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last week on my blog, i lamented my lack of solid black and solid white (let's be real, solid anything). i had ideas for not one, not two, but THREE oona does it! requests, and they all required more class than is in my stash.  are y'all trying to tell me something? 

as i sorted through the maze of colors and prints, i mused that my closet looked like a summer carnival.  shannon commented:

It sounds like you need to make a dress fit for a carnival. Inspired by a farriswheel:)

sew country chick, rocking blogger and fast becoming a prolific community member here, seconded the motion:

Sounds like a good idea for a Sew Weekly challenge Oona


not having direct access to a ferris wheel, i thought i'd show you the carnival of stash instead. 

i love the ferris wheel!  i am also terrified of it!  there's something so excruciating about moving slooooooow and easy up to the very top and back down again… makes my stomach do flip flops.  and i'm married to a boy who insists on rocking the car back and forth right as you go over that bit at the top of the wheel, the part that makes you feel like you're no longer on a ride; you're just on an unattached bench about to fall to your death.  this cotton zigzag vertigo fabric fit that flip flop feeling for me. 


when we look back on the summer of 2011, might we decree it the Summer Of Sorbetto?  i'm sure some other important stuff will have happened too, but really, nothing as earth shattering as this awesome li'l pattern.  turning to sarai's freebie for the third time, i decided to morph it into a dress, but with a more exaggerated a-line, omitting the pleat, and raising the waistline to make a bell shape. so i slashed and spread the pattern (i love saying that) and then decided it would be even cooler if i sliced it through at the waist and had separate bodice pieces, with some funky trim to join at the waistline, and oooh yeah dissect the back skirt to add an exposed zipper….


and then i decided to match up the zigzags.  a la chevron.  would this still be called a chevron?  je ne sais pas.  whatever you call it, it gave me a hell of a fight.  my first bout with matching stripes turned my head dizzier than any carny ride.  it did not help that i cut the bias bodice pieces on a fold, thinking i'd use the crease as the cut line for center back and front.  that, my knowledgeable friends, gives you two halves with lines that line up.  non chevron.

but let me tell you right now: I AM THE MARIE CURIE OF MESSING UP A PATTERN. there are only happy accidents!  i exhaled over my faux pas, set my chin, and matched one half of the front to one half of the back bodice, playing with them until the zigzags matched.  then i drew new cut lines until i had my chevroned bodice pieces,  losing about 2-3 inches off the waist, neckline and side seams.  so, i added some vintage lace to the center lines to make up for the lost inches– essentially, i put the pleat back in.


in a rare occurrence of matching, i chose a pale pink exposed zip to match the pink zig zag. how very conservative of me.  


what ride will you take me on next?  step right up!  prepare to be amazed as i use something other than le sorbetto!



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. LOVE this! Love the fabric with the chevron effect! These photos are great…such colourful fabrics AND exposed bricks?? wow…I love it! :)

  2. Your stash is way more colorful than mine. Also, this really is the Summer of Sorbetto. There’s an explosion of them!
    And I love the dress on you.

  3. (And out of curiosity, did you take the same pin-up modeling class Gertie did?)

  4. margueritedesigns

    Well done you for figuring out how to do the stripe match up thing too!

  5. lovely dress. and your stash is much more interesting than mine!

  6. I love this dress! And hey if you open my closet you will find tons of blue and green and not a lot else.

  7. My gosh, I don’t know which is more insane and fabulous, you or your stash! This looks like great fun, and I LOVE the zig-zag stripes AND the chevron (and I’ve totally done that same thing with the cutting on the fold and expecting a chevron. Sometimes my brain’s physics don’t exactly match up with reality’s.)
    Oh, I bought two pieces of fabric yesterday. One was black, one was white. And I thought of you… ;)

  8. You really should get a Nobel prize for creative pattern matching! :D That’s a pretty awesome dress!

  9. Oona, you are AWESOME! It has definitely been the Summer of Sorbetto and I love what you’ve done with it for this pattern. :) Tres elegante, madame!

  10. Oh, I love how you made the chevrons go up in the back. Next time, I want to see you go all Coney Island, with The Cyclone!

  11. Shannon Burchard

    Great job. I am glad you are sharing the ride. Now I need to make me a Sorbetto. Just got my baby back from the shop and it is time to sew:)

  12. Why are ferris wheels so painfully uncomfortable? I too can NOT get on one to save my life…no way! But your stash is very impressive and makes for a nice soft landing! Okay and Sorbetto, the pattern that just keeps giving and your latest creation = LOVE!
    I actually think your next challenge should be based on one color and no more! Try that sister! ha!

  13. So amazing! I love the way you made this a frankensorbetto, like what zombies would eat if they ate sorbetto, but AWESOME. It’s a wild ride in and of itself.

  14. Great! I love the chevron effect (like just about everybody else). And the accidental lace insert. Your accidental design features tend to be awesome…

  15. Wow. Really, really no solids!

  16. First things first, Ferris Wheel=Carnival=Beer=Goodieson Brewery Pale Ale. It is complementing this dress very well.
    I love the crazy diagonal zig-zag chevron effect and am in awe of your pattern matching across bodice and skirt – that must have been a bastard to get right! I’m also super jealous of your carnival of colour stash – I’m aspiring to more colour in my wardrobe but whenever I run my fabric and pattern choices past friends the responses tend to be “are you sure? I think the pattern is a bit much”. Your colour and creativity make me happy :)

  17. OMG LOVE YOU. And your amazing fabric stash. And that crazy fabulous dress. With the ridiculously well done exposed zipper. Please send me some of your talent in a large box please, because even a sliver of it wouldn’t fit in an envelope.

  18. thanks girl! i had a blast doing these!

  19. say it ain’t so. i challenge you to get some wild color in there. your friends need to pipe down!
    and you caught me, i was totally inspired by gertie’s shots!

  20. but, oh, so complicated when pairing…

  21. but such a complimentary stash! sounds monet-esque. you must never have an issue pairing things up…

  22. and i’m totally channeling you on my search for solids!

  23. HA! i always wanted one of those!!! i think this could totally bring about world peace.

  24. thank you beaucoup sarah!

  25. ooh, we rode that like 6 times one year on my birthday– no one was on line so we just kept running back up. found out later on it was because it had a wreck earlier that day, and everyone was staying away in fear..

  26. oh man, and now with mena’s 7 day sorbetto challenge, you can make all KINDS of that jammie!

  27. i know! it’s because they lull you into a sense of safety!
    now listen you, ONE color? ONE????
    you vex me, cathe.

  28. um, that is awesome. i mean, i have no words.

  29. i try to think of them as happy accidents :) otherwise, i curse and scream, and throw it into the pile of UFOs!

  30. i mean. REALLY. i ain’t gonna lie to you.

  31. could you please pair each week with le alcohol? you really hit it dead on every time.
    as for your friends, offer them a stiff mix of whatever you weekly poison you choose. then take them fabric shopping.

  32. ONLY if you send me a crate of yours. i’m channeling your refashionista skillz at the moment!