, it wasn't the only kind of silhouette used in his films. Maybe it's something about how powerful a good looking pencil skirt can be and how awesome the female characters are that draws me to this type of garment. Anywho, that's what I chose for this week's outfit – a black pencil skirt to make me feel like a Hitchcock bombshell!

Picture 1Tippi Hedren rocks a green pencil skirt in the Birds.

The birds
 Above, Ryan and I fend off the original angry birds at Gabboween 2008!

As a craft supply hoarder, I take pride at having way too many craft books. One of these books had become a go to for my making of simple yet cute clothing – Sew Everything Workshop. I remembered that there was a simple pencil skirt pattern in that book and, sure enough, it took me about an hour to cut, prep and sew that sucker into a bombshell skirt! There were no tricks in this skirt – just two front and two back darts, a regular zipper and some bias binding on the waistband. Super easy for even a beginner (if I ever teach sewing again, this will be a class I would teach in a sewing 102 class!)

Thanks to Mr. Hitchcock, I am now ready for anything: date night, a meeting, looking super bombshell like at parties. This almost makes up for the fact that he single handedly caused my bird phobia. Almost. 

(Bonus: Put a bird on it! Sorry – couldn't resist!) 



Sarah Gabbart


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  1. I too am a craft supply hoarder, and I have that book! You’ve nearly inspired me to actually make something out of it… but that might deplete my hoard somewhat…

  2. I love the skirt! and the top too! :)

  3. You look so elegant in your pencil skirt and bow blouse. Love your attack birds, too funny but adore your sweet song birds, they are beautiful and the guy, he’s cute too, blood and all!
    What great fun!

  4. I really like the combination. Its so fun to see how all of you interpret each challenge.

  5. Sarah, you are Queen of the Internet (take the title, it comes with a crown) – you know where all the awesome stuff is! I spent half an hour watching other episodes! Did Sew Crafty ever put a bird on it?
    Your skirt is gorgeous and looks great! Super mosaic armadillo bonus points for completion in under an hour!
    I love your Gabboween photo – bit disappointed there’s less blood in your Sew Weekly photos (photo shoot is awesome by the way). I think the only way that photo could be improved would be with Tex in some kind of coordinated costume… could he pull off killer bird demeanor? Maybe if you took away his cheese?

  6. I have that book too! I haven’t made anything from it yet, but I am definitely loving your version of the pencil skirt! Well done! (Gotta love the birds)

  7. I went as Melanie Daniels two Halloweens ago. I got many many compliments. I figured I would share my costume with a fellow “Melanie”!

  8. I forgot to add you could follow my future Halloween project here:

  9. I love that a naughty secretary always looks very elegant. A pencil skirt looks great on everyone and to have whipped one up in less than an hour is pretty darn impressive.

  10. LOVE it :) And I love True Blood too… so if you can manage this skirt whilest being totally distracted by the vamps- it HAS to be a great pattern!

  11. I love the skirt it looks great on you!

  12. less than an hour! Geez woman you’re on fire! Well done. Looks great and will be a wardrobe staple now for sure.

  13. Fabulous costume!!! I am loving all the renditions of the Birds…so much fun!!

  14. Love the skirt!! It looks like it will be such a wardrobe staple! Love the photo with the birds and OMG. Love you both at the Gabboween in 2008…too funny! Ryan looks like he is going to attack one of the birds :)

  15. EEEP! Always good to meet another craft hoarder – It’s like a treasure hunt everytime I unearth a book that I bought way back when!

  16. Thanks Cathe! You have made my week!!

  17. Thank you Stephanie! I love seeing what all the ladies cook up – everyone has their own distinct flavor!

  18. Crown you say?!? i’m in! My title should read “Person that spends WAAAYYY too much time on Facebook” because that’s where 90% of this stuff comes from – I have some weird friends!
    Sew Crafty most definitely put a bird on it!
    Thank you so much lady!! Tex did have a coordinating costume on, he was a crazy chicken (proven when he took off his chicken hat by thrashing around like a crazy person and then tore it to pieces. Feathers everywhere – what a tragedy!) i think he can hear it when someone types cheese because he just came running in here!

  19. Thanks lady! That book is awesome – this was my first project from it but definitely not my last!

  20. You look incredible!! What a cool costume – great job!

  21. Thanks Rachel! OMG I was so distracted by all the craziness and, well, Eric. Rawr.

  22. Thanks lady! Honestly, it was all the pattern – it was Sarah proof!

  23. Thanks Debi!! Ryan is so crazy – he makes insane faces when prompted!