Hot! Larger Sized Patterns for Sale

Last week's post about finding larger-sized patterns made me more dilligent during this past Sunday's trip to the Alameda Antique Fair. I picked up a few to offer for sale at my Etsy shop. I tend not to sell pattern on Etsy since it's often more trouble than its worth (for me at least). I don't want to charge too much since I feel that patterns shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. But, at the same time, photographing, writing the listing and mailing them out is not a trivial task. I'm going to try to keep all the patterns I sell under $10 (including domestic shipping) since that seems like the right price and return for me. Plus, I just want folks of all sizes to have options. Here are the listings — message me in Etsy if you have any questions!

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Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Let me just say that I completely 100% agree with you! This nonsense of vintage patterns costing huge dollar amounts takes all the fun out of wanting to sew with them. I too understand the amount of work that goes into preparing to sell vintage patterns. A big thank you Mena! xoxo, Sunni

  2. I remember asking you about this very subject at the Mighty Summit. Thank you for keeping vigilant, and for making these affordable!

  3. Just went and had a look and they’ve been snapped up! Gotta be quick lol