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The Facts

Fabric: Vintage polyester knit type fabric, $2 
Pattern: McCalls 4438, free, Mum's collection
Year: 1975
Notions: None!
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: July, 2011 in Sydney
Wear again? Yep, it's comfy!

Total Cost: $2


Ahoy! I've set sail for foreign shores, and aye aye Captain Mena, I can make a nautical dress! I shall dock for some fine photographs in the best looking harbour in Australia. Hee hee! Yes, I'm in Sydney, Australia and found the best position for you to see the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the darling Sydney Opera House. I'm at the pier right by Luna Park!

There is no question that Sydney boasts some of the best waterways, and it's a glorious town to sweep in, catch up with friends (the Album Cover party!) and show you my sweet little nautical number!

When life gets busy, I always opt for knits! It took around 2 hours for this dress to come about, and it's entirely overlocked. The material is from a recent op shop visit, where most fabric remnants were 50c to $3, and as I've got a bit left over for a skirt, I'd put this dress around $2. OMG. SO cheap. 

The fabric is a little stiff for a stretch knit, but hopefully after a few wears it'll soft up ok. It was the easiest fabric to sew with, and probably is a polyester of some sort, as it does NOT feel natural! 


The pattern is a 34 bust, and I recall it was a little big from when I made it last time a few years back, but even with a smidge resizing here and there, it's a little roomy. BUT, I had to suck in the gutz for these photos, so for stiff material, it can be quite revealing of one's curves.


That's my sea shanty pin up girl look! 

I made a few changes to the original pattern, and tried to avoid the built in tie piece, as I recall it was a little fiddly and the 1975 pattern suggests you use a straight stitch machine, and that's not going to end up well. Instead I made a normal top bodice pattern out of the existing pattern (just placing it on the fold), added the neckline binding how a Built by Wendy pattern book suggests you do, but adding a 'key' of fabric so that I could tie the extra long 'nautical' element to. Kinda like Adey's here, but not, and it's a little hard to explain. Maybe I'll try and get some photos or draw a picture! Oh dear, I so don't have the brain power to cope with explaining this week!

I overlocked the hem on both the sleeves and the skirt, but the skirt all puckered up and I cut it off, and let it be UNSTITCHED. What a terrible seamstress I am, but oh well, I had to set sail and all that jazz and frankly I don't think this fabric will unravel (or whatever it does when you unhem something?). LOLZ! I'm getting more professional every week, right!

And now for all you lovers of 'How is this styled for winter?', here's my styling and it was a cold weekend in Sydney, but I'm so pleased the rain cleared for our photos! I think someone else is a little 'pleased' (ie creepy!) too!

Bon voyage for now!


Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. margueritedesigns

    Just shows that you don’t have to work slavishly over something for it to be a success. Great result.

  2. Oh love love love love love. Seriously I’m glad that is a vintage pattern or I’d skip the gym for a joanns run. As it is I’m off to etsy. You always do a great job but I thing that is just great.

  3. Love it!!! The stripes are just the thing. ;) I especially like the last outfit shot too, with the cowl and jacket–proves it’s a great piece that will last you well into spring! :)

  4. Fantastic dress!

  5. Cute! Made me a feel a bit cold though.

  6. A v-neck & 3/4 sleeves are some of my favorite design features, but what caught my eye is your hair. Pretty dress, great photos and lovely hair. Like this style on you.

  7. Very nice – I really need to have a go at sewing knits!! Love the photos – as always!!

  8. these photos are awesome and you look just the part. very pretty. how incredible you achieved this look in a $2 fabric.

  9. First, you look fantastic! What a cute dress and holy crap are you good at posing – did you model before or something? Because seriously – cute poses!
    Second, you live in the coolest place ever!

  10. Oh you look adorable and doesn’t Sydney harbour look beautiful. Great dress, fabulous photo’s as usual. Was your mum a keen seamstress too? Fab pattern.

  11. Super cute as always – love the neckline on this.

  12. Love love love this dress! The neck tie is fabulous and the whole ensemble is perfect for this week’s theme!

  13. LOVE this dress!! I have very fond memories of Sydney! That last photo is hilarious!!

  14. you are. too cute. for words.
    though i love it with the red scarf, you are gonna rock this with bare legs in spring!

  15. That dress is so cute! and you are just too adorable in it!

  16. Thank you sweetpea! Yes, the knit fabric and the overlocker certainly gives you a quick break!

  17. I can totally share if you’d like to use it? xoxo

  18. Thank you Casey – it’s just around the corner! Cannot WAIT to say bye bye to winter!

  19. Thank you Linda, they’re my fave features (and perfect for petites!) my hair was SO messy and yuk with hairspray, so glad you like it!

  20. I’ve done ‘musical theatre’ which is very silly and fun, so I bet some of my outgoing streak stems from my youth! xoxo
    How cool is Australia!? You’ll have to visit!

  21. Mum kept a couple of patterns but she wasn’t a total keen seamstress, just dabbled. She does inspect hems though, and since I have the overlocker, my seems have been way neater.

  22. Cannot WAIT for springtime! xoxo

  23. That dress is gorgeous!
    Looks great on your figure.
    Nice work!