Hot! Friday Fabric Finds: 7/15/11

Catching up from last week, here's my Friday Fabric Finds. The first four prints I bought at Urban Burp, partly with the Groupon discount from earlier this year. While the fabric at Urban Burp is marvelous (and so so easy to shop for vintage prints), the prices are far more than I ever pay for fabric. We're talking yardage prices that equal the total costs of two or three of my weekly creations. I just know not to get used to shopping like that. And here are the finds:

I will never pass up a latin/mexican/hacienda print. Ever. And this one is so beautiful.

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Another Western print that I just had to have:

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A Western rayon print from the 1960s-1970s. I'm obviously in a Western kick right now so this was perfect.
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I love this batiste print. It's just so wonderful. While it is more playful than what I would make for Gatsby, it's would be the perfect drape for the dresses I'm considering.

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The bottom two I found at Candlestick Antique Fair. The prices, being much more in my comfort zone. The chair print was $10 for about 4-5 yards. The second print, $2 for 5 yards.
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Mena Trott

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  1. margueritedesigns

    Want the windmills one! Perfect for someone like me living in East Anglia …