Hot! oona does it!: WHATEVER.



oh, hello darling.  i was just having a little sip of pinot noir after a morning of sewing.  no, it's not too early– surely it's wine thirty somewhere  in the world.


well, dear, if you must know, the ladies over at the sew weekly have been giving me quite a run for my money.  a handful of them have requested an oona does it!… it pains me to say it… in a solid color. three of them demanded BLACK, no less!  do you remember what happened the last time someone asked me to make a BLACK dress?!


i thought you might have forgotten.

so, snookums, this week i decided to challenge myself.  an exercise in building up my strength to working in something a bit more conservative.  so i whipped up this little sundress.  

what's that you say? it's still a fairly loud dress?

DO YOU NEED YOUR EYES EXAMINED?!  can't you see i've used the SAME FABRIC for the skirt AND the bodice?!!!  this is COMPLETELY out of character for me!  i get a migraine just LOOKING at this washed out concoction!  i can't TELL you how hard it was to keep my paws off the multicolored stripes and dots and zigzags just BEGGING to be paired with this paisley!!!

all right.  i'm better now.  barely.  really, you shouldn't vex me like that.

although this dress is far too conservative for my tastes, i do enjoy the back. and truly it was challenging for me to– how i loathe the word– match.  but baby steps, darling.  before you know it i'll be giving those sew weekly dames what they want, and sewing up an oona does it! in a solid color. quite possiby noir.


luckily, we have plenty of the pinot variety to help me along.



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. I immediately thought “baby steps” and there you have it, you said baby steps. So this wash out of patterns will take time…fair enough. Keep drinking the red, it helps headaches for sure! And it is a cute dress with less patterning, so congratulations!

  2. I love this dress. You rock paisley, and even though it’s a matching bodice and skirt, that middle piece of lace sets it off so well!! Seriously fantastic – well done, Oona!!!

  3. It’s lovely! (And if you get tired of it, send it my way ;) )
    If it helps, I recently bought fabric for a dress in a print. I know!

  4. Oh who cares what they say about using solids, I like all your prints! It would be fun if you made some separates too.

  5. Fab-u-lous!!!!! Solids are overrated!

  6. Don’t listen to them …… bring on all the colour and prints ….. I LOVE them – and they look so fantastic on you!!!

  7. Oona you did it again. Loving it, you wear prints very well.

  8. margueritedesigns

    You have done a solid colour! What about that green dress when you first came on Sew Weekly – the one with all the sewn on bits?

  9. Oh, I love that paisley fabric! And the lace midriff! Awesome! (Alright, so I’m a wee bit sad that the polka dots didn’t make it into the bodice. But a glass of Tempranillo is helping me over my disappointment.)

  10. Oh, dahling! You look so fabulous, really you do. That lace back may be too risqué for the country club’s formal dining room, but it’s certainly appropriate for cocktail hour by the pool. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next:)

  11. Solid black? I’ll believe when I see it.
    I love the lacy midriff.

  12. Oops, my disbelief is not as effective with a typo. Should say “believe IT..”

  13. judy roberson

    I think it is very becoming of you.. You remind me of my friend, Cathe..she ALWAYS says,”take baby steps..” Love it.

  14. I totally have a girl crush on you (don’t tell Tanit-Isis, she might get jealous).

  15. Seriously, Oona, you are just so adorable! And I love all of your wacky prints! Can we be friends? :)

  16. Brilliant post. Oona, I love you!

  17. I love the lace it looks so pretty and demure!

  18. I like the back too. It’s a pretty cheerful dress, to me it screams Oona!

  19. Don’t dare do what they tell you. You so know best! that lace waist-piece is so lovely. Looking fabulous as always.

  20. I love it! I like the back too :o)

  21. Good job Oona! ;) I was thinking about giving you this challenge, too!…you really are one of a kind!!! Thanks so much for making our days once a week! <3

  22. Oh-gwad-no-please-not-black.. There’s plenty of insufferable hipstwerps doing that matchy S**t on the interwebs, please, just stay Oona-riffic ok?

  23. Perhaps if you approached the non-print challenge with fabric in a SOLID that was WINE or WHISKEY colored???? If that step is still too bland, how about COSMOPOLITAN colorway? Need a bit more of an easing-in? Let’s see you sew a MOJITO!!
    now drinking Kozaemon Junmai sake

  24. it truly cures all ills!

  25. hahahahaha.. you crack me up…. there aren’t any plain fabrics in my stash either!

  26. What on earth gave you the idea that you need to tone it down? You must forget that immediately!!! This world needs more color, more wild prints—the crazier, the better! Have you ever noticed how you make people smile? Wackiness rules!!!

  27. thanks meg! the lace is what’s keeping the dress in the closet :)

  28. girl, it may just make its way to you. it IS on probation.
    i am speechless regarding your print. and anxious.

  29. luckily i have OODLES.

  30. thanks sharon! i felt i almost DIDN’T do it this time around :)

  31. you are right!!!! that was totally solid! i think all the pieced bits made me feel like it couldn’t qualify. that, and the lime green shade…

  32. tempranillo truly cures all woes. should this dress survive, it will never be worn without a glass in hand.

  33. ho! cocktail hour! this comment alone may give this dress a reprieve.

  34. oh, it’s coming, girl. WATCH OUT.

  35. teehee! thank you :)

  36. ha! you hear that tanit isis!! you bettah make the print dress up!

  37. TOTALLY. we can discuss wacky prints over bourbon.

  38. well XOXO to you too fabulous lady!

  39. ah, yes. demure. i think that is my main problem with it…

  40. cheerful? hmm. i think a good soak in some magenta dye would cheer it up!

  41. oh but i must do the bidding of the challengers. they speak, i obey. i don’t know why; really i never obey anyone. it’s perplexing.

  42. thanks girl! the back truly is my favorite part.

  43. ha! i will add you to the sordid solid colored list! and you are most welcome, i’m blushing :)

  44. lady, have you just challenged me to make a dress inspired by drink?
    you are All. Kinds. Of. AWESOME.

  45. the only way to stash!

  46. i love this rebellion against non rebelling! truly though, it will be a challenge for me to do a solid. and i LOVES me a challenge.
    i also am quite fond of hearing i make peeps smile, so thank you :)!

  47. i love this rebellion against non rebelling! truly though, it will be a challenge for me to do a solid. and i LOVES me a challenge.
    i also am quite fond of hearing i make peeps smile, so thank you :)!

  48. Oh Oona I’m really laughing at the comment above from you “it will be a challenge for me to do a solid” haha heee Great post you always make me laugh and fab dress as always. Oh look at that it’s wine thirty here too *Ching Ching*