Hot! Friday Fabric Finds: 7/1/11

This week's finds come from an "estate" sale I just visited this morning. Estate is in quotes because the people selling their stuff were very much alive — in fact they were there. I usually get bugged by sales being billed as estate sales that aren't truly that, but since this sale was actually being run by an estate sale company, I'll let it pass. They were clearing out an entire apartment they use as storage for their crafts, books, fabrics, paintings and decorative arts, so that was a good thing. Their tastes were very eclectic with a preference for ethnic and world arts. You'll notice that my finds from this week have that vibe. Considering I'm getting in a bohemian period, that's a good thing.

image from

(1 1/2 yards)

I was delighted to find a copyright on the selvage! Not only did I get a date (1954), I got information about the artists and the manufacturer! I always wanted to be an archaeologist and hunting for things like this is the closest I'm ever going to get!


From Twentieth Century Pattern Design by Lesley Jackson:

During the late 1940s the design division of Associated American Artists embarked on a mission to disseminate the work of its members to the mass market via ceramics, graphics, textiles, and wallpapers. This resulted in the Signature Fabrics collections, which included printed apparel fabrics marketed by M. Lowenstein & Sons, Inc. from 1952, and three collections of furnishing fabrics produced by Riversale Fabrics in 1952-3. The scheme was stylistically eclectic because of the sheer colume of contributors…

So yay!

Far less interesting are the other pieces of fabric I bought. I like them all but the find above trumps them all. On purely a design note, however,  this red white and blue floral  print was my favorite find. And, all of this for $11 is a pretty good deal!

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(3 1/2 yards)

image from
(6 yards)

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(2 1/2 yards)

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(3 yards)


Mena Trott

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  1. Oh my goodness, color me jealous! I love the first and last ones the best. What great finds.

  2. I love the second one most. Sigh. Wish we had these sorts of sales in the UK.

  3. let me know if you are interested in selling the blue/white/red one….i LOVE it and 3.5 yards, oh the possibilities!

  4. Wow, the first one actually made me “Squee!” out loud. So, so cool. Love.

  5. Wow I love all of those! Gorgeous!

  6. Wow! That first one is downright amazing. Good find!

  7. margueritedesigns

    You lucky thing!

  8. What finds! Have to say that second one is my favorite, but then again I’m a sucker for that color scheme anyway. hehe!