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Because I'm not a total unreasonable taskmaster, the ladies who contribute to the Sew Weekly are allowed to sit out challenges from time to time. Adey, on vacation, handpicked Cathe as the community member who she'd like to take her place for the week. Cathe has been an active member of The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle and it's a pleasure to have her share her latest creation!


The Facts

Fabric: Linen Viscose blend and Cotton Jersey
Pattern: (a book) "Twinkle Sews" by Wenlan Chia, published in 2009, pattern "Take Manhattan" and New Look 6838 (long sleeve t-shirt)
Notions: burr rivets (at corners of pocket)
Time to complete: both shirts and a muslin probably 10 hours…maybe 11, could be 12??
First worn: in these pictures
Wear again: absolutely!

Total cost: I would guess around $50, some of this was from my stash including the New Look pattern.

Hi Friends, while Adey is away I decided to play…or something like that! I was asked to sit in for Adey this week, oh boy fun! For the nautical challenge I made a long sleeve t-shirt and an over shirt. And my mood board, why not, they're fun!


There are lots of yummy patterns in this book, so the price $24.95 doesn't seem so steep.


For the love of vintage I'm sharing a great picture of my parents on their first boat, a Chris Craft run-about…this is pre-me. My life has been full of boats from motor boats to sailboats which I love…but as you point out I live in the Mid West. Ah don't despair, it's the land-O' lakes…that is about 10,000 lakes, plenty of water around here!

So let's get crackin' and find the perfect boat!


A lovely sailboat! It could certainly fit my needs…


Would it be terrible to take this baby out for a spin? I don't think the owner would care…to much!


Ahoy there! More boats to be had!


Let me help you dock that boat! Seriously this could be the boat! 


Umm, First Mate Cooper, declares he "hates" water…I always thought he was more of a cat than a dog. Alright maybe we need to rethink the boat…


So there you have it, my perfect boat!

Yes I totally knocked off a Saint James Breton shirt!


Cathe Jacobi


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  1. you look fabulous Cathe and I am glad to see Cooper muscled in on the act – good pick Adey!

  2. margueritedesigns

    Well done Cathe – you look great! What an act to follow – you’ve totally set the bar.

  3. Yay Cathe, you found the perfect boat hehe and you made the perfect outfit, I really love the cowl neck on your top FANTASTIC! what a fab post and Cooper is darling. Well done LOVE IT.

  4. That looks like so classy. What a great job. I live in Michigan and I lOVE the water.

  5. eee Cathe – very cool to see you hear. Love the overblouse and the boatneck stripes are simply sublime. You are definitely in your element. Cheers.

  6. This is wonderful! I loved the way we get to see all the details in the shirts as your picture story unfolds. Great pintrest board too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. judy roberson

    I am so excited to see this post.. The waiting has been LOOOOOOOOOONG!Ha.. But well worth the wait. I don’t think Adey could have found a better person to fill in for her.You have done an excellent job. The shirts are wonderful and look great on you and they definitely show your wonderful sewing talent [that you so modestly claim ,you dont have,ha]
    The photography is beautiful.. Love your lay out..Fantastic job.

  8. I love your outfit! It’s so fun and wearable and I’m so excited to see that you made separates! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I’ve had that twinkle top pattern sitting in my to-do pile for years now—I’m gonna have to bust it out again and make my own, because yours is making me drool! and such a lovely ensemble overall–really a great job.

  10. Gorgeous Cathe, love the anchor embroidery on the back, really brings it all together. Fab job!

  11. Charlotte, Thank you for your kind words!
    You know Cooper, he was not about to sit this one out.

  12. Thank you Diane! You will do an amazing job with next week’s theme. I hope you are having fun with the challenge. I know it can be a little stressful, but you are so talented, no worries!

  13. Hey Kazz, I so badly wanted to be in your girl band! You completely inspired me to have fun with the challenge and just go with it. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  14. Jessie, we are practically neighbors! Thanks for your kind words!
    I went over to your blog, I love your “Martha” jewelry shadow box! I think I need to make one too, not sure how I missed that project in the May issue, I usually do such a good job combing through each issue!

  15. Oh, I love this! It’s great to see practical separates. I really like the cowl on the overshirt. It looks classic with an interesting twist. Do you normally make muslins when you sew?

  16. Thanks Jen! This was a really fun challenge for me although I felt really nervous as the due date came closer.

  17. Paloma, thank you so much for your kind words!
    I have become such a fan of Pinterest. Have you given it a try yet? Unfortunately I can get lost in it for hours!

  18. Judy, You are the sweetest friend and my sewing buddy. You are always so supportive and say the nicest things, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  19. Hi Stephanie!
    Oh thank you so much! I’m a big fan of separates, it just works better with my figure. I love your outfit this week! Oh heck I love all that you post!

  20. Trish, You are so kind, thank you! Oh definitely make this top, it is so worth it and really isn’t too intense! I think the hardest part is tiling all the sheets of paper to make the pattern…be warned it’s like 50 sheets!

  21. Thank you Kristy. I admit I love to embroider, it’s makes for “happy” hands!
    I’m still laughing about your “birds”, that was such a great post!

  22. Thank you so much Melissa. I tend to be practical…I wish I would cut loose sometimes but I think I hear my Mom in my head!
    Regarding muslins, it all depends on the pattern company and the style of the clothing. I had never sewn anything from Twinkle and I found that I needed to add 4″ to the body length and 1″ to the body width to accommodate my very broad shoulders. I’m glad I took the time for the muslin. I usually learn a lot from the test run too, so for me it’s worth it.

  23. What a great casual outfit, only made better with the clever embroidery on the back! I haven’t ever viewed “Twinkle Sews”, but it is on my wish list now. As was previously stated, you set the bar for guest posts on Sew Weekly!

  24. Fabulous work Cathe! I love the anchor embroidery so much – it’s a great little surprise on the back of your shirt! Well done!

  25. YAY Cathe! I love this so much! You are the epitome of nautical chic! I must say I absolutely adore the embroidery–what a nice touch!!

  26. Awww Debi, you truly are my inspiration! I delight in every outfit you make and how you push yourself to go beyond the ordinary! I so very much appreciate your kind words!

  27. Meg, I love embroidery so much, I’m always trying to sneak it in to my projects. I’m so pleased you noticed it!

  28. Pamela, Twinkle Sews is pretty darn awesome! I actually found it at my local book seller! And thanks so much for your thoughtful comments, it was really fun to make!

  29. Cathe – this is an adorable outfit!! Love what you have done – the details, the cut and the combination are perfect. Also, your dog is so cute!!

  30. Fabulous Cathe! Love both tops.. so perfectly nautical. You look very classy. Great photos too. Well done.

  31. Yay Cathe! I was so excited to see you on the front page of the SW :)
    I love the sewing and the story, and sailing too!

  32. Awww Sarah, thank you so much. I don’t know how you all do this weekly and to such high standards! I’m still in love with your Sorbetto from this week’s challenge but I also love your red one and not to forget both of your Gingers! The list goes on and on!

  33. Thank you Casey! The nautical theme was really fun for me. I love all you posts! They really inspire me and your advice is always spot on. I really apprciate your thinking on how to “finish” a project.

  34. Thanks so much Lisette! I was actually a little shocked to see myself here too, I knew it was coming but yikes, surprise!
    I love how your pink dress turned out, great details and so much fun!

  35. CAAAAAAATHE! so elegant as ever!!!! you seriously stepped out of a catalog in that first shot. hell, every shot.
    your teeny boat is my fave :)

  36. oona you always make me laugh…I hate to think what catalog I stepped out of “boat engine monthly” hahaha! You are the best, thanks!

  37. ARGH, I’ve been away, so totally just catching up, and LOVE your stylin’ here and your photos! You look so relaxed and comfortable in a really stylish way! Great sewing, and thanks for the pattern book, I’ve never heard of it!

  38. Gorgeous photos Cathe and I love your outfit! I am so happy that you had fun!!! I have also made the Twinkle Sew Take Manhattan tunic and it is definitely a staple! Fabulous!