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Mccall_s_6492The Facts

Fabric: Black and White Woolie, ~$.50, thrifted; white cotton stuff, $5 new from Spotlight; black cotton for jacket lining, thrifted ~$.10
Patterns: McCall's 6492 $2 and Butterick 4386 $?
Years: 1962 and 1989
Notions: invisible zipper for the skirt, stash and interfacing, $.10
Time to complete: 10 hours
First worn: Just the top half, June 2011
Wear again: Yes, 2/3 ain't bad!

Total Cost: ~$10

51Wb1Ha-q5L._SS400_This week, I wanted to set the stakes high! I needed some crazy odds to get myself over the line by a nose! Any racing term you can think of, I had it this week! I wanted a full outfit, like those 'My Fair Lady' ladies & gentlemen, but just a modern looking one. Pulling at the bit, frothing at the mouth, whipping myself into shape, you name it, I was there!

I had only two pieces of black and white fabric in my stash, and one is just too incredible to cut right now (floral, with a border print and 1960s era – am waiting for the right vintage pattern) so I found my trusty woolie check fabric still had enough steam in it to make a few more garments. I've made 2 dresses previously from this thrifted black and white check stuff (I orginally had about 7 metres of it, thrifted too!), so I'm proud to say, it's finally STASH BUSTED!

Once I settled on making the jacket of McCalls 6492, I didn't have enough fabric left for the gored skirt, so along came Butterick 4386, as the skirt looked like it'd be out in front as a sure fire winner of the three garments. For the McCalls white blouse, I picked up a remnant of white lawn (with a light stripe through it) at Spotlight when I got the interfacing for the jacket.


The wonderful thing about McCalls 6492 is that a former seamstress owned it (and a few other 1950s and 1960s patterns in my stash) and had made a lot of notes and personal adjustments. All the pattern pieces were used but totally cared for and whilst I felt a little sad changing some of those resizing cuts and slashes, I felt incredibly part of her thought process and it's such a unique way of learning drafting techniques.

It was a epic full day of sewing for these three, but it was the jacket that took up more than half that time. Whilst it wasn't tricky, it's just those time consuming things like handsewing, and doing the lining and those darling darts on all the pieces (one elbow dart this time!). I resized the waist and the sleeves, so the fit is amazing but it needs a bit of wear to ease the stiffness. And I cut a little corner by machine stitching most of the lining (the pattern asks you to *handstitch* every lining seam) and it turned out fine.


Once I finished the jacket, I quickly made the skirt and after a few fittings, confirmed that 'front pleats' and a 'slightly tapered skirt' are not the most flattering on my body type. I had some suspicions about these tummy and waist techniques with some other garments I've made this year, and I think darts (carefully placed) are my most favourite. The pleats and the shape of the skirt (which I thought would be more pencil on me) just doesn't look right, so I could change the pleats to darts and taper it even more. If you are petite and have round hips and a little waist, what's the best fitted skirt shape, I wonder?

Lastly the singlet blouse took less than an hour to make up! I discovered the pattern wanted a side zipper (no way, blouses shouldn't have zippers!), so ditching the instructions I turned the whole thing on the bias, cut it shorter and bias taped the sleeves instead of underlining. So it was the blouse that became the real fast winner today, and left that easy skirt stuck at the gates! I love the top half of this outfit, so 2/3 ain't bad odds!


My vintage hat has no label, but feels 1960s mod, and was thrifted about 10 years ago. I've worn it several times to some country race meetings, AND been a finalist in Fashions on the Field for one Cup Day where I wore entirely black and white! So it had to make an appearance for this week's B&W theme! I just picked up these vintage gloves last week, and really needed them for it was FREEZING! But where am I…?

If you've ever been to the Melbourne Cup (the race that stops a nation!), you'll recognise Flemington Racecourse and the famous cup winner Makybe Diva statue here in my photos. Husbie and I snuck in early this week and it was so beautiful and quiet. A few horses were training on the course, and the roses were just divine!


In a weird co oincidence, after I made 3 garments, I've learnt that Makybe Diva won the Melbourne cup three times in a row, the race is for three year old horses and over, is 3,200 metres long and starts at 10 to three in the afternoon every year. Three times the charm, perhaps?

And it certainly was a photo finish!? Tee hee!



Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. That top photo wins the prize for my favorite photo of you ever! Way to go this week!

  2. You look Faulous! Perfect for a race meeting (ie – not the nightclub). I rather like the bow of the blouse and think that the skirt looks great. A great outfit all round. (Love the Spring Carnival – it’s nice to be in Melbourne and see well-dressed people everywhere lol)

  3. Wow! Love the outfit, would totally wear it if I got the chance and I think your photos are fabulous too!

  4. Love it!! Including the skirt! Way to step it up with 3 pieces!

  5. margueritedesigns

    GOrgeous, love it, especially the jacket.

  6. I love your outfit and you look fantastic in all the photos.

  7. I love this outfit, I can’t believe you made a whole suit and blouse in a week! And the photos are amazing, as usual.

  8. Your outfit is really lovely and made so quickly! But I must say your photos are incredible, the lighting, shallow depth of field, it’s visual yumminess!

  9. judy roberson

    Very nice outfit.Great job

  10. Fantastic outfit, fabulous photos :) Well done!

  11. I adore your outfit! You look positively smashing, and I give oyu major credit for finishing three pieces for this week’s challenge! Truly a fabulous ensemble – I hope you get to wear it often!

  12. I think your outfit is so cute and I think the skirt looks great!.

  13. Fantastic job!!! You look completely smashing!! A modern day Eliza Doolittle :)

  14. That is an incredible outfit and I don’t understand what you mean about the skirt being flattering. The whole outfit becomes you – nice sewing!

  15. I meant to say – the skirt not being flattering….

  16. I actually think that skirt looks great on you. The whole outfit is fantastic.

  17. Wow – Veronica you look divine!

  18. Oh! You look stunning in the outfit and that hat is just fabulous! I don’t see any issue with the skirt, it looks great on you:)

  19. You are so adorable! I love all your outfits and photos!

  20. gosh. you look SO Good! adore adore.

  21. OMG you are amazing I seriously love this so much. Your three fabulous garments your writing and the photo’s it certainly is a photo finish well done sweetie. x

  22. WOW Veronica, you look amazing. The lighting is perfect and although you dont like the skirt, when front on it looks good. 3 items, awesome. Thankyou

  23. this is so perfect – the entire outfit, and the hat!! absolutely my favorite thing i’ve seen at the sew weekly thus far (and that is saying a LOT – i love everything that’s been posted). you look fab!

  24. Husbie has totally outdone himself with the photos, and your poses are divine! You’re completely flooring me with all the sewing challenges you’ve taken on and mastered this year. This week you’ve made a tailored jacket that looks AMAZING! And that blouse is just gorgeous – definitely a favourite, I love it! The whole ensemble looks incredible xx

  25. OMG! I love this entire outfit soooo much! You look amazing! I think the last photo is my favourite! I really like the skirt style on you and the jacket is amazing (I love sewing with wool….isn’t it fun?) And that blouse! A perfect staple! The entire ensemble and location are PERFECT! Way to go!!! I can’t decide if this outfit or your Colette dress is my favourite to date!!!

  26. Very cute and I love the hat.

  27. WOW. you are a sewing DEMON. this outfit is fabulous veronica.

  28. Thank you Mena! You’ve made my week! :)

  29. I agree Jen! It’s nice to dress appropriately for certain events, if you’re going to a nightclub, then you should dress accordingly, not the other way around!

  30. Thanks Casey! I might have to redo the waistband on the skirt, that’s what makes it ‘feel’ funny and ill fitting!

  31. Thank you! My favourite too!

  32. Thank you Cecilia! It helps having a darling outfit to model! So much confidence!

  33. Aw, thanks you Lisette, Husbie will be proud! The blouse, I should have pointed out, is just short sleeve, but very gorgeous!

  34. Thank you! I had to show Husbie your comment, and he’s very pleased you noticed! It’s his favourite lens!

  35. Thank you Rachel! Appreciating all the love today!

  36. Thank you Meg, I really wanted to challenge myself so it was a thrill to see it completed so quickly!

  37. YAY, that’s the kinda thing I was going for, a modern day outfit! Thank you Sarah!

  38. Oh no worries, totally understood… I think it just feels bulky! Thanks so much Megan Eliza!

  39. Thank you kindly Amanda!

  40. OMG, you too this week Sarah!

  41. Thank you Adey – what a lovely week in black and white for us!

  42. I’m totally channeling you and your overlocker for the next theme Oona!

  43. Thanks Sue! I love it too, it gets so crinkled though, I have to steam it flat to wear it!

  44. I love the wool material, such a find at the op shop! Thanks so much Debi! xoxo

  45. :) BIG SMILES – thanks Amanda!

  46. You’re a total darling Lauren! xoxo

  47. Yeah, as I mentioned above, it ‘feels’ bulkier than it looks! The lighting is first thing in the morning, so on a perfect angle!
    Thanks so much!

  48. Thank you Kazz! :) I have such a big smile on my face for reading all these nice comments!

  49. Thank you darling Fiona!